Young sexual experiences thread. Post stories including but not limited to:

Young sexual experiences thread. Post stories including but not limited to:
>first times / young love
>truth or dare, experiments with friends
>secret fwb
>summer camp or other institutionalized pederasty
Whatever it was for you, when did you first start having sex, user?

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When I was growing up we lived next door to sort of an odd family. Two boys, one girl, dad and the kid's uncle. Mom wasn't in the picture. One day I was over at their place and one of the boys showed me a porn mag they found in the back yard. I must've been 13 or so at this point. A few weeks later the sister was out back with us, she was 10 I think. We were alone and I showed her the nudie mag. I started touching her and convinced her to fuck right there. We almost got caught too. But we started fucking for a few years until my family moved away. I still think about her all the time.

The good old days of finding porn mags as a kids.
Porn was better then too.
Kids today are spoiled and just don't appreciate it, they only need switch on their mobile and there it all is

Didn't it hurt her? I never met any girls growing up who seemed interested in anything remotely sexual. I always assumed they didn't want it.

When I was 15 I fucked my girlfriend's younger sister a few times. When I was 20 I fucked my cousin. I'm now in my 30s and fucking my best friend's teenage daughter(with his permission).

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used to dry hump a lot with a male friend, same with male cousin, one time with female cousin, did the same with 1st real gf, developed a "dry humping fetish"

1st time was with male friend, we were at the age of "sex is funny" so we'd immitate sex, we even kissed and shit, 2nd time was with cousin, 1st time i came too, thought i was peeing, we were playing fifa so each time you scored you'd get to dry hump, female cousin was near when i did that with male cousin, he was over at ps2, i was feeling horny over the whole thing, don't remember quite how it went but i ended up on top of her humping her snatch, we must have all been 8-10, then when i got in my first serious relationship i was 15, one of the few times she invited me over to her house she just layed back when making out, felt her move her hips a little so i started to move mine a little, at one point i was clearly humping her, not sure if she was humping back so sat back up, sat her on top of me and just waited to see if she'd hump too, she started humping so i thought hey fuck it lets just keep at it. but she rarely invited me over to her house and mine always had people in so we never got to fuck, nor did i ever get a hj or bj, most i got was to feel her boobs with a bra, 2 years worth of a relationship and didn't even get laid. now i'm 19 and neet so i don't even fuck

>be 13
>spend weeks at grandmas house
>her house was huge
>pool, tenis court everything
>my aunt lived with grandma at the time
>aunt 14
>we play together and swim together to spend the time on summer
>we develop like a crush on each other
>began to be more risque on our games
>grab her tities when playing
>she would place her butt on my face
>it was kind of "inocent" but we both knew what we were doing
>one night while swimming she began to grind my dick on her vulva
>it felt good
>we both enjoy it
>we got so turn on that we almost kissed
>but we just continue hugging each other as we dry hump at the pool
>my grandma had me sleeping at the guess bethroom
>that night we convincing her to let me sleep on my aunt bedroom to watch a movie
>she said ok, but i should go back to my room when the movie was over, young man and young girls should not share a behroom she said
>that night i got to finger my aunt and she even kissed my dick as i stroke it.

similar experience minus the gf's younger sister. I'm fucking my buddy's sister I've hung out with since she was in high school. I creampie her pussy all the time and shes gonna have my baby soon and I'm just gonna vanish kek

Honestly not even sexual but when I was in elementary school in summer swim league I'd always find excuses to hug and sometimes kiss the lifeguards, all of them were between 15/16 to 18. Maybe early college. Both guys and girls.

>>they let you do it

Yeah the girlfriend's younger sister was a very precocious 12....and my friend's daughter is 16, almost 17 at this point and the love of my life.

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I mean looking back at it now yeah. I don't consider it to have damaged me but I'd say it crossed a line that shouldn't have been crossed during my sexual awakening. That being said it was an early indication of my homosexuality and it was a way I realized that trying to make myself like girls just felt like an act.

does she feel the same way about you? and how come your friend is cool with everything

>be me 16 year old stoner
>start dating cute girl at my aunt's church
>guys in youth group tell me not to bother
>she's a prude
>wouldn't her last BF feel her up

>takes 3 months before she'll let me feel her up
>she won't let me see her tits though
>laying in her bed one night watching a movie
>door open of course
>covered with blanket though
>start rubbing her thigh
>we start making out
>I start rubbing her pussy through her pants
>go to undo her pants and there are 4 buttons
>she tells me no, her parents will catch us
>we go back to just holding hands and watching the movie
>she gets up and leaves for a few
>comes back and we hold hands again
>she takes my hand and puts it on her crotch
>all the buttons are undone
>she tells me her parents fell asleep in bed

>work my hand into her pants
>her pussy is wet and she has a lot of hair
>we're making out while I rub her
>she cums hard
>she does her best to stay quiet but it's obvious what is going on
>her parents don't wake up.

