So when is the next “investigation”

So when is the next “investigation”.

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next time he gets caught doing a criminal activity again

Might as well be tomorrow. Dumbass can't stop fucking up. At least we all know that his dumb fuck supporters who always talk about law and order don't really give a shit about it.


He literally started the Ukraine shit the very next day after the Russia investigation, he is a literal fucking moron that can't stay out of trouble

Cite criminal code. Things that aren't illegal aren't criminal.

Yeah he's the one who can't stop fucking up - not the completely inept party who's failed over and over to prove that he is, in fact, fucking up.

and ignorance is always his excuse

me too stupid to see the connection derp

It's almost like - *gasp* - the dems are hellbent on going after him so they do these things back to back.

It's almost like he didn't do anything, but they grasp at everything. When one thing fails, it's on to the next. Woah.

Must suck to be so delusional you haven't clocked on to this yet.

So you can't then. Probably why there were no criminal charges in either Article, huh?

nothing to be ignorant of - he didn't break any laws to begin with

take your head out of Trumps ass and take a breath

Failed to prove something to an army of idiots who decided before they heard anything? I can't wait for next January when all of you blow your heads off en masse.

Prepare for another 4 years of "Trump did crime" "orange man bad" "trump is criminal because I sad so" "trump racist" "sexist" "wall no work" "illegals good" all without evidence and ignoring evidence supporting the opposite.

They cant, they're to busy being emotional instead of rational.

They hate him, therefore he's guilty. After all, the MSM says so!

The next thing that happens is Bolton testifies in the House.

Are House Democrats going to again bar any opposing questions or counsel? You know, because of fairness and Constitutionality.

no doubt already underway. They have literally nothing else.

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Imagine living in this alternative reality. Where one ignores Trump preventing people from testifying, from republican representatives stonewalling and flat out lying.

Imagine being so full of jewish miga cock that you aren't even part of reality anymore.

The whole system is corrupt when you don't get your way, the only value now is the upper hand. All sides are guilty of this, the tiny number of people who own everything smirk when we fight over meaningless trash.

Fuck the dems. Soon to go the way of the dodo.

Sure thing kentucky, go fuck your cousin some more

Ok great I agree, doesn't change the fact that the only blocking was done on the Republican side. Flat out refusals to testify.

Fuck you Snowflake

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They should. If the republicunts can play dirty, the dems should start flinging absolute dogshit all year long, fuck yall. I hope this shit haunts the republicans for years

Imagine 17 witnesses in the house for Democrats, none allowed for Trump and Trump counsel excluded for 95% of the House hearings. And still finding a way that the impeachment was "rigged for Trump".

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If you completely ignore that its happening and call it a hoax, what would you be calling witnesses for anyway? Checkmake drumpfarts

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Oh White House counsel was allowed in secret depositions and to question witnesses in committee? Weird that it was never on CSPAN. They must have cut that part for... time.

Well there were 17 Benghazi investigations. So 16 more just to get caught up to you retards.

Funny how the snowflakes jump to call others snowflakes.

Trump blocked witnesses he said could clear him, but Dems are the idiots?

as soon as the GOP Senate is done licking his asshole. Maybe they can investigate Benghazi again.

Acquitted forever.

Right now, so the paychecks to investigators keep flowing and Dems in solid blue areas keep their jobs.

probably when a democrat president holds up foreign aid in exchange for them investigating one of his political rivals. The republicans will loose their minds and demand impeachment.

That's pretty much where we're at these days.

The next one will be on his dead body. You'll see, all this hamburgers will give Melania the chance to get rid of him.

Their next move is assassination as when the bushes did it with reagan. Already read the book.
The harder you try to control something the more you lose control. This has taken me eons to understand due to my own hubris.