I have an opportunity to squat in a mansion...

I have an opportunity to squat in a mansion. The downside is that I have to pay the $5100 property tax owed on it before it goes into a tax sale. The owner is in jail and won't be released until 2023. So I can basically live in this house for the next 3 years for about $500 a month.
Is it worth the risk?

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do IT

I'll come and do it with you, I'll pay the $5100. Then we can split the property 50/50?

You make a compelling argument. Okay.

Here's my plan. Its about to rain here,
>hit up the local walmart and get a "for rent by Owner" sign and plant it in the front yard.
>let it simmer for about a week, maybe 2 weeks
>put down the $5100 on the property tax.
>Wait until the last weekend of the month and remove the rent sign.
The for rent sign is to deter suspicion from the neighbors that I'm a squatter and make them think I'm renting out the place so they don't call the cops on me.

Unfortunately, squatters rights means you have to go it alone. No gf, no partner, no fam, otherwise you be arrested for tresspassing.
Its one of the criteria for squatting. If you're with anyone else when cops arrive, you fall out of the loop hole and cops write you up.

But you can find mansions all over the place that's almost abandoned.

Going to plant the "for rent" sign tonight. This is exciting. But I am going to miss my $5100.

But if all goes well for the year, and no one bothers me, its a good trade off considering legally renting is about the same price.

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I'm confused. How does this work exactly?

What do you mean?

I'm happy for you op

So you know the owner?

It has a tax owed on it, which if it isn't paid the property will be sold on?

But if you pay the tax then it won't be sold so you plan on squatting there until the owener gets out of prison?

can't the owner just apply the castle doctrine and shoot the squatters?

I don't know the owner. I was looking up property taxes on the state website and found this one. I googled the name and it has him as arrested for manslaughter. Found all his info on google.
Looked at the tax bill and its in delinquent status. Meaning that I have about 30 days to 2 months to pay it or it goes into a tax lien, then a tax sale. That's how the banks get ahold of property to sell. It keeps the economy going.
And yeah, I pay the taxes owed, then live in the house. And in 3 years bail out of the house so he doesn't murder me. I'll keep an eye on the house to see if he doesn't come back.

No, murder is murder.
If a person is holding a knife and you shoot them, you "escalated" the fight. The person with the bigger better weapon will lose in court. Court doesn't like it when you "escalate" a battle.

What about electricity and water?
What if he has family that may come over?

Is the property free and clear?

Electricity and water are a month to month kind of bill. Anyone anywhere can turn on and off water service. That's not a problem.
Family is a issue though. But I doubt they would want to see their murdering father.

Bitch if you don't, tell me the address. I'll fucking do it.

Yes, no mortage lender that I saw on the deed. Looks like it was all paid for all at once, so no loans involved anywhere, no banks on the paperwork.

I said I'm going to do it. I'm already convinced on doing it. This is my house (for only 3 years).

dunno, seems kinda fishy but u do u

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What are the tax lien laws in your state? In most states if the tax lien is not paid back with interest in a specific time you get the property anyway.

I think the only problem I will have is with the home owner association. Not sure how to deal with that. But I think they only care that you pay the dues and keep the house and lawn looking nice.
This is a criteria for a squatter is to maintain appearance and maintenance of the property.

>(for only 3 years)

Dude, you are aware of the concept of "adverse possession", right? Talk to a lawyer. Live in it for a few years (varies from state to state) and you could own that bitch. Maybe even sell it before jackoff gets out of prison.

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Tax lien states that they file the delinquent status on Jan 1.
Then if not paid by on the first monday of Feb, which was 2 days ago, they prepare a tax lien.
If tax lien isn't paid off by the first Monday of March, it goes to advertise on local newspaper that there is a tax lien for the home.
After 3 months, it goes into a tax sale.

The law states that if the owner ever sets foot on the property, even to take a piss, the adverse posession resets.
And I don't want that jack off to murder me. He's got nothing to lose here.

You assume that he'll do the full sentence IN PRISON. As long he's a non-violent, they'll probably parole him after a year or so.

this is most likely true also

its like a home from Oblivion.
I would like to live there if i had a chance.

What part of manslaughter did you miss? He shot his uncle for stealing money from his tobacco business and canibus sales. What do you think he'll do to someone trying to steal his house?

Have you actually physically been to the place yet? I would recommend breaking in and setting it up well before you pay that $5.1k. Get in, change the locks, etc.

That's part of the plan, I already been there. Its really nice. Sure beats the shit hole I'm living in. I think I got black mold in my closet too.
But what can you do if all you could afford is $500 in the ghetto.
I want to set up a "for rent" sign first before making it obvious that I'm a squatter. Socially manipuate the neighbors to think I'm a renter and not a squatter.

Wait, what? That doesn't make any sense. At some point the property is supposed to become irrevocably the possessor's property, as long as they've lived there long enough and apply to switch ownership. Could that happen before he gets out?

Oh, I found that on trulia and zillow, the wife tried to sell the house, but he stopped her in 2018. Its still off the market.

The time that it takes to own the house is at minimum 7 years "uninterupted". So anyone that disputes me being there could stop the timer.
20 years is the guaranteed time to win the deed.

No, that's a good plan. You've also considered renting rooms to friends too, right? You could rent to homies for a fraction of market rent and make back the money you spent on the taxes...

Can I rent a room from you?

read the thread. he cant rent out

You realize you have to pay property taxes every year right? And probably pay the HOA as well. Getting that shit off your back aint easy.

Unfortunately I can't. The law states that if you are to use squatters rights as a protection against criminal tresspass, you have to be the sole claimant. So having anyone with me if cops show up would mean I'm trespassing and they can arrest me. If I'm alone, they can't do shit because its no longer criminal trespassing, but being a caretaker of the home. It then become s a civil lawsuit against me by whoever ratted me out.

So the night before dude gets out of the slammer, you want to have a massive party and invite all your Cred Forumsrothers?

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I have to pay rent anyways.
Here's the option:
>pay $6000 per year in a shitty apartment with roaches and nasty neighbors.
>pay $5100 per year to live in a 5 bed room 4 bathroom house in a rich ass neighborhood and tack on $50/month for HOA.

That would be nice to have a posse watch my back. I even know the day he's "projected" to get released. Its all on google!

Hmm, ok. You could consider other ways though, like if there's a driveway you could rent a spot for someone to park a car, or a boat. Something that doesn't involve coming into the house.

I don't see what you're getting at with that. You mean like live in a u-haul trailer on the driveway? I don't want the neighbors to think its a halfway house.

HOA doesn't always do yards. Sometimes they just plow the roads, and maybe pick up the garbage. My brother lives in a gated community, and his HOA pays for virtually nothing except a guy at the gate.