>I put my hand on my dick and ask her to return the favor
>she rubs my dick for a bit but says no
>tells me to come back tomorrow morning when her parents are gone
>come back the next day and get my first handjob


If she didn't feel the same way about me she wouldn't have initiated everything.
Long story short, the friend made me her godfather a long time back, and he's cool with things because we've known each other for so long and he knows that I love her and that I'll do my best to do right by her. It's all legal here anyways, and she's not-so-secretly loved me for several years now and flirted with me since she was 13.

I was about 14 and at my grandparents’ house. Play upstairs with two younger cousins, both around 10. Get horny because I’m a teenage boy. Cousins sit on my lap whilst I lay in bed and I bounce them up and down with my legs like they’re on a rollercoaster. One point she out they’re sitting near my penis. I get hard and eventually must go to toilet to relieve myself. Still feel terrible about this 7 years later, am I terrible? Did I abuse them?

Ah man that's fair enough I was just curious :) win win it seems

Congrats on having a bit of fun. You can knock off the fake drama tho. You know they didn't have any idea what you were feeling, and they enjoyed some innocent play. Your behavior was exemplary.

Needs some stories and some ages of these girls bro

Any anons lucky enough to have gay group sex with their buddies growing up? Those are always the highlight of these threads for me

When I was 14 I got my 12yr old cousin a bit drunk on Grandpas homemade wine. We where snuggling and I got her to lick my balls while I jacked off. Still feel bad about it today. Not really tho

The closest I ever got to that was the boys locker room back in middle school. I can still remember how tingly I'd always feel whenever I had to dress out.

>be 14
>Drinking with cool older guys in apartment complex
>Drugs and alcohol
>All jerking off
>First blowjob
>Later that summer I took E and let them butt fuck me

I'm glad you enjoy those, but they bother me. I wish we could do separate straight and gay threads for childhood experiences.

12/13 go to cinema with friend, watch muppets movie. Nobody else is in the cinema so we half watch the film and also chat about shit. Start chatting about his hot sister, he likes mine too. Each get up photos of sister on phones and swap them. Both wank under pants in empty cinema, have a bit of a feel of his cock. Finish in our pants whilst watching each other. Best wank of my life watching best mate

My friends and I would go skinny dipping at the pond or in the neighbors pools in the summer. We also built a shack in the woods and often we would all get naked. No sex though. Later on in High School one of my friends and I exchanged blow jobs a few times. Still use it for Fap material today

Why? All us gays are putting up with y'all's thirsty hetero asses. The least you can do is just accept us posting our stories in the same threads.

How many of them fucked you?
Was it like a group thing or did they have you one at a time?

OMG in my grade school bathroom their was a door that went to the high school boys shower. You could see naked boys through the gap in the door. Never felt so tingly

Anything ever happen in there?

I mean, I make gay-specific threads when I can but they can move slowly sometimes, and there's no point making one when a general like this is already in the catalog.

I grew up in a very small town and there was maybe 20 kids in my age group (8-12) and on sleepovers we used to do sex stuff all the time both boys and girls, I was an only child but when I slept over at my friends place (most of them had sisters) we would get her naked and do sex stuff with her and we would do stuff together also, most I ever did with just boys was on a sleepover it was 4 of us I think and I was 11 at the time.

Nice, can you describe the all-boy sleepover when you were 11? How wild did you four boys get?

Just watching the athlete boyz in the shower as a middle schooler was amazing. They had hair on their pubes and big dicks.

> be 15
> jerking in bathroom
> sister 13 doesn't knock
> door that directly faces toilet opens
> sees me with a fistful of dick
> shes just standing there looking shocked
> I've tried covering my cock up with my hands
> "..are you masturbating?"
> idk why but I took one hand a way amd tugged my cock a couple times "yah think!?"
> didn't mean it in a sexual way, but as sarcasm
> she usually wears long t-shirts around the house
> notice her nipples are actually hard..
>'s warm as fuck in the house
> she's just staring at me.. so I start stroking
> she's just watching.. then she starts rubbing herself through the t-shirt over her crotch
> we do this for a few moment's before hearing the front door open
> mom's home
> never seen her move so fast in her life
> as she turned to leave I caught a glimpse of her thonged ass under the shirt
> ..she left the door open ffs
> I get up and shut it before finishing
> didn't talk or make eye contact the rest of the school week

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DId you get to do stuff with the other middle school boys you knew?

That escalated quickly

Lol! Oh damn I would have died of thirst. XD

>> 820061690

In 7th grade one friday afternoon I was undressing and getting back into my regular clothes. We were getting ready to head home after that. There was this kid in my grade, Jesús whose family was from Mexico. We bonded because I called out this gringo military brat from CA who tried to rally the boys in our grade to bully him. It was just the two of us left and he asked me why I try to avoid looking at the other guys. I started stuttering and hesitating trying to come up with an answer. "You afraid you're gonna like what you see or something?" He asked. I blushed and didn't say anything. He gestured me to come closer and he flashed his cock at me. It was big for our age and dark and uncut. I was mesmerized. He quickly put it back. And told me, "You're a maricón, but you're cool." He smiled and punched me in the arm. We finished changing and we both left to go home. That's one of my favorite middle school memories and a defining moment that probably helped set my preference for Latinos.

