Walk into your home

>Walk into your home
>You find Greta Thunberg standing there
>She says "How dare you" to you
Wat do?

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stand my ground

Turn 360 degrees and walk away

Sex her. 17 is legal in my state.

Turn 360 degrees and beat her to death

call the police

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Ask why her acting is so bad.

Spit or swallow?

Punch her in the face until internal brain hemorrage and concussion... Then slit her throat (as an act of mercy of course)

But she is 15?


i would apologize

No she isn't.

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>unzip dick

Though even if she was, I'd just take her back to Sweden and sex her there. 15 is legal there.

Go outside and redline whatever car/bike I decided to drive that day

Reply 'How very dare you'

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Give her a SNICKERS® bar

you have to be a muslim or a nigger to have with young Swedish girls

*have sex

No but being an incel basement dweller does not get you laid in Sweden. Sorry man.


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>>unzip dick


Best to unzip pants

Could be an interesting fuck I guess. Have only banged a 17yr old once before.

found the cuck

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Throw her ugly, annoying ass out and tell her to find someone who cares what she thinks-

people who got to this website recently are the only ones to say newfag

Initially i freeze because i know from that look what is coming and so i quickly regain conciousness, beg my mistress for forgiveness, pull up my panties, gag myself up and reenter the room in a, for my godess , pleasing manner...

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Kek image

Lick her sweet little asshole clean of course

Pull out my sawed off shotgun and shoot her in the face (america) afterwards I would rape her dead body (neceophilia) but the press (lawyers) wont be able to do anything since this is beautiful America and she was on my property in the end I just got a nice nut bust

Hold her down and force hamburgers and hotdogs into her throat. Once I've broken her vegan ass with my tasty meat, make her my concubine and regularly cum on her fetal alcohol syndrome distorted face.

You must have money.

I'm the king of my own land.

They'd have you on disturbing a corpse you idiot.

Say "what the fuck do you mean, I'm vegan"

Stfu or ill get my lawyers to sue you

I live in Texas
She has illegally entered my home
shoot to kill and claim she was acting aggressively.
put a knife down and make sure her prints are on it while mine aren't.

I hand cuff her with my zip cuffs, showing mercy by not shooting the retard out of her skull in my Castle Doctrine state.

Now we've got you on intimidating a witness.

Grab the shotty and blow her retarded downy face all over the wall.

No u

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She's 17 you disgusting freak

well played, plant some coke on her nose also to seal the deal

>CO2 is good for the planet

jesus christ

Well corpses are disturbing.

Shoot her in the fuckin ugly ass face

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>She says "How dare you" to you
Dare to, bravely

>never should have come here

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>Open webm
>Childhood comes flooding back

You fucking idiot you would be walking straight to her WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID JESUS FUCK


it's fucking summer already?

no u

I wish you added annotations for the 2nd America and property too

must be australia, scalding hot

> Turn 720 degrees so I can walk away four times faster

>CO2 is good for the planet
yo wtf

shit in her mouth

lmao 360 is 4 full turns, or 8 half turns. You have to be retarded not to understand how pi is used...

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Gonna bite.
Yes, plants n shit need co2, but the actual quantity of co2 in the air we breath compared to other gasses is so extremely small, that even the slightest increase of actual co2 drives the ratio into incredible heights. It's a delicate balance, and apparently people are too fucking stupid (or rather too lazy) to understand.

Said the kid that doesn’t even understand the joke, go back. Newfag

I'd tell her to quick eye-fucking me and put up her dukes and let's throw some hands.

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Queen Greta, please accept my humble apology. I am here to serve you and only you.

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get a brian you moran

Hand her a bowl of eggs

can you rape someone legally in self defense?

I would ask to smell her armpits.

Good question. Try it and let us know how it goes.

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Rape her face and ass

Gang rape her up the ass and post it to blacked

You're right. Fuck plants!

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Ask my kids if they're having friends over, and if shes staying for dinner.

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I MUDA MUDA her to death and take her blood.

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drop kick her and spit on her while i toss her head first out my front door

Cover her in butter sugar and cinnamon and call her a sweet roll. Blow a kiss and walk away.

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360 no scope, and walk away

>The number of seasons only in temperate regions
>Garrison thinks seasons are global

Hey cutie. I'm back. I didn't answer the phone because my ringer was off. Sorry babe. I got that hummus and chips you like to eat in bed, though. Come take a shower with me. Well try to get you pregnant again.