Maybe you should save up and just hire a hitman from the deepweb. Have the guy offed right as he gets out of prison, and you get to live there forever! A hitman shouldn't want too much to kill an ex-con...

You're right. There were these yellow and pink pages with NOTICE written on them that the county had come by and cut the yard and weeds of the property.

>I want to set up a "for rent" sign first before making it obvious that I'm a squatter.

As for your sign plan, if it's for a mansion you probably need it to look good (as if a realtor has the listing) and it needs to have some contact information on it to look legit. Plans for that?

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Just because I know exactly where he is right now and know where he's going to be in 3 years doesn't mean I have the money to hire a hitman. I mean, I'm trying to steal a house.

What? No. I don't mean YOU on the driveway. I mean put up an ad or such for someone looking to store their boat. (or classic car, whatever) They pay you money every month to park on your driveway. As long as the HOA or such doesn't have rules about it, nobody's gonna care if there's a boat trailer on the driveway. And that makes you look a lot more like a rich ass renter than a squatter...

Not really. I was just going to go to Home Depot and get a sign and sharpie my phone number on it.
Maybe they might have a really nice sign I could buy.

That's actually a clever idea. I'll keep that in mind once I accomplish my mission.

That really really depends on where you are..........

What do you mean? Like in a house or at a public bar? Or like county and state location?

do it. rent out the rooms and make some money.

Whether the HOA cuts lawns and such itself isn't really the issue. If you don't keep up appearances on your house, the HOA will be the first ones to throw a fit. HOAs are notorious for being full of busybodies who can't fathom the concept of minding their own business. So if OP does this, he just needs to make damn sure to pay the dues and keep things looking nice; cause they're likely be the first ones to cause problems or call the popo if something is wrong.

No, I can't rent out rooms. Unless you want to hide from the cops in the closet so it "seems" like I'm alone. But then he'll be like, "hey why are there 2 beds in this house?"

nosy neighbors maybe wanna see the prize, listing and a website. wanna come for an open-house maybe. kek

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Just because theres back taxes owed, doesn't mean there isn't a plan within the family to pay those taxes. You're assuming the entire family is mad at him, but that might not be the case. He could have his lawyer making arrangements to pay his fees through a trust. Sometimes they put up a house as collateral for bail, and the lawyer could be in the process of selling it to cover expenses with taxes owed. There are a lot of "maybe" scenarios you haven't considered, user. You pay that $5k and you'll never get it back, if they start showing the house in the spring, or list it for sheriffs sale. In my county, sheriffs sales only happen a few times a year. People bid, the house gets sold, and all monies and fees owed to debtors are paid through the proceeds. The same thing happens when a person dies, but it takes time.

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Yeah, fucking neighbors. Have to be smarter than their rich asses. That's why I chose the "rent" sign over the "for sale" sign.
Because I can just post that shit on craigslist as proof.

>price ffs

First off the laws of self defense and castle doctrine vary WIDELY depending on your state. Blanket statements are almost always wrong.

Secondly, the example you give is especially garbage and generally not at all true. A knife is a deadly weapon. So is a gun. So in most cases if someone pulls a knife on you, shooting them is legal. I live in Commiefornia and even here that's true.

Do you have to pay up front? If not, just jump the border.


I understand that. They can also have rules about renting. HOAs do background checks on people, and if someone is living there who hasn't been vetted, they'll call the cops. I'm the guy who mentioned my brother's HOA. I have a similar story about my Unc, who lived in a community with a HOA. They had rules about dogs, and sub-let of the property. You could only rent the place for three months (Florida retirement community) during the off-season - which is summer there. They checked the renters, and kept a list of how long a renter stayed.

Yeah, that's why timing is key here.
See, if I pay the tax man his $5k, he'll go away. The reason why I know his lawyer or trust or beneficiary or family is paying the tax man is because its now in a delinquent status because no one paid it before Jan 1.
The reason I know why the house hasn't been sold is because on trulia, the owner removed the for sale listing in 2018.
The reason I know no one has been there is because the weed and overgrown lawn warnings were posted on the door back in November.
The reason why I think he's coming back to the house in 3 years is because he could of sold the house, but didn't.

No for adverse possession to even start to come in, OP would have to be the ONLY person paying taxes on it. So unless the owner hasn't payed taxes for 7+ years and has NO records AT ALL (unlikely, this would have been auctioned years ago) that won't work. Besides op just wants to squat.

Set up some kind of automated sounding voicemail or something, if people actually call.

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Except he's not only paying the taxes, he's planning to pull squatter's rights. If they had plans to deal with the place they'd have someone staying there, or secure it with lots of "no trespassing" signs specifically to prevent this. They haven't, so it's very VERY likely they don't have any proper plans. He's looking to stay in the place until dude gets released and then bug out, even if the family gets involved before that he could still legally drag it out until then.

Yes, I have to pay all in full with credit card or check. Normally if you have a mortgage, you pay via escrow, but the dude paid credit card in 2016 and 2017.

You better have a nice car to even park in that hood. Maybe lease a nice ride with the money you be saving on rent.

Well then you have 3years ro become ultra badass and stock up on some weaponry: manslaughter the manslaughterer

Don't worry, it has a garage. I'm never going to park my car outside of the garage. The neighbor has porches in front of his house.

Technically, not saving any money considering that he'll be paying taxes on the property.

You crazy. I'm no school shooter. Look at where I am. On on Cred Forums talking about stealing a house living in a ghetto.

I don't think you understand squatters rights. He has to be there legally to claim squatters rights. That means, no owners, or he had a legal residence before things went ka-flooey. The place has an owner. The ka-flooey part would be if a delinquent landlord had legal tenants and skipped out leaving the tenants fucked, and now they can't sell it without a court process. But it had to start legal. Like, you couldn't just find a barn in Iowa and pretend it's yours. If this place has an HOA, it's in fact illegal trespassing for him to even use that community roads to enter the community.

How much would rent be on a place like that? Where I live it would probably be $8K per month plus 1st last and security

The house is pretty expensive on zillow. But hey, if I can live in it for cheap for 3 years, good days all around.

The laws for adverse possession vary from state to state. Some don't even require that you pay the taxes at all. If you live there long enough and the owner does nothing about it, it's yours. However OP already said that's not the case in his state. He'd have to live there without complaint for 7 years. The owner is obviously going to head to his house when he gets out of prison, and that'll be a maximum of 3 years. Hence we've long since established that adverse possession is off the table.

If you want to be a real piece of shit, actually list it for rent. Ask for a deposit and first and last month's rent, then disappear with the money. People have been known to do that with abandoned homes all the time...