>be me. 7yo
>25 december 2008
>sleepover with cousins. 4 guys.
>I go to the bathroom at midnight. So i turn the lights on.
>I see my 8yo cousin sucking my 12yo cousin dick.
>They both look at me.
>I go to bath and when i came back, turn ligths off and never speak of it again.

Oh I didn't tag you right.

I responded here

These aren't incest and are more young experience related, i have a few that i'll list and can elaborate if anyone gives a fuck. And if not that's ok too.
I'm older than some of you if that matters, so these were quite awhile ago now:
1. 11/12, sixth grade, used to take showers with a friend's mom when his dad would pick him up. Became a routine. No sex but the first time i ever ejaculated was with her. I found out years later she was literally crazy and fiddling with him back then but i guess that isn't surprising.
2. 14, got regular blowjobs from a retired older male neighbor. Started out as just hanging out and smoking pot. Almost daily for that summer, when school started back up my folks were too curious about me hanging out there and it stopped. Assumed i must be gay since i loved it.
3. 16. Lost my virginity to a chubby married woman in her 40s that I met through WoW. We had been having regular late night phone sex (basically just me jacking off while she talked dirty), she eventually drove from Seattle to me in Portland, i skipped class, she brought a sixpack of beer. Fucked my brains out three times then left before my folks got home. Never heard from or saw her again and was quite heartbroken at the time.

It was just blowjobs, and we turned it into a game playing Mortal Kombat, 2 would give blowjobs to the 2 while were playing and the winner would keep playing and have his dick sucked then the guy he just beat would have to give him a BJ for the next round and the next guy up would play and have his dick sucked by the other friend.

Aw that's so sweet, did stuff ever happen with him and other boys on your sleepovers together?

Were any of you cumming by then?


In the summer times we would all get naked and dare each other to run around the neighborhood with nothing on. We also would sneak into the neighbors pool and swim naked. Would go camping in the woods and skinny dip in the pond. Sometimes we would light a fire and have a bunch of boys pee on it to put it out. All just innocent stuff, we did show my fiends sister our dicks once and I got a major boner. No sex stuff yet though.

I love these threads so much! More plz!

kinda funny

Was camping in the garden with my sister and her friend. I was ten, they were eightish. We ended up playing dare and I dared them to stand around strip and sort of turn around naked for thirty seconds. Then I got dared to do the same thing, and my cock was stupidly large and erect and they laughed at how huge it was. Good times.

..anyway.. Since nobody seems to give a shit, I'm gonna drop one pic and peace out instead of talking about us after that.
Not young enough for you I suppose.

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Nah I was never the sleepover type. That was another guy. I did however start flirting with him more and saying things I thought would boost his ego. I was the scared type of closeted gay. Sadly he went to a different high school from me. In HS I started taking Spanish and fell in love with the language. Not exactly in a gay friendly area. I had one bf but he and his friends were incredibly toxic. Fortunately I'm fluent-ish now and I'm young. So maybe I could move to a more gay friendly city like Miami.

I thought that was the whole thing

I assumed the story was done... Do you have more? I'm waiting.

Hey hey buddy I'm here for you I need to hear more!

first time talking about this
>be 8
>live in apt (but was basically just a big house separated by floors)
>live below two older girls
>hang with them frequently, mostly unsupervised
>one day when we were in one of their rooms one asks if I want to try on her tutu
>initially resist but give in to peer pressure
>they laugh and I get hard which makes them laugh harder
>this goes on for a couple months, with different clothes and makeup
>eventually starts getting more sexual, i.e. them making me change in front of them and making me touch myself
>move and never talk to them again

definitely affected my fetishes as an adult

No go on!!!!

Did you ever talk to her about it? Maybe try to her her involved?

Or Key West, we are very open minded here and almost no crime.

It's because that green text shit is fucking annoying as fuck to read so most people skip it

user is obviously full of shit

greentexts are better than horrible writing

That could definitely go there. I've heard Key West is beautiful. Ideally though I'd like to move somewhere where I could use Spanish daily. A 70% Spanish speaking population would be a nice change from what I'm most familiar with.

You shut the FUCK up about greentexts, newfag.

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you're the same pedophile from last night. go away.

I've been here since Snacks, faggot

pathetic, remembering the number of buttons? Grats on the only time feeling a girls pussy..

pathetic liar, and disgusting perv

nice fantasy dude

>My first experience with the opposite sex was when I was 8 at a friends house. She told me that she saw her mom and dad wrestling with there clothes off. She said her dad has a finger between his legs. I said doesn't evaryone. She said she doesn't while pulling down her pants. I remember freaking out because she was different then me. I pulled my pants down to show her and she thought it was gross. We ran to ask are moms what was wrong with us. That was a big mistake. I wasn't aloud to play with her after that

and what brings you to a young sexual experiences thread, oh virtuous user?

