I bet you two cents this post ends with trips

I bet you two cents this post ends with trips.

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More like 55555


I mean, they aren't incorrect

>quints of deceit

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Well alright then


look at all thoose 5's. this post will never end.

you failed successfully.

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well done

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>ends with trips

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damn shame

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quads arnt trips faggot

that'll be two cents

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OP suffering from success

And pents aren't quads

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Stupid dumbass loser gay

Now do it without a script you fat fucking social outcast

Lmao whore

Quints arent pents faggot

What the fuck are you all on about? There are three 5's in the end, so trips.

god, i want to worship you
give me the instructions.

this is the most accurate reaction image i've seen in ages

>1990 US Penny
Nice copper clad chunk of zinc you have there, faggot.
Might as well shove it up your ass as a supplement.

nice script faggot

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OP is a faggot

maybe he knew it would get 5 and it's a soft first bait for the trips then the switcheroo for the maximum reaction

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Wrong. These are trips

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