I'm not trying to live there for 10 years. This state can go fuck itself. But yeah, I'm only trying to avoid living like a street urchin and live lavishly in houses that will just get recycled to the banks.
How's that for you?
Bank builds a house, sells it to idiots. And if the owner dies, the bank just buys it back for 1/5th the cost and resells it again.

Have them send the money to my account, not in the US. I will only ask for a small fee.

That's way too risky. That would put me on the FBI watch list.

user is right. His name is on the real deed. So if he was to come and challenge me and bring the cops, I would be in a no win situation and either be arrested and evicted at the same time.

Perhaps he's wondering why you'd shoot a man for showing you a knife?

I'm thinking if you're still there when the guy gets back, tell him you're welcome for me paying the taxes, and keeping up the place while you're in the pogey, and the government not selling it.

"Welcome Home"

Don't feed him. Not all of us are vicious killers filled with hate like him where murder and death are the only solutions to life.

He's muslim, I don't think he'll take it very kindly for invading his land.

Ten years, ten days. None of that matters. The owner owns it until it is seized. The second part, you can rationalize how you feel about the Evil Banks or whoever, but they'll put the minimum bid on it to cover whatever is owed to creditors. That includes his credit cards, his car loan, personal loans, business loans, debts to his bail agreement. You know all those TV shows when people put their house up for bail? There is a process when the ownership transfers to the court, pays the bail and all the creditors. You could wake up to Dog The Repo Man putting a shotgun in your face and throwing you out in your underwear. In fact, they could keep all your shit inside the house, because you can't prove you own it. It becomes part of the house.

Well that fucking changes things dramatically. You'll have to offer him 2 goats and maybe a camel for his trouble. Where the hell you gonna come up with a camel?

So when we moving in user? What state is this so I know what to wear. I will lease a proper car that will fit in the neighborhood.

So you're saying he can get bail even though he murdered someone?

Its in North Carolina. You don't want to live here. Its the ass end of America.

Perhaps it allows him to feel in charge

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Again, he's not trying to gain ownership of the property. He's trying to just live there while the owner can't access the property. As long as he keeps with the law they can't just show up and throw him out immediately, even WHEN they figure out he's in there, which might not even happen. They have to go through the eviction process.

user. Owner is in jail. The owner owned that massive mansion...... you better have it cleaned before they come back, cause by the sounds of it he doesnt sound like a legit person if ya know wat i mean

lmao, for someone with fucked up risked taking ideas you sure are calculative, I like that.

I'm about to off myself in a few days because of debt and health issues, so thanks for making me laugh, seeing my peers still be innovative is heartwarming.

The court ruled that he's in jail "without bond", does that mean he can't pay for bail?
I'm worried about the creditors seizing property. They can do that? I didn't know credit card companies can take your house as collateral.


Try it. You wont fuck their shit up will you?

You're welcome. May you have a glorious death in battle. They will sing songs of your name for generations to come.
Or you could go out and steal a house and sell it.

The idea is to not be suspicious or creepy. Just your average thief. Doing anything that seems out of the ordinary calls unwanted attention. Social hacking is part of the underground we live by. Manipulation and distraction from the real events happening.

For instance, if I was to say destroy the house inside and throw fireworks in the toilet, after I leave, it will be on the 11 o'clock news. Then security and police will beef up. They start cracking down on squatters.
Its a snowball affect that can't be stopped. All because I wanted to watch fireworks explode a toilet.

wow is that the actual house?

>I have an opportunity to squat in a mansion
the dream of any Slav.

If I were me I'd try to buy it legit at the tax sale.

OP obviously doesn't have that kind of money.

Just so you know, tax sales aren't full of people who make less than $20 an hour.
You're looking at guys who have millions to spare. And bankers too with their magical endless business wallet with unlimited cash. So yeah, good luck getting in a bid war with that.

Join now before it's too late

I actually like that type of response to my actual honest suicide mention.

I mean it's realistic, nobody is likely gonna pay off my current debts and somehow have me get a good living situation, alongside also magically solving my health issues, so instead of being hopeful things might magically get better now so I'm not homeless or lose my things and one day might have a happy life, I'd at this point just rather let go, so it's nice seeing lighthearted things and playing no pretend, or getting the ''people care, it's selfish'' bs, as if I would be in a bad situation if I was privileged enough to have people care already lmao.

Also, I did think about the fact of trying wild shit if it comes to running out of more time and options in a few days, as in to either try and still save myself, or to just do shit to enjoy my last time, but I'm not sure how.

On one hand I can't really imagine many options, even not legal, to make money and get it all back on track (had options in the past, now I realize I should've took them instead of caring about morality when most others pretend they do and step on your neck), or if I can't figure out something to do to still continue even if drastic, I was thinking to make the most out of it, but it's not really like I can go far to escape shit, start a new life, or if rounding shit up, fuck some hookers and just go out doing all the shit I never really did, instead of just a boring tall building jump soon.

But open for suggestions!

The latter part I meant because obviously if I had the resources and money to live it up I wouldn't be struggling in the first place.

I did contemplate selling the things I couldn't live without to make money if letting go, but not sure if that would even work, like clothes, laptop and so on, but the value wouldn't be that much and I'd have to be sure I'm fine with losing all my things and rounding up.

Did the owner give you permission to live there? If not, adversely possess that shit homie.

I'd by chance you do go through with it, leave a note as to why so people (loved ones) understand the reasoning, and maybe realize it's not their fault or anything they could have done to prevent it.

Ran on a gentleman who died by suicide the other day and his spouse was tore all to shit because she didn't see it coming, had no clue as to why and couldn't get past if why he did it. Felt sorry for her.

You need to read the whole thread.

Wtf are you doing? If you want some advice go to /r9k/ they all have the same mentality as you. This is Cred Forums, the place that cheered and worships the new zealand shooter.

for $500/month you can buy your own fucking house and not be an absolute full time piece of shit nigger living in somebody elses house

A 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house in a shit crime ridden part of town where your car gets broken into on weekends is what you're thinking of.

Where do you buy a house for $500 a month? Meth town Ohio or Pa?
Just sayin I can see myself chillin in that big bath tub with a few bitches. Hook me up user, Id be a great house mate, got money too

I love Asheville, anywhere nearby?

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He's thinking of a $20-50k mortgage on a small house in a bad part of town. That's the only place to find a $500 house.
But hey, you legally own a house.

shit im drunk. dont read

Nope. Stop doxing yourself. I currently live in a shitty ass area and renting an apartment where a guy got stabbed at a chinese takeout and being robbed at knife point.

Not how it works, brother. Move in, don't pay anything, and fight a bullshit lawsuit when they try to seize or recapture the property. I know... I work in UD as a specialist.