>used to take showers with a friend's mom when his dad would pick him up.
How did that even start?

That's pretty much the best way to respond to the situation - remove the problem.

I was about 6 and lived next to a little feminine kid who was 8 and the same age as my brother. Didnt know at the time that he was gay bc I didnt know what gay was but just remember him being different. I had to go to the bathroom one day and he was in there with my brother and the door locked.
They open it up and pull me in and tell me to show them my "weewee" for entry.
So were all standing there pulling our dicks out and laughing. Then I tell them I really need to pee, the fag says the only way I can pee is if I put his weewee in my mouth and tickle it. I say wtf why not and did it. They laugh and let me pee and we went back to playing out of the bathroom.
I completely blocked it out of my memory until one day, BOOM all the memories came back in an instant. Felt super sick and took me a couple days to get over it.

Re-posting this in every one of these threads...

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learn to greentext before attempting

...until vol 3 someday magically shows up, I hope.

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>How did that even start?
Actually it was very matter of fact. The first time, his dad got him and that was my queue to start walking home, and she asked me to stay.
And it was odd since we both just sat there, i forget what show was on but we just sat on the couch watching tv and she asked me if i wanted a soda and i said no thanks.
Then she got up, announced she was going to take a shower, and started towards the stairs, then turned around and asked "user you want to come?"
I was confused but got over it quickly, followed her up the stairs as she kicked off her shoes and undid her pants, then watched wide-eyed as she started the water and casually stripped, then got in and motioned for me to get in too. So i got naked asap and almost literally jumped in.

I was too fucking nervous to initiate anything, so at first it was just her soaping herself up while i watched and kept lingering on every brief moment our skin would touch. Then she told me how cute i was, hugged me, and i kind of just held her while she showered and she called me a cute boy.

I know it sounds weird, and if i had known wtf i was doing it would have been far more sexual I'm sure. After that first time i was a little bolder, like i got to play with her tits a LOT and she was into that, but no sexual contact other than grinding into her and some very brief touching, which was all it really took.

Oh... Sorry guy's, I was a little impatient and finishing up at work.
fine then..

Well she was pretty hot and cold after that.. It was weird because she'd make sexual jokes one week then get creeped out if I did the same the next week.
Eventually though I thought that had blown over. Then after school I'm watching Netflix and she sits on the other side of the couch. It was one of those L shaped couches. Whatever.. she's still wearing the typical relaxed long t-shirt she swaps into when she gets home.
I'm into the show, ignoring her.. then something hits me in the face.
I snap at her and say "knock it off!" But when I look at her she's laughing and red faced.. them I notice what she hit me with; panties. "Are these your fucking pan.. Wtf!?" She just moves her leg over.. no words.. just giggling and a smooth pussy. Then she starts lightly touching it.
I wasted very little time.. just pulled my cock out and started stroking. Neither of us moved from our positions.. I got a little too vigorous and blew my wad, she sharply inhaled and went bugeyed before throwing her head back and squeezing her legs together around her hand.
She went rigid, then fucked off super quick to her room. Cue silent treatment again for a week.

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> be me
> early 20s
> wake up to get ready to go to college
> raging boner
> walk out of bedroom, cock slips out from middle slit on pajamas
> mom standing at the end of the hallway
> "whoa, user, got a little situation there"
> me: "yeah, what're you gonna do about it"
> walk into bathroom, get nude to take shower
> arm reaches around me and grabs my cock
> mom followed me in
> still tired, not even sure what to think
> she starts stroking
> feelsgoodman.jpg
> she's pressing herself against my back as she jacks me off
> she's moaning
> I've very literally never been more turned on in my life
> she reaches around with the other hand
> I cum buckets into her hand
> she whispers into my ear "don't say I never did anything nice for you"
> I turn around, still fucking turned on and puzzled
> she eats my cum, winks and walks away

That was the only time she and I ever had a sexual encounter.

Teach me

So I got my first car at 16, Im parked on the Jersey Shore fingering my 14yr old gf. Listing to NYC radio and

First time on a date with a girl, 13 years old at the movie theater. Went there with my bros and she went with her girls to avoid parental suspicion. Her and I go to the back and alone. We start making out. I try to feel her up. I put my hands down her shirt and I'm reaching for her nipples, keep going down, I have to hit gold sooner or later. Find something and start to rub it. She stops me and asks what I'm doing. Tell her I'm trying to grab her boobs. She throws me off and run to the bathroom crying.
I'm thinking omfg what did I do. I just touched a girls nipple and she freaked out.
Her girls rush after her and dont come back for the whole movie. All of them went home.
Later that night I call one of the girls to hear what happened. Apparently I completely missed her flat chest boobs and went too far down and started rubbing her outie belly button. She cried bc it meant she had small boobs.
She didnt ever talk to me again,, ended up going to different high schools. I used to see her at the bars when we were older and would cheers motion at her from across the room while laughing.

