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Why do you care? Do you know what your state congress voted on today? Do you even know who your state congressmen are?

but he is though

You are free to leave the USA at any time you want. In fact many of us would be very happy if you haters would go find someplace else you would rather be. Maybe Iran or go to China where your communist ideals are encouraged by their government.

5 more years of living in denial.

Glad I am not as miserable as you.

Eh, he kind of is user.

This. Instead of throwing tantrums on fuckin Cred Forums of all places lol inform yourself.

Chill boomer. You sound just as retarded as op.

You can go to venezuela so the hard working LEGAL Latinos can go to work and live in the USA, you Socialist PARASITE!

Op is a foreigner! and a faggot.

Why is being told to leave something you don't like always taken as a troll answer. I'm being oppressed by bigots and racists. You're free to leave. No I'll just stay here complaining. Conservatives were here first (almost by definition of the word) Socalled "progressives" are the true oppressors because they are trying to force change on people who don't want it rather than going someplace else.

I still don’t care.

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but is your president HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

He’s your president deal with it you delusional retarded faggot

You have a cucumber in your anus right now, dont you? Dont you lie to me son.

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False! Progressives were always the first to go somewhere. Because thats literally what the word means. Dumbfuck!

Search "moron" and the same thing comes up

Not the guy you were responding to, but I honestly didn't expect you to have an actual answer to his question. Thanks for confirming that.

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Wrong, the results are only photos of you, nigger...

>says the fag who didn't leave under Obama

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Ooh, a trumptard being racist, what a surprise! Have you shot any black men today? :)

Not the user who made the statment in the first place. Pull it out user.