>loved ones
LMAO, you think if I had loved ones or an actual family that they'd let it get to this point?

The worst part about people trying to get advice on something like suicide is they always go ''think about the people that care about you, your family, etc'', and a list of things that just shows what they have and expect others to have.

The only people that could've cared or helped, that I expected nothing from, didn't.

I could care less if anyone else knows or not, especially when alongside my own struggles, they'd be partly to blame, but that's a moot point, I don't care since I don't expect someone to save anything, hence why it's weird that even now people like this kid

want to start giving input that doesn't even apply or matter, it minimizes people's situations to the point of trying to pretend to understand or be above something, while using own examples of what you have or who else could care, do something, etc.

There's so far been zero times I've seen actual help or advice, just thinks that make me go ''yup, I've tried that, yup, that makes no sense''.

It's like talking about your life to someone for 5 minutes, then them thinking they can give a response that's heavy enough to match all your experiences up until that point, it's narcissism in it's weirdest form, ''let me give my 5 minutes of input, it must be right'', as if someone else that deals with something in their life hasn't already likely passed that threshold.

I wasn't even trying to explain why or how it got to this point, or asking for help, if it was anything easy it wouldn't happen.

Contrary to popular belief most suicides, not attempts, aren't on a whim, I wouldn't be aiming to fail, so I'm also not aiming to get slivers of attention, I've rationalized it, so obviously no quick thoughts would suddenly lead to overcoming.

Anyway, if you have suggestions on things to do, to pull off continuing, or to go out blazing even without resources, let me know.

You fucking dumbass, I'm not here to attention whore or ask for advice, I'm here where I grew up to spend my last days with peers and come up with funny ideas, there's not shit r9k could do or I would want them to do to somehow pay my current debt off and fix my health then somehow get me back on track, I'm not expecting that.

Whoa, wait slow down there. Don't pay the tax man? But the lawsuit will follow me even if I leave the house right?

If I don't pay the tax man, the house will go into a forclosure sale or tax sale. Even if I'm still inside the house. Then the new owners could be even worse, it could be coldwell banker or bank of america that buys the house. Then they have more ways to attack me. I'd rather stick to the devil I know than the devil I don't know.

What country is this? Squatters rights lol

What is the purpose of paying this?

You know what you need to do, OP. Time for the termite tent meth lab. You know, a little bump to get you past PMI...

Can you put the electricity on?

There are a few countries that still use adverse possession and squatters rights, like the UK. But this thread is more on the USA.

Yea but I can rent a fuck load of furniture and Im good at hooking up with pussy so you be missing out if ya say no.

No swimming pool? WTF

>squatting in a murders house

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Get permission first then you're in the clear

The purpose is to keep the house from going into a tax sale where it could lead to legal battles and involve police and eviction.
An eviction on your record would be a mark on your record for life where if I wanted to move and get a new apartment, it would be declined.
Paying the price now is cheaper than paying the price in the long run.

Yes, utilities like water, electric, gas, and internet can be turned on anywhere there is a home. It does not require you to be owner, or even have proof that you live there. Just that you pay.

That's why I plan on ditching the place before he gets released.

Here is a better idea bro.

Find out what prison this guy is in. Go and visit him in person. Wear a suit and carry a professional looking folder.

Tell him you work on behalf of a property firm and you are aware he is about to lose his home.l as he owes $5k on it.

Tell him you will pay him $100000k for the property if he deeds for the house today. Then get a refinance loan once you get the deed to pay him out. Then sell it for profit.

Don’t pay the 5k become a legit property investor. Get Ron Legrands course.

Sorry this was meant to say 100k

Also he knows he will lose his house so you will be helping him.

as somebody that lives across the street from an empty house that has had squatters in it twice now COPS DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!!!! The first set were fine. The dude that use to own the house became a junky and sold it dirt cheap. It set empty for 2 years or so and the junky's sister showed up saying she bought back, didn't guess she just had a key and they never bothered to change the locks. Anyway they took good care of the place and never cause any problems. When the out of state owner show up a year and a half later to check the place he wasn't even too upset about it, just wanted them to pay rent if they wanted to keep living there, they didn't. Now the junky and some of his junky friends have moved in with the junky claiming he bought it for back taxes, he didn't the out of state dude is still paying taxes on it. Cops won't do anything and the owner lives on the other side of the country and we the neighbors can't find an address for him. I mailed a letter to his last known address and it bounced back. It fucking sucks always worrying that junkies are going to break into your house every time you leave to go to work. Worst they have done that I know of is try to get water out of somebodies out side spigot. Anyway just move in and don't pay for the property tax or anything. Fuck it. You could have months and months before anything happens.

But the house is already paid for. There is no mortgage or lender to refinance on.

I couldn't squat for 3 years. My knees would hurt.

Omg bro

You will own the house when he signs you the deed and then you can take that to the bank and refi on the equity

And the fact he owns it outright means he has a lot to use and you don’t even need to short sell from the bank. Easy deal.

So basically, if you pay the taxes on it, cops won't do anything?

What if he tells me to go fuck myself?

Then he loses his house and you can squat in it for as long as you can. You win or you win.

What would really work is if you say you will see it and give him half the profit. Then put that money into trust for him with a lawyer and give him the details for when he gets out of prison.

It isn’t hard. He can lose his house and get nothing for it or he can make half selling it to you. Tell him if he doesn’t let you help him he will walk away with nothing.

Then you politely fuck off and go back to your original plan.

These are good ideas. Requires a lot of balls to go up against a murderer. Making deals with a devil.

Well here you would have to be a couple years behind on property taxes before anything happens. $5100 for the OP's house is what 1 year's worth of taxes behind? That is a big ass fancy house.

I can fly to the states and help you go and see him but I would take a cut of the deal. Do you know what the property is worth on the market to today? Like if we sold it in the next 30 days?

You need brass balls to do real estate.

Yeah, its a $400k house. $5k is just taxes, the $100 is the penalty for not paying. It keeps going up every month I think.

Also do not post the address or any pics of the property

The house fair market value on zillow and trulia is $360k as of this month. Price keeps going down for some reason.

$400k lol. In Australia it would be worth 2-3 million. Just go and get the deed from him. Get a property lawyer to help you transfer it. Then sell and put half his money in trust. He will be glad you helped him.

Also use a land trust to buy the property so he doesn’t know your real name

I staying a property like this on Sydney’s north shore that was valued at $6 million. That was 4 years ago so worth more now.

What's to keep him from telling his lawyer to sell it for him and taking the whole cake?

Since you're into some wild stuff and I think from the UK.

Any wild ideas for someone that might off himself soon?