I was about 5, played some doctor with a girl my age who lived down the street. I stuck a plastic toy thermometer in her butt. Apparently she told her mom because I vaguely remember getting lectured and not being allowed to play with her anymore.

lurk more before posting

>The least you can do is just accept us posting our stories in the same threads.

Fucking go back to Tumblr, Reddit or whatever SJW hell hole spawned you.


Quit being a snowflake.

Swear to god, not a larp

more please

Can tell which ones are real because they're less descriptive and kind of sad.

Ok if you cant then leave me alone

>wake up to get ready to go to college
> she eats my cum, winks and walks away

Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger

>be 13
>in school dying for piss
>lesson final ends, run to toilet
>stand at urinal, sweet release
>older guy enters, always hassling me
>hey user
>oh fuck
>insecure about my cock
>try to finish quick
>stands next to me
>try to hide but he blatantly looks
>hysterical laughter ensues
>finish and try to run past
>blocks me and pushes me into stall
>get deadarm
>feel tears
>he sees and laughs again
>dont cry user
>closes door
>says he just wanted to show me a real cock
>pulls out thick uncut dick
>Pikachu face

I hope this is going somewhere other than the dinosaur.

> be me 13 maybe 14
> second to oldest sister is 17
> pre internet, she knew a friend from school who had a weird server thing you could dial up into and download files onto your computer somehow
> whole family around the computer in amazement
> a few days later just me and my sister browsing the files and stuff..
> find porn mostly naked women. both kind of jokingly keep downloading different ones.
> starts smelling kind of weird but intoxicating. sister all red and almost panting...never forget.
> watch sister masturbate over her jeans for 10 or 15 minutes until she is a hot mess.
> sister now feeling guilt and encourages me to just go ahead and enjoy it.
> masturbate until I cum on my stomach
> never talk about it again. its been 25 years

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Sounds like one of those life moments that define you fetishes as you grow up.
Was she hot?

saw my mom suck off two sweaty construction workers heather brooke style as a kid

> be me - 12
> home from school
> mom drops me and my 5 year old sister off
> mom goes to store
> time to beat the meat
> go to bedroom
> find maxim magazine, pull down pants
> engage jackification
> almost there
> little sister walks into room
> "what're you doing?"
> I bust a nut
> "why do you do that, user?"
> me: "it feels good"
> next day at home alone with sister
> back to jacking off
> sister sees
> me: "you wanna try? it makes me feel really good!"
> "okay!"
> little sister jacks me off, she laughs when I cum
> it becomes our little game for years

>wrestled with older cousin
>her knee was jammed between my legs for twenty seconds
>kept rubbing me while I couldnt move, dont even think she knew I was old enough to get boners then
>creamed my pants
>ran to the bathroom then back to my room and changed my undies
>no one ever knew

>cant believe the size difference
>(dont understand growers/showers)
>asks what I think
>just nod like an idiot
>says he can make it bigger
>starts stroking his cock
>pulls back foreskin back and forth
>less confused now, only seen cut dicks
>tells me to try it
>scared but curious, grab his cock
>nursing a semi already
>feel him hardening after literally two strokes
>tells me to sit on the stall
>big cock right in my face
>balls were a lot bigger too
>he's diamonds now
>wow user your really hard
>he laughs again
>tells me to suck on it a little

continue user

>deep south
>all boys Christian summer camp
>literally every staff member except two were guys
>the one woman was a hag, other was Asian and was probably like 20 then
>had an amazing butt, wore shorts that clung to her cheeks
That was the first time I fapped, late at night in my bunk bed. Too young to cum and the girl was probably only 5/10 but at the time she looked like a goddess

>Sounds like one of those life moments that define you fetishes as you grow up.
You're right, and was probably a big part of the reason i was so into that woman from WoW. Tho being a lonely dork at the time probably had something to do with it too.
it did at the very least make me amazing at keeping secrets.
>Was she hot?
Nope! lol. I mean, that kind of didn't matter back then. She was on the short side, chubby (little past chubby but i'd be wrong if i tried to guess her weight) and big tits which was my focus then.
I may be a little off on some of that, it was a long time ago.

>be 8
>hanging out with crippled kid on the block
>all the cool toys and shit
>his mom goes out for a while
>watching my blue heaven
>tells me we should play some games
>somehow end up under the ufcking bunk bed with lights off
>play game of grabbing something and guessing what it is
>goes on for an hour then were done
>i guess he came but i didnt know or understand

Ha ha, how clever the creature is aping Cred Forums speak.

