Gregory Jackson aka Onision fucks children

Gregory Jackson aka Onision fucks children

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He’s a massive faggot but I think that stuff is just salt becuase he “slut shamed” people and said some anti feminist stuff.


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Honestly only found out about him, all together, like a week ago.

Him and it (his grooming partner) needs to go

Looks like a lizard person

Ugly zitfaced fuck

Guys I’m not a groomer leave me and my family alone!!!

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Ongoing investigations.
Nothing confirmed.
Stop jumping the gun and give these copypasta threads a rest.
Come back when and if the case moves forward.

Proof it Repzion, don't make me get your ass back in court to just own it again!!!!!

This!! This all the way.

No, this is the look of a mainly Vegetarian. You're jealous not being able to even have a women let a lone thousands of them look your way.

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go away greg you contrast raising grooming motherfucker

grooming children =/= slut shaming

>thousands of women looking your way

You mean girls right? I get with plenty of people my age. You’re right though no 12 year olds come to me with wishes of moving in with me

I said come to me I should have been more precise

>no 12 year olds get contacted by my girlfriend to sign a contact into to living with me/it

What do you mean by grooming? I haven’t seen any obvious evidence of anything substantial. Can you link or show what you mean? Sometimes people say this stuff and the evidence is something like a message saying “you’re cute” or something. If I’m wrong I’m wrong, though. Did he ask for nudes or something?

Wouldn’t that make the girlfriend the groomer/pedo?

greg fucks illegal teens

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me too

literally who

Nah it's bullshit. He likes his women and he likes sex. That's it. He's a 'douchebag' at the most. Everything he has done is completely legal, and he makes sure of it.

Funny how no one gave a shit about him rating little girls until he gets into legal trouble. Fucking sheep niggers

This is just another witchhunt being led by the PC internet police. It’s nothing but cancel culture being pushed by a bunch of mental midgets who would call a 17yo girl a “child”.

It’ll never go anywhere as long as the main people complaining about him are the types of people who will try to change the definitions of words in order to bolster their flimsy argument.

Yeah yeah shut up your kiddie fiddling faggot you’re just mad because you could never really get laid. You’re probably that greasy fuck that hangs around the kids. Pure cringe.

shut the fuck up onion

Looks like vegeta if he were a greaser