Here's the steps, I do have health issues making it fucked to continue regardless, but besides that I'm fucked because of debt.
So either, drastic measures to make money and start a new life somehow, or going out guns blazin (but without guns) which would be hard to do to ''live it up'' without currently having money for some wild travel, if you're from the UK I'm not too far away.

I also have a lot of ''alternative'' experiences, prior work, knowledge, info, files, speak multiple languages, have traveled plenty before, etc, basically been close to a lot of fucked up shit but because I wanted to be a moralfag at times I got fucked in the end while others didn't, like refusing to grow some things to make some $, or not selling certain hard to find online things.

I'm behind 7 proxies, so suggest away.

Why hasn’t he done that already? You need to speak to a property lawyer ASAP and find out what his legal options are. You might be best to wait until the property is going to be seized until you tell him so he can’t do anything. I don’t think prisoners can sell property.

Ok bro you haven’t given me much to go off here but this is what I would suggest.

1. Go and see a Dr that can actually help you. Western medicine is a fucking joke for chronic illness. Go and find a good Chinese herbalist (take the herbs not the needles) and get yourself cured. If the first Dr cannot help keep looking. If you have mental health issues ask your Chinese medicine Dr to prescribe Phlegm resolving formulas.

2. I don’t know how much debt you have but they best option is to refi it all at the lowest rate possible. Then never take another loan ever again.

3. Move somewhere with actual sunlight. If I was you, leave the UK it is for losers now. Buy a comfy van, deck it out with cool hippy looking shit to attract chicks, make sure it has a double bed in the back and go travel around Europe fucking all the girls you can get you hands on.

4. Buy share etfs because the generate income and try to live off the dividends. Get work around Europe and put some money towards shares.

Good luck you can do it bro. Time to rise.

Looks like he tried to sell it, but I don't know the full details on what's going on with the property. I just know that its really close to being forclosed on by the state.

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Ok when did he go to jail?

And he might not be able to sell without lean paid, not sure on this


5. Eat only whole foods - not processed garbage. If it has been altered by the food industry do NOT eat it

Not sure why I expected actual advice that would work, but the medicine aspect might be another thing to try, I have tried a lot of alternative herbs and ailments though, but they've mainly been painkilling, not really solving.

Looks like 2018. One month after the sale taken off the market.

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Please be my friend

Alright what is your condition. Most herbalists and info online is SHIT and ineffective

Man, stealing a house is a lot of work. This is nothing like heist movies.

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Can I ask a few questions?

Ok it’s prob because he can’t sell in jail. Get a property lawyer ASAP. You could take a deed into him and have him sign it to your land trust

I'm saying he might have been on bail before the trial. It happens all the time.

Also he is prob WAITING for someone like you to help him

>lean paid

The dumbest part is that right now as I lost my income and even my place within a few months, I got a few days left to not lose my things that are in a storage unit and figuring out how to temporarily continue and where to stay until I could get back on track again, so I'm basically figuring out that I'm out of options and time, and of course for the first time ever I got a fever when usually besides chronic neck/back pain I'm pretty healthy through managing stress and trying to at least live and eat decently, well, until recently.

I'm almost even mad at that, not the letting go part, but that my last few days potentially will be even more annoying trying to do whatever and then walking up a tall building with a damn fever, nice joke universe

You're making up shit. The owner can allow whoever he wants to live there, or it could be seized for taxes and debts in arrears. They don't have to evict a person who has no legal standing, they'll just arrest you. Eviction only happens when a person is legally entitled to engage in a legal dispute over who has the rights to occupy the premises. If there was no legal right to begin with, eviction consists of a pair of handcuffs and arrest for trespassing.

Can we get personal? What's the health condition you are facing?

> mansion
> $5100 property tax

Pick one, pleb

California property tax and North Carolina's property tax are not the same.
A $400k house in NC is the same as a $2 mil house in Cali.

Okay, this gave me pause.
Maybe I should aim for a less fancy $100k house rather than a $400k fancy big ass house.

Can't you find any comfort in living the rich life you seem to be living? I know you don't own lots of real estate or anything, but what's robbing you of your will to live? You don't want to work, or are unable to work?

No, without bond means he was denied bail. But the creditors is a wide variety of people. He could have used the house as a property-secured loan to generate the cash to pay the lawyer. The lawyer could still be billing various fees, like representing him for appeals. He probably also owes various balances on his credit cards, car loans, etc. As that racks up, he still owes those ongoing bills. His credit card bills didn't magically disappear. If the house gets sold (and probably will) it'll go to the lawyers bill, car payment, CC bills, child support (if any), all that.

Go to your local church and explain your situation to the priest, hopefully they can run a collection service for you, go be a priest?

Unfortunately he didn't have enough time to sell the house as he went to jail 1 month later. And now the house is in tax lien about to be tax forclosed on.

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At tax sales, they have big-money buyers who try to get the house for a song. They can write hundred-thousand dollar checks to get a $300k house, and know it'll be a solid buy. The state only wants the money to satisfy debts, back tax, and whoever files a claim against him. Its like bankruptcy. If he owes $106k, the bidding starts at $106k.

I'm not making up shit, you're just a fucking moron. Eviction absolutely IS about kicking out people who have no legal standing to live in a property. That's ALL it's about, and that's regardless of whether they ever had it in the first place. OP's state has strict rules about hostile possession of real property, which he's clearly looked through. If he follows those laws, they can't just kick him out, they have to go through the courts first. When that happens he can either try to fight or just bounce, and it sounds like he'll just do the latter.

They think they know what they're talking about, like it's an abandoned hotel. It's not. They're stupid. Continue..

user, I would love to, but my life isn't in a place right now where I could basically just continue for or off the strength of friendship, and I'm not expecting anyone to magically solve my problems.

It's a very long story and this is not for sympathy or help, just context, but I essentially had a fucked youth, had to get up and going around 18, at first before getting kicked out I managed to get work, pay my own bills to avoid issues/fights, and did my own things, but that led to not being able to save money to basically move and start my own life, working more, eating like shit, ordering food, barely sleeping, etc.

To the point that after the first few years of grinding and even while spending money with no support system to save more of it, I eventually got chronic back/neck pains, kidney stones and a list of other things, I could barely even swallow food at some point.

For a short while that made me suicidal, first time was ''irrationally'' prior to everything since achieving a future seemed impossible, then I was like ''fuck it, I might as well try and if I fail I fail'', and then after I even lost what I had built up, had to chase hospital appointments and surgery, essentially by trying to speed up to achieve a good future quicker, I was forced to slow down, lose more time and even more years.

Fastforward to living off the money I had until it ran out, trying to rehabilitate to get back to work, but unlike the memes about neetbux, people don't tell you when you don't actually need it, or you become one of those people that makes money or does crime on the side, all the help is basically fake.