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also found her porn and dildo stash later on

>what no way
>beg him to let me go
>tells me to do it or he'll tell everyone about my babydick
>don't want that
>realise I still have hold of his cock
>it cant be so bad
>try a few licks
>its ok
>tells me to suck it
>what the hell
>take his tip in my mouth
>cant get around it, head barely fitting in
>he was grunting in approval
>no idea what im doing
>move around his tip licking and sucking
>grabs my head out of nowhere
>my braces must have caught him
>forces his cock to the back of my throat
>still barely half his cock
>cant pull away, hes too strong
>choking on his cock
>finally releases me
>coughing and eyes streaming
>tells me to shut the fuck up

>be me
>9th grade band camp circa 1999
>on the bus to camp meet a solid 7/10
>stacked as shit for a 14 year old
>my friends and her friends talk whole way to camp
>somehow we get next to each other on the bus
>she whispers in my ear that she's wearing a garter belt
>prove it
>hikes up her skirt
>she proves it
>instant boner achieved
>say to her why does a 14 year old have lingerie
>because it makes me feel sexy user
>proceed to flirt all week at camp
>even got to hold her hand during evening campfire
>literally nothing else happened all fucking week

one of my biggest regrets

Attached: asuka-langley-soryu-001.png (544x1000, 417K)

> maybe 5 years old
>15 year old male cousin asks if I want to see something
>invites me under pulled out couch bed
> Pulls his cock out and shows it off to me
>asks me to touch it etc
>being curious, I do as im told and begin to stroke it etc.

pretty much the start of a few years of degeneracy

>few years later meet new kid on block
>at stepdads every weekend
>watch porn on aol and hotbox at his house
>starts out just rubbing through shorts
>dare eachother to pull em out
>goes on for a while
>dare eachother to touch
>strokin eachother back and forth all the time
>after a few months of that the dare of all dares
>suck it
>you first
>no you
>he ends up suckin mine for a few seconds and acts grossed out
>now do me
>i do the same
>gradually do eachother longer and longer each time
>now were suckin eachothers cocks non stop every weekend
>goes on for years
>one night go to push him off as im cumming
>he doesnt budge
>holy shit my stomachs imploding
>good lord i went retarded
>never came harder in my life

>>Why do gays love toilets so much?
Pelosi's left unflushed are gross!

Attached: $2.jpg (658x960, 91K)

>say im sorry
>try to do it how he likes
>take him in my mouth again
>force myself to take as much as I can
>try to slowly bob my head
>feel him hitting the back of my throat
>trying not to gag
>he lets my hair go
>moaning now, calling me a good girl
>cock tastes weird now
>dont realise hes leaking precum
>feel him grow suddenly in my mouth
>nuts at the back of my throat without warning
>instinctively pull away but he grabs my head again
>empties his balls all over me
>goes mainly in my hair which was annoying
>cant beleive the amount of cum, mustnt have fapped for a week
>finally ends
>face like a plasterers radio
>says im better than his gf
>laughs again
>tells me not to tell anyone or they'll think im a faggot

>leaves me covered in cum
>try to clean up
>run home jump in shower before my dad sees the state
>sit down to dinner
>how was school user
>realise I can still taste his cum
>strange erection

Greentext are bullet points. Just the key elements, not meandering attempts at storytelling.


There's nothing better than a really solid greebtext but too many anons are lazy with them. I'm ok reading a wall of text if it decribes something I like and isn't written by a potato

My family used to take annual trips to Disneyland. When I was 14 my dad splurged and got us two rooms. Unfortunately, both rooms only had a king sized bed. So my 11 year old sister and I had to share a bed. Whatever, bed was big enough we could sleep on opposite sides.

First night, we all go to bed. I'm in bed, sister climbs in and we go to sleep. Toss and turn a little. Around 3AM I realize my sister is closer to me. Go back to sleep. End up having a rager of a sex dream. Wake up at like 5AM, sister is cuddled on me with her leg draped over me, she's a heavy sleeper... must've been. I had a wet dream and had basically cum on her leg. I'm mortified. I get up as quietly and change. I go back to bed and end up spooning her. Somehow without knowing it, she kinda got me off. I've never told her this.

Go on....

>Be me 14
>Neighbor (call her K) has a friend visiting (call her S)
>S and K are both gingers, which when I was 14 was my biggest turn on
>S is sexually adventurous. Thinks my stupid ass is cute
>On the couch watching a movie at my place alone with K and S
>S decides to grab a blanket and sit by me, throwing it over us both
>I almost have a heart attack because S is frankly way out of my league
>She starts grabbing my hand during the movie and holding onto me
>Never had this much physical contact with a girl before
>she slowly starts playing with my thigh, and eventually sticks her hand in my shorts pocket
>Starts jacking me off through my shorts pocket under the blanket with K sitting there
>She leans over and whispers in my ear 'I want you to feel you cum inside your shorts'
>My dick obeys her, I start spasming and K looks at us inquisitively. She laughs because she realized what happened.


Sorry guy's.. I'm out right now.. I'll catch you up another time. Sorry..
Have this for now.

