She's 15. how does that make you feel?

she's 15. how does that make you feel?

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would you fuck?

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Horny. Now give sauce.



another 15 year old

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look at her tiktok it's not fake lol @lilissyice

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Bad for her.
She's going to have nothing but superficial relationships through all of highschool and several years after because everyone is just wanting to see her tits as well as terrible back problems.
Hope she's smart enough to get reduction surgery.

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You don't have any relationships in high school that aren't superficial.

she has big breasts but stuffs her bra to make them even bigger, so lonely pedos give her money on venmo

that or she has the stiffest tits in history

tits aren't real, mom was doxed two weeks ago on FB.

present the evidence please

Anyone has something moar? I'm not gonna download this garbage app for this

>"since I was never able to socialize with anyone, then that means nobody else is able to either!"

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last i got but it's not great quality

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like 2 big bags of sand

Like a pedo

I saw a few weeks ago a picture someone posted from her moms facebook where u can see that her tits are smaller than that

Proof or shut-up faggot.

Anyone who thinks those tits are real is a fucking retard.

her videos are just further proof its fake as shit

not going back on tiktok to scroll through comments to get her moms facebook.
do it yourself
yup they weren't even big.

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giulia.giacani on ig
she got a tik tok too but I forgot the name

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ok simp

I would feel concernd about her health state in her 30s

isadora maksym is the girls real name (its in her video)

im not going through the trouble of finding her mom or her on facebook but it shouldnt be hard

She looks like shes 45 and has had plastic surgery

nice generalization and stereotyping idiot

would rape all day long
>she's 15
who cares?

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who is that pig?

I converted all of her tik toks to webm. even cropped out the black guys from that one . I'm at work but will be home soon and post them all.

probably the police


not in germanistan

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Would love that dump. Thanks user.

and she posted a tik tok webm showing that she was 13 at the time. she shows how big her tits got. Everytime there is a girl with macromastia there's a contingent of morons that deny it's real. kys.

I'll just leave work now. fuck it. wait about 30 min. I posted all the webms last night and hardly anyone commented.

kind of girl who fantasises abut sucking her dad's dick


YEah alright I'll stick around for that.

nigga no she's 15 are y'all mentally retarded

thx mang

I just said that someone posted pics , not that I was this person u dumb fuck
I don't care im just waiting for this guy and the webms

damn right i would fuck that girl, and anyone that says they wouldnt is obviously lying.

preciate it

You're so full of shit OP wheres the proof she is 15?

keep mentioning her age its getting my harder

yo what the fuck

in the meantime post those tik tok/ig teen sluts til comes back

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idc they are fucking firing me anyway. at least if I post the webms of this hoe before 404 I will have done something useful today.

you heard me, dont keep a man waiting

yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo

I converted about a dozen of her best ones to webm as well I can post them too. I'm walking out the door now.

This. No sexual or lewd thoughts happen in people until the exact time of midnight of their 18th birthday.

were you born a pedo or did something happen to you

but most faggots are liar

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i see the prison in your future

who dis white trash whore?

dude get your grammar on

also the girl in your pic - she craves dad dick too?

Man gets fired to post some none-nudes of a tiktok slut.I will never achieve this level of based for the rest of my life.

she also has her venmo posted on her tik tok profile. you know it's so guys can pay her for lewd poses

born. why?

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What a fucking loser

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More of her!

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that girl needs some cock



Next user that gets dubs has to venmo her and post here. Who's with me?

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lil german whores are so fucking beautiful

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Thats sad if thats her real boobs. She cant do anything with those.

absolutely no fucking one

>simping on Cred Forums
For what purpose?

ye it's only 4 on here I just waited until the hallways were clear, grabbed my jacket and ran out really fast. I'll post in about 15 min.

god only knows what i would do to see a cock get rammed down that perfect mouth of hers

bless you user

niceeeeeeee cant wait to see them

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i forgot this girls name and what her age was

yeah incredible lips

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Anyone get one of those mega links from that twitter shit

what was this girls name again?

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as another cock gets shoved into her tight little pussy

Absolutely stunning

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you are all disgusting lmfao

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y r u gey

lol he's a nigger

Sorry for her dad. Those custom bras are not cheap poor dude

yeah would die to see her naked

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i wish this was u ur sexy smh.. see u in miami

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