It fuels people that don't need it and aren't chasing shit, or people that will make money and do shit on the side.

You are stupid as fuck. You've clearly never tried to turn utilities on before. They get your name with ID, SSN and cross reference it against past accounts in your name. Because people who owe think they can walk away from old bills. So they dox the shit out of you.

In my case the help that I didn't even want, ended up opening my eyes to how much pretend it was, from being independent and not wanting help, to the government help to ''rehabilitate'', not being enough for that and literally set up so you stay suck in that dumb system while they blame you for it even if you want to get out of it, by being the bare minimum.

And in my case, they quite literally prove they don't care, as I was young (few years ago, now 27), and could've rehabilitated and been back on track, instead it just spiraled down.

To the point all the things I never expected happened, finally getting a place to rent and stay at, getting aid with that, being in an empty house, then for the first time giving the system and social workers a chance, just to realize I was basically in an empty house and they were all getting paid more than I needed help with in rotation under the guise of help and eventually doing nothing for months, to the point of trying to juggle bills and being in an empty house while also having to be steered from one place to another to keep the help I had, or get supposed new help that never came.

To the point I wish I hadn't went along with it, and just took up offers to do crime and shit, since eventually I was behind on rent and about to be kicked out, they had told me ''let us know, we'll take care of it from emergency funds'', faggots even then stringed me along by saying ''let's plan an appointment in 10 days'', when my last date to be able to pay before getting kicked out was 7 days, and around the same time they cut off my income because you need an address for it regardless, so now I'm trying to think of all the things I might still be able to do that I should've done instead of falling for the meme of people having it easy by abusing existing help, that's fake unless you build on it when you don't need it, otherwise they literally let you become homeless even if you could never fathom it.

OP, def speak with a lawyer before going forward. You certainly don't want to end up out $5k AND in the slammer. I think your plan is fairly sound, but IANAL.

The open bills are one thing, it's not that much even though it got added onto, maybe like 10-15k now in total, but the gist of it is I have my personal things in storage (not much value, could sell but living without would be pointless, so could use the money if possible to just live it up), this month can't pay for the storage anymore either and ran out of time with the temporary spot I was staying at, and I was mainly trying to figure out how to take care of the short-term bills to not lose more things, long-term bills, my health and also where to stay, and eventually after all the years and also knowing it could've been different, I just decided to stop believing in miracles even if open for them, and if nothing comes, just letting go.

Tomorrow evening I have to leave this place, the cherry on top is that I just got a fever too, but it's whatever, and I know I won't actually want to continue if I lost my things that I have with me, lost my storage unit with some of the personal things and valuables I have, and had to live in the streets, so I'm basically sitting here at 3 am, trying to see what I can still figure out by the morning to round it all up or continue, and then resting until around noon and continuing.

Even now I should be continuing with some steps and preparation, even though all I wanna do is sleep right now.

Anyway, I wish you all the best, I know some of you do care, but I also never expected to be the guy to sit here and talk about these type of things, and I don't expect help to magically now still connect, none of you should be able to help and it's okay even if you feel like reacting a certain way when it might not be helpful.

The risk of getting fined and having lost $5k is a lot. I'm thinking the risk is too high for trying to get such a mighty fine house. I'm already thinking of aiming lower where its not such a high profile home.

This is horseshit, and a one-in-a-million situation. Whoever owns it is responsible for the taxes. No pay, no own. Eventually they slap yellow stickers on it. If you pretend to be the owner, it's called grand larceny. A guy here just did that with a couple properties and "sold" them to low-income people. They're now evicted because they fraudulently "owned" the house, and the "seller" is now in prison for selling houses he didn't own. You obviously live in a landfill of a town, and anything you say is filtered through the head of a person with a 2nd grade understanding of shithole property laws.

He can sell in jail. Thats what real estate lawyers are for.

So you're saying if I was to pay the property taxes, I could own the house after paying it for 7 years?

The real question is why hasn't he done so yet? Why did he pull out before he went to jail?

This is 100% true. Cops deal with criminal law, not civil. If someone is living in a house and they're not committing any crimes, calling the cops will only result in them shrugging their shoulders and telling you to work it out in the courts. Until you get a court order, they won't do shit.

Used to be ''the rich life'', wasn't able to work since a few years ago, but wanted to, then realized the help I needed to take care of my health and not be behind on bills while living like shit wasn't gonna be there, and eventually things just got worse and worse.

The system is designed to keep you stuck in it while blaming you for not being able to get out of it.

The only ones I noticed that managed to get out of ''government help'' were the people that didn't actually need it, worked on the side, or did crime, and in hindsight I should've tried all those things when I could've too, because trusting people, trying to be honest or being a moralfag will make you realize all the people even in supposed positions to help, are there to get fat checks while pretending to work, and abusing the fact that they don't need to produce results to get paid.

You'll have someone making more than a full week 9-5 being a social worker pretending to get your life back on track when essentially they will try to just fill appointments with talking or being a placebo, doing nothing a few days a week and then having to take no responsibility because it's not like a sales jobs where you get paid off proven results.

Make sure you never have to trust anyone, firstly friends or family, secondly all the supposed help set into place.

Because even I heard the bs about ''how about family? how about this type of official help?'', but essentially you realize that that's privilege, and if you lose it or don't have it in the first place, you are completely fucked.

I can read. I keep telling you, the lawyer can sell it if he was given the house as equity for his lawyer fees. A lawyer is not going to pay the taxes. He's just going to sit on it until all his billing is complete. He was only convicted in 2018, he could still have appeals pending. Or, he could get bills paid by the proceeds of the sheriffs sale. Bottom line, living in a house where a sheriffs sale could happen any day is stupid. Especially if you pay $5000 for the privilege of getting arrested.

I was even dealing with people who had gotten into positions because of family, luck, or past merit, those same people would be wanting to feel disconnected from my situation to feel as if they got what they have because of their own merit, while at the same time not wanting to acknowledge why they have what they have, which directly means if they at some point lost their family support, job, health or whatever, they'd be right where I'm at.

So my advice to any of you is, even if you have some type of support, or some type of thing is giving you a comfortable life, do your best to not count on it .

But wouldn't paying the $5k keep it from going into a sheriffs sale?

Eviction is about removing people who have no legal standing to occupy the premises. If the "no legal standing" is completely unlawful, like squatting, he'll be out about five minutes after the cops roll up. If he had an apartment with a one-year lease, and the owner sold the place in February, he can't be evicted until December. Understand, retard? This shit is not four lines of law written on a bar napkin.