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Itt: post obviously made up stories for each other to jack off over, your all so full of shit

Me, being around eight, noticed growing up that my girl cousin, two years younger, really liked Baby Bottle Pops.
I don't really know for certain what drove me from opening a Fun Dip Willy Wonka packet and sprinkling some of the sweet powder on my dick to then showing it to my girl cousin, when we were alone at a family reunion in a room on a bed, while saying "Do you want a taste of my Baby Bottle Bop?" And she laughed and playfully licked the candy off my dick like a cat using it's tongue to drink water then said, "it's a lick a stick!" Then she showed me her pussy and said, "I don't have candy on mine, but will you still eat?" And then suddenly idiot 30ish drunk uncle bursts in the room looks at me with his daughters pussy up against my lips. In a panic me and girl cousin rush to put on our clothes whilst my uncle, drunk as drunk can get, stumbles up to the bed we were at then mumbles, "shhhhhh yourrr nooot rrreadddy" then heads out room and closes the door.

Please do

>move to a small town at 11.
>make friends with the only neighbor kids. Brother 12 sister 10.
>after a few months the sister and I are in the woods behind the house and she asks if I want a massage with her mouth.
>curious me thinks why not.
>she walks over, gets on her knees and takes my dick out.
>clearly confused me just stands there as she starts to blow me. It was good so I got into it.
>this goes on for about a year a couple times a month.
>one night I stay over at their place. Rooms are next to each other, bathroom down the hall.
>me and him are checking out an old Heavy Metal magazine he found in his dads room, video games, kid stuff.
>he crashes, I sleep for alittle but wake up to use the washroom.
>I do my thing, start walking back to his room and she comes out of hers.
>invites me into her room, and says “I want to show you something in the closet. But we have to be quiet.”
>ok sure, pretty sure I’m going to get a bj again so we go in.
>she closes the door, turns a small light on and takes off her pjs(really big T-shirt). Nothing on under it.
>starts to blow me, stops and says “let’s try something”. Bends over and aims my dick into her.
>she tells me how to move the way she likes, we finish up (old enough to get hard, to young to cum). And I go back to bed.

We meet up now and then still

Oh fuck off!!! Imma cum to this slut, give us her number and we’ll all send our hard cocks

>We meet up now and then still
And do what? How old are you and her now?

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A story of regret.

>be 7th grade, mandatory gym class showers
>1960's school, one big open shower room
>after class, always run in and get out quick before main group gets there
>afraid of erection in front of everyone
>take time getting dressed to ogle everyone else still in showers
>class is last period of day
>no hurry getting dressed, walk home anyway
>hot 7th grade jock has giant hairless dick
>lives sort of nearby, really curly brown hair and blue eyes, athletic body
>just sitting naked on bench, slumped against side, limp snake resting against bench
>showing off to other kid he's talking to, probably
>just us three in locker by now
>notices me staring, turns to me
>"I can tell user wants to suck it"
>blurt out "here??"
>both laugh
>other kid walks toward door, "I'll leave you two gaylords alone"
>no way am I going to get labelled a fag
>fumble explanation about not being a fag and "you wish" or something
>quickly leave
>about to cross street on way home
>stud boy runs up behind me
>hey I was just kidding in the lockers, wanna come over to my house to play vidya
>all friendly
>wow, class jock wants to befriend loser/nerd group me?
>full of non-sexual excitement
>sure, go over to his house
>call mom etc (be home for dinner)
>up in his bedroom
>playing vidya, both having great time
>my turn, "hey user, don't mind me, I'm going to jack off", slides back


>eyes pop open, DON'T LOOK BACK, DON'T LOOK BACK
>don't look back, continue playing
>"hey user, look"
>look back, massive cock not adult size yet but looong, massive grin
>laugh, "whatever", look back
>inside melting, tingly all over, raging boner
>"hey user, you can suck it if you want. I know you want to."
>look back again
>want to more than ever
>suddenly realize "I think I'm gay but I don't care anymore"
>getting labelled a faggot though worse thing possible in middle school
>"Umm..., I'm not a fag"
>"come on user, I won't tell anyone"
>"I'm not a fag, sorry"
>soon go home
>fap like crazy
>change mind about it
>next day see him in hallway, beg him if I can come over again
>fuck off nerd

If only I had thought to say "and I'll do the other thing again." So many regrets.

Hook up and hang out.
30 and 29 now

This I exactly how I feel about giant blocks of text with little to no punctuation

I got you.

>So K realizes her friend made me cum. Allegedly, S is known as being a slut.
>Turns out K had a crush on me. Had seen me get a boner in class once
>you, know? One of those random boners you could get as a teen?
>So K confesses her crush. Her and S look at me expectantly and ask if S can blow me while K watches
>I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
>Right as I am about to answer the garage goes off and I have to run to clean the cum out of my shorts before my mom gets inside
>I do this, and come out of the bathroom as if nothing as wrong as my mom enters the livingroom
>K and S say they have to go, but as I walk them out they both turn around and tell me to walk over to K's house that night
>Night comes and I'm shaking with anxiety. I was the biggest wuss when I was a teen; especially when it came to attractive girls.
>I walk over to K's house. It is ominously foggy. The kind of fog where you can't see three feet in front of you.
>I meet up with K and S and we tell her mom we're going to go hang out in the park
>We get to the park and go to one of the benches
>S had put on a very slutty outfit. Short jean skirt and knee-high striped socks. Her blouse shows off her tits quite well
>She doesn't even wait for me to sit down and whips out my dick
>K is just sitting there mesmerized, watching her friend give me my first blowjob
>S, looking back, was gifted at blowjobs. Even at 14 she was giving me better head than most of the girls I've dated as adult.
>She spits on my dick, throats me, strokes me, gags. K is mesmerized by how her friend transformed.
>I am fading in out of reality as I enter my climax after about 3 minutes of this blowjob
>I look into K's eyes as I release my load into her best friend's throat.

