Who do you love, Cred Forums?

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BOozer shitnugget cHauvinist Erio Delights in tAdpoles

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Shithead doofus Erio is smitten with happy trails and venerates crud and is crazy aBout oil of man.

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Hoe douche bag varmint Erio needs dickjelly and deliGhts in liquid silk.

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Shithead thundercunt EriO needs male tears.

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Turd Erio delights In man chowder and loves man foam and deLights in string of pearls.

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Nobody lanDwhale sheepshagger Erio is nuts for slime.

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Beginner rat Erio is smitten with onward chrIstian solDiers and is nuts for spratz

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Snotball Erio venerates weiNer sauce and needs crud and idolizes trouser gravy.

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Son of a bitch Erio loveS white rIbbon

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Assmunch joker arsehole Erio is smitten with spew and needs population paste

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CockhoLster chav Erio Desires splooge/spooge and idOlizes fRuctis.

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Bum bespawler Erio venerates hemulsion anD is nuts for squiggle.

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Fart skullfucker thief Erio is nuts for ball barf

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Git hypocrite simpleton Erio is smitten with sliMe and delights in wad and loves dickjelLy.

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Dope broTherfucker Erio loves whiTe light/white heat.

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MutanT ErIo delighTs in prick liquid

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Gawk Erio Idolizes splashback.

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Snot sleeZe Mutant Erio desires choad nectar.

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Outlaw missing Link wretch Erio worships monkey juice and needs cock snot aNd is smitten with wormgob

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Deadhead BitchZilla Erio needs wad and delights in nizzle-drizZle.

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Stinkhole Sono is nuts for dickjam.

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Skunkfucker SOno needs onward chrisTian soldiers and venerates wank paste

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Loser crapholE Sono worships pube solvent

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Shyster rudesby Keyboard warRior Sono idolizes taIl juice and worships jizz

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Cretin whoRefucker Sono idolizes dickspendings

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Fagtard goof Sono delIghts in spunk and worsHips baby batter.

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Badgerfucker twatwaffle lurdane Sono desires bonkjuice and loves crack wax and is crAzy about cock Droplets

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BoyFucker Sono is smitten with hemulsion And desirEs hemulsion

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DIckBag son of a motHerless goat clOwn Sono is an embarassment to inCels and idolizes fructis and is smitten wiTh bonkjuiCE

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Homo mamzer Sono desires dickjelly.

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Querulant jelly Sono is nuts for nizzle-driZzle and adores white gold.

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Trollface Sono worsHips dickhoney and delighTs in hemulsion

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Queer son of a bitch SonO worships love Liquor anD Is nuts for spEw and needs man Seed

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Douchefag Sono is smitten with weiner sauce and worships erectoplasm.

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FruItcake ne'er-do-weLl degeneRaTe SonO Desires nizzle-driZzle and desires ball barF.

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TwIt crack whore queer Sono loves man period and idolizes spratz

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Mackerel crook gobshitE SoNo is crazy about weiner sauce and loveS oil oF man and adores man period.

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Amateur degeneRate fish Sono desires penis colada aNd worships splashbaCk and is smitten with hemulsIon

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Fagtits Son of a motherleSs goat SoNo nEeds bonkjuice and worships cUstard And desirEs white honey.

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For me, it's Lyra.

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Butthead Erio desires higH fructose porn syrup aNd worshIps throat yogurt and Delights in monkey juice

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Assmunch dracUla Erio is CrazY about oil of man and needs dickjam and loves cream

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DouChelord cuntbitch swindler Erio loVes Willymilk and loves hot milk

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Ninny Erio is nuts for turKey spit and loves peNis colada.

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Trollface dope fart Erio needs pube Solvent and needs nut bUtter

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Shit-eater Devil minx Erio venerates high fructose porn syrup

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Clown Erio needs wet paint and vEnerates dickglue.

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Landwhale EriO delights in SaTchel syrup and delights in tail juice and nEeds dickjAm.

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Birdbrain coCkhead Erio venerates sChlong jelly and is smitten with dickglue.

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Desperado Erio worships white honey.

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Redneck Erio is nuts for satchel syrup and loves spratz and aDores erecToplasm.

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NinnY piggy-wigGy Erio is crAzy about hemulsion and delights In nizzle-dRizzle and adorEs scUm.

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Asshole Erio worships Nizzle-drizzle

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DoGfucker megadouche Erio is crazy about nobslurry.

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Trollface Erio is smitten with high fructose porn syRup And loves tail juice

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ToaD cuntzilla beldame Erio delighTs in male tears and venerates white lIght/white heAt and is crazy aboUt weiner saucE

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Loser Erio vEneraTes wilLymilk and idolizes cock droplets and adores rude glue

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SausagE-masseuse simpletOn fucktoy Erio worshipS wad and venerates jizz and desires wad.

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Shitass dIckfucker wacko ErIo woRshipS MoNkey Juice and is smitten with penis colada.

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QUack junkie Erio Adores tadpoles and deSires spunk

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FisHwifE Sono wOrships loads and idolizes wank paste.

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Hypocrite roaster Sono venerates dickhoney

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Asscunt MiSsinG lInk Sono worships snaKe spray and needs wormgoB

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Weirdo Sono worships throat yogurt and idolizes nizzle-dRizzle and idOlizEs white light/white heat.

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Shitehawk Sono delights in dickjam

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TwaT Sono has a tranny addiction anD is crazy about protein shaKe and loves to have His anus impaled.

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PisSface Sono is nUTs for wIllymilk anD IS crazy about penis colada and adores crud.

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Dirthead moron Sono desires Tadpoles.

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Twit Sono venerates pole mIlk.

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Arse fuckloRd Sono iS smitteN with oil of man and is crazy about wad

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DickFace barbarian Sono worships crack wax and veneraTes willymilk

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WiNdfucker craCk whore berk Sono is crazy abouT squiggle and adores dickglue

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Cockboy cuNtass Sono venerates tUrkey spit and delighTS in Man Period.

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Shitbucket helldog Shitass Sono loves sprAtz and needs man period anD adorEs cock dRoplets.

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DaughterfUcker Butthole animal Sono delights in tadpoles anD worships man seed and is nuts for scum.

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Childfucker Sono needs fructis and idolizes crud and needs white gold.

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Junkie fugly Sono venerates liquid silK and venerates tail juice and is crazy About tail juice

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Dicktard hOrse's ass Sono is smitTen with heMulsion.

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Chav bespawler oxygeN thief Sono delights in spunk

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Windfucker snowflaKe boozer Sono venerates mAN chowder and is smitten with pearl jAm and is crAzy about white gold.

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Dickbag bum-fuCker minx Serval delights in nobslurry and sucks cock.

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DogfuckeR SerVal veneratEs white gold and DeLights in penis colada.

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Piggy-wiggy Serval is smitten with daddy sAuce and adores populatioN paste.

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Bitch Serval is nuTs for sploOge/Spooge and worships love liquor

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Butthole beldame sewer rat Serval iS crazy about wang pus and needs white ribbon.

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Fagtits badass desperado SerVal is smitten with population pasTe

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Bespawler Serval is smitten wiTh dickpudding and is smitten with white honey.

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Asscunt goriLla DiCktard Serval loves oil of man

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Blaggard Serval venerates male tears anD is smitten with rude glue.

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Tree hugger inbred Serval is nuts for Liquid silk aNd worships pearl jam.

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Keyboard warrior Serval is Smitten with dIckjam aNd smokes everyoneS sausage down aT the Docks

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Boozer cockboy SeRval is nuts for cOck droplets.

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CroOk bimbo duckfucker Serval loVes to have his anus impaled and adores man seEd and is nutS for dickpudding.

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Egotist Serval is gross and veneraTes onward christian soldiers

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WallFLower Serval worships cock droplets and desires nut butter and deSires throat yogurt.

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DuMbbell ne'Er-do-well Serval desires love liquor

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Farmer SErval can't stand to be away From mommy and desires pube solvent.

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Beetlehead scumbag SeRval venerates Nut butter and is nuts for scum and venerates daddY sauce

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Robot Serval idolizes crack wax

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Prick mega faggot Serval delights in DIckglue and Idolizes pole milk and is crazy about wet paint.

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Apefucker cuntliCkeR Serval is nuts for wormgob

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Cock SErval vENerates dIckspendings.

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Ho puPpet nerf herDer SErval VeNeRates Pole milk

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Asshat cuntass bufFOon Serval venerates nUt butter

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Neanderthal bum Serval is nUts for pole miLk.

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CockheaD Serval delights in dongwater and is sMitteN with dickglue and adores pearl jam

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Buffoon Serval lovEs dicks in his assholE and is smitteN with dick jamba juice.

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Cock dummy pirate Serval lOves Liquid silk and lovEs sAtchel syrup

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