I'm not sure churches and priests work the same in the land of weed, tulips and potatoes.

I'm fairly sure you CAN go there temporarily for some help, maybe temporary shelter or food, but I don't think it's anything significant past maybe a day or few days.

I'm not sure they would actually have a collection service here or have perks to becoming a priest, unless it would be in a ''we'll provide money and shelter''.

I would try the military even though I don't want to, if my health wasn't shit, there's no way I'd qualify, but I'd assume they'd cover for debt, bills, housing, etc.

At this point I'd be up for jail if it wasn't shit, but this isn't a scandinavian country where they got wifi and TVs, and I'd doubt they'd actually tend to rehabilitating unlike there.

Plus its been 17 months, the house is only 1 month away from going into a tax sale. If that happens, he gets nothing, his lawyer gets nothing, he loses the house. So why would the jailbird let the state take the estate?
This makes no sense.
If he could have got his lawyer to sell the house, why hasn't he done so after all this time?

Dip shit air head you think someone with a mansion puts a sign out on his lawn? No. He hires a reality to sell it in a week. Go to the jail and make a deal with the owner, unless he has a problem renting it to you in exchange for you paying the taxes so he doesn't lose the place, and you're ok with leaving when he gets out and wants his house back. He might want some kind of contract who knows. I bet he'd be happy to do it if you come across as trustworthy when you meet with him. Bring some smokes or a saw shaped cake for him to butter him up.

No. I can pay your property taxes if I want. It doesn't mean I own your house. Thats essentially a gift. Charities pay peoples taxes all the time. Whosever name is on the deed owns the house.

You know how you can consolidate a loan? Put four credit cards on one loan so you're not all fucked up with a dozen bills? He might have done that with the house. Use the house as equity for a secured loan, then pay people with the cash. He still technically owns the house, the loan company might just be overdue on the taxes. Sometimes they have a grace period, the owner might not have been forthcoming about the secured equity loan because he'd be denied and he needed lawyer money fast. Theres a lot of moving parts to this story, user. Including the fact there could be family from other states who are taking their sweet time coming to deal with it. Maybe the guy in jail agreed to give the "cousin" $20k to deal with it, get it sold, or rent it out. Or let them live init, and the guy is nailing down a local job. Endless possibilities. I look at houses all the time, it's a hobby. Unpaid taxes are super common.


Actually, the cops call the feds. "Stealing" a house is serious felony shit.

It could. It could also cause a major fucking laugh if the relatives come in to deal with it and the taxes are already paid.

I forgot you could do that. Damn I should of read that Rich Dad Poor Dad book.
This brings some meta of the situation into view. Perhaps just squatting in the house for a year is enough.

>he'll be out about five minutes after the cops roll up

Horseshit. The owners have to actually go through the process of proving that OP is there illegally, and the fact they don't even have a working key means they have to go to court first. The process may be quicker vs a renter, but it still takes time. Unless OP is a retard, the writing on the wall will be obvious when the family has figured out what's going on and wants the property back. Then he can just collect his shit and bounce.

If he was trying to gain ownership, that'd be worlds different. He's looking to live there until someone figures out what he's doing, which if he plays his cards right may very well be until the owner gets out of prison.

He (the jail guy) might get nothing. Lawyers aren't stupid. His fees (in a murder case it's a lot) could come from the sheriffs sale. He could be waiting for the sheriffs sale to get paid his fees. He might be waiting for notice of pending sale at 18 months and 1 day. The lawyer might buy the house himself. Standing between a lawyer and his money is like standing in front of a train.

I don't know. If the guy already paid off the house, and he needed to use a HELOC. Why would he need money if he could afford a $400k house? He seems rich enough. There's things that just don't make sense.
If the house gets into a tax sale / tax lien, and he can't pay back the consolidated loan, who pays the bank back for the loan he made?

Not everyone is a basement dwelling NEET with unlimited time to read the whole thread. Dumb faggot

This thread started off as a caper to steal a house, but now is evolving into a murder mystery.

To call the feds that would require it falling under federal law vs state law. It's not. Federal jurisdiction doesn't mean it's "serious felony shit", it means it's a crime that crosses state lines.

You don't know WTF you're talking about.

You keep thinking people have rights that don't exist outside of condemned hotels. If he wants to live there, go ahead. Paying the taxes is retarded, and thinking he can slam the door in the cops face is equally retarded. In the words of the immortal Dave Chappell, they'll sprinkle a little crack on him and call it a day.

Gotta get that reading comprehension up there boomer

Some people put all their money in property, they don't like banks. One of my old landlords used to collect his rent every month, and buy another property with it. He owned about a hundred houses when he died. But in cash money terms, I doubt he had more than $50k in cash, a decent car, and not a care in the world. If he needed money, he could just wait til rent day and would have about 100k instantly.

Where the fuck do you live, where the property tax is that cheap?

This. Seems like some dude who's in prison is trying to scam him

The US Attorney files suit in Federal court and uses Federal investigators. Everything stemmed from local cops involving the feds.

I pay $4500 and the house is not half that size. Because my area is corrupt as fuck. I'm moving to a city where they have lots of gambling and weed revenue, taxes are about $1200 for a modern 1000sqft condo.

OP here, update.
I did some research and found that before he went to jail, he gave POWER OF ATTORNEY. Now to find out what happened to this cousin and why he's fucking him over. That explains why he didn't sell the house. He wanted his cousin to hold it for him.

Attached: power of attorney.jpg (1295x457, 79K)

>Back pain
I had cronic back pain from multiple injuries and accidents, I still have the occasional pain but that's only because I literally haven't exercised in over a year
This shit fixed my back
Immediate results
This is a lot to ask but can you attempt to follow along with the video? Its only 12 minutes but it will probably make you feel better, I am praying for a miracle, it was for me

Toldja. And this doesn't mean the kid is fucking him over, maybe just having trouble coming up with the $5k. He can file for an extension.

you might be able to buy the house on tax sale but most likely you will be outbid and in that case I suggest you put a lien on the house since the owner is in jail he won't be able to fight it then rent that mansion out to photo shoot companies, porn companies, whoeever where ever for strait up cash do it asap also then steal anything worth of value before you leave and sell that shit asap too lazy to ready the rest of the forum so if it was said before i don't care bury a few bodies in the basement that's always fun

Hi dad

Tax sales don't sell property for the taxes owed, you mung. Thats just the starting price. Banks are in business to make money. Rich people show up in droves and bid against each other until theres only one left standing. They're "flippers". They would easily pay $200k for a house like OP's picture.


Holy fuck... his cousin. The jail bird's cousin works in a Auto Parts store across the street from my apartment. What the fuck. Why is he in the ghetto when he could be living in a big ass house? I should go talk to him.