End of story. That was it. K and I never really talked about that night. I was too much of a wuss to ever make a move. In hindsight, I wish I had. K ended up growing into a beautiful woman.

>This is my sister

No one can fucking read these retard

You're green texting wrong

Greentext the stories, please.

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Fucking gay shit fuck you

Shut up and fuck off fag

Woah what a retard. I read green and skip the giant text walls

someone is insecure with themselves. what daddy didn't molest you enough?

Don't post jpgs that are 30 years old next time. The first image is 90% artifacts

i have several stories
1. making out and playing with private parts with two friends next door. male and female when i was 10
2. sleeping with cousins during a camping trip. lost my virginity to my male cousin at age 13. his sister have me a blowjob but wouldnt let me fuck her
3. after church youth hangout with a young pastor who took advantage of me and several others when i was 9-11
4. at a swimming pool had an older boy bring me into the changing room with his and his dad. lots of stuff happened. i was 11

all thes were pretty gay experiences. and mst were pushed by me. i was sexually abused by the youth pastor and it fucked me up pretty hard for years. i was overly sexual

Oh.. well fap away bro

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Largest piece of horse shit sence somone said FB fap threads are good

My parents regret letting me and younger sister watch American Pie when we were younger.

Well you're pretty gross and predatory. She's not going to be in love with you when she matures enough to realize the red flags of you dating a little girl.

not entirely on topic but you jogged my memory, when i was not even a teenager yet i would go over to my friends house on the weekends. they had huge open woods behind the house and he and i would run around the woods, real kid shit. hundreds and hundreds of trees and stumps and ill never forget just randomly looking in a stump, seeing a garbage bag, pulling it out, opening it up, and it is just fucking FILLED with porn mags, dozens of them. better than finding a fucking pot of gold at that age.

Did you ever have all-gay, consensual group sex experiences with boys your age at least? Like a sleepover or campout with just you boys that hot sexual with everyone participating and having a good time?

The correct answer is that greentext is good and serves a valuable purpose in that it provides a quick and easy way to fire out a decent story, especially for less eloquent anons who still want to share but aren't the best writers. Also it leaves plenty to the imagination for readers, which is a good way for some people to lose themselves in a story when they can fill in the blanks however they want. It's not a bad story format if you have an imagination and are creative with it. Minimum effort required.

That being said however, if anons actually have some modicum of writing skill, pulling off a real story with actual paragraphs and stuff is obviously on a higher tier. But not everyone can do that. Or even if they can, who's to say they have the time and patience for it? That shit takes work, and it's not always worth it when half the people in the thread will hate it for NOT being greentext. So you're fucked if you do, fucked if you don't.

Fucking THIS

group experiences? not really. when i was 14 me and two friends were getting hot and heavy but one of them had to go home and the other lost interest after i sucked him off. he had a hair trigger and came easily.

Not him but that was very similar to an experience I had too. This was mid90s, my buddy and i would make elaborate maps of the woods and build goofy forts. His brother was several years older with a lot of "bad kid" buddies and they would give us head starts and knock us around if they caught us, so we became experts at hiding.
(they wouldn't REALLY hurt us but i didn't realize it was a dangerous game at the time)

Anyhow, we had this small shack type fort we had built that was inside this grove of trees and also inside a huge batch of bushes, so unless you knew it was there you probably wouldn't find it, and one of those times we were hiding we ran in there - and there was something new in there, a backpack. And inside the backpack was like 10 issues of playboy/penthouse/hustler, i want to say most if not all were from like 1988/89.

I know thats kind of a long intro to just saying "lol we found dirty mags in the woods" but oh well.

dude I swear people used to (still do?) hide porn mags specifically so kids can find em. my buddies and I used to find all kinds of porn literally tossed in the ditch along our walk home from school (mid 90's). like some kind soul was leaving little porn treasures for the kids, they just kept magically appearing. thank you based old school porn donor!

Doesn't matter how old the image is, the sentiment applies. The screencap is perfectly readable on laptop. Phonephags have to jump through some hoops that have been posted numerous times, and then they don't always work, but the answer remains... LURK MOAR.

dude wtf this happened to me too.

Come back to us...

it has to be on purpose, yeah, that or hobos find a secret jacking off spot. That was