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I checked myself as I posted it, so thanks for keeping the old spirit alive.

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>Ignacio Beato, 47, pleaded guilty in May to a felony count of wire fraud conspiracy

Wire fraud = banks, banks = federal jurisdiction. "Stealing" a home doesn't involve those things. Not a federal issue. Not that OP couldn't land his ass in a STATE penitentiary if he fucks up. But it won't be federal.

>they'll sprinkle a little crack on him and call it a day.
Well sure, if he's black.

get a job you bum

squatting only works if the owner is a pussy and won't break the door down with a bunch of guys and drag you out

And his cousin (I'm assuming) paid the tax bill last year on Feb 22

Ask the priest if they have any members that could help accommodate your belongings
Try couchsurfing.com see if there's any locals in your town that would just fully let you sleep at their house for awhile. What's the population of the town you live in?

Why are you unable to work?

What crime are you considering doing?

I'll check the options for the former even though I doubt they'd be that accommodating otherwise everyone would try it, the same way other parts of the system get abused and leave no room for people that actually need the help as I noticed.
Couchsurfing isn't really a thing here, currently in west europe, this town got around 200k people, I'm lucky I'm here though, otherwise I'd have no tall buildings either.

Stealing a house involves forgery, bank fraud, deception, and the property itself is worth a felony count in financial terms. Go read the paperwork on a loan or property transfer. It says "federal crime" about a hundred times on the stack of papers. If the US Atty tries you in Federal court under Federal Grand Larceny charges you go to Federal prison.
>Grand Larceny Theft Punishment
Grand larceny theft imprisonment and fines both depend upon the value of the item stolen as well as other aggravating factors. Most state laws recognize the difference between larceny theft at a misdemeanor level and larceny theft that rises to the level of a felony. The specific level at which this happens is defined by states.

Grand larceny is a felony level charge that can put you in prison from 12-90 months. Generally, grand larceny does not involve a physical conflict, so there could be a lesser punishment when compared with grand theft.

Anyway, thank you, I wish you the best.

hope you're in some lefty woke state like cali because try this nonsense in texas and you'll be shot for trespassing

Maybe did. As Power of Attorney, he has the right to pay bills from the jaildudes account.

Someone did (it posted as the jailbird). And if I was OP, I would stay far away from this guy's house. He's already killed a family member.

Initially I had the opportunity to do some things IRL like growing weed (it's legal here for sure mods), so when all else failed I realized not doing that or selling other things IRL being a clean fag lead to adhering a system that doesn't adhere it's citizens, so regret.

Also had the potential to make more online doing some and selling some online things, but I passed on that too.

Currently there's not much I can think of to do besides crimes that wouldn't lead to a bunch of money short-term.

It's not like I know somebody that would pay me to do something that I'd up for in a weird mafia type way, the sky's the limit when you're letting go anyway, but you're limited by what you can actually do, e.g. if wanting to go out all wild, you need the resources.

And if you want to make money doing whatever, usually that's not out of the blue or short-term either, but I'm still open for it and whatever I could do I obviously wouldn't mention.

My only advice to all of you is, don't blindly be a moral/ethics fag or take other people's words unless you KNOW following them also means you could count on them to save you in need.

Just like how the system won't save you from needing things if you choose to follow the rules, I wish I never did.

Hell, even the first person I spoke to when I was supposed to get some government help literally told me, as a worker, to not tell them shit and try to make money on the side without declaring it, just so I could try and get myself out of the situation if I can, since if it's up to them you get stuck while they point fingers yet expect you to not do the exact things that give the best results.

Just so everyone remembers, before you hate the freeloaders, criminals, people that don't need neetbux but get it, or even still work on the side, the system enables all of that by only being enough for the people that don't need it.

When you need it but don't want it, you're fucked.

You guys are pussies. Most people don't kill for no reason.

i won't work
>The owner could get released earlier
>his relatives can find a way to get you out

Attached: 1547133852030.gif (400x225, 954K)

Note I said "stealing" in quotes because that is unequivocally NOT what OP was ever looking to do. He's just looking to live in the house while the owner's in prison. That's completely different.

Is this the same cripplefag with the bad back who's gonna kill himself? Just get a desk job answering phones. I've known people with no experience who walked in off the street, who got desk jobs in hospitals, utilities, phone companies, a casino, and a college loan cube farm.

he will send one of his prison friends to you just for the lulz

Still gotta heat it. Still gotta have Power and Water.

I have 3 houses, each one of them costs me about $2k a month just for basic upkeep.

Good luck, user. Let us know how you make out.

Also while you may think federal prison is the super-tough "pound me in the ass" prison, it's actually much safer than state or county. Most federal offenses are white collar crimes or high level drug offenses. Murder or rape is state, unless the victim was a Senator.

Adverse Possession only goes into effect if he is "notoriously" occupying it and the owner(s) (the legal owner and mortgage holder) know he is in it, and (b) if he pays all taxes on it, and (c) he does improvements to it that he can document over the course of SEVEN (7) years.

Legal fag checking in.

No, you're just talking about "squatting" like it's some magic wand that all the cops go "OMG, sorry, didn't know you were SQUATTING! Lets go, Bob." And a bunch of other dicks are making imaginary plans to buy the house because they paid the taxes. You all are pulling huge hunks of shit directly out of your ass, saying he can't get arrested, he can get the utilities turned into his name, change the locks, and everyone has to go through this long, complicated process to have him removed. Which is false. They arrest him, take him away, and if he has falsified any legal documents, it gets worse and worse, up to the point where he's sub-letting or selling this property under an assumed name. Read the thread, it's all there.

Never said that. You can also get bounced anywhere in the country. And in case you never had the pleasure, any prison sucks.

first find out squatters rights on your state....you might end up owning it.

Yep. Just because he’s incarcerated doesn’t mean that his rights as a home owner are void. The tax lien likely doesn’t change that. I wouldn’t do this. I’ve had “legal issues” when I was younger and am done. Sure, when you’re young an “invincible” you can just bail when the police show up.

In other words, the legal owner let him live there for seven years without any formal written agreement, and now regrets it, can't get him out. Its like the house version of common-law marriage.

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This. Or better yet, pay the tax bill, THEN go visit him and tell him you already paid it and saved from the sale, which will probably help convince him more. Especially if you do like this post said and bring him some smokes or candy and shit.

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Does the place have a nice garage? Maybe you could rent out a spot to someone looking to store a car and make some extra money and get around the sole squatter loophole at the same time. Car isn't a person.

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Or they could seize the car as abandoned property. Thatd be hilarious if the guy was making $60 a month garaging some guy's $40,000 Mach I and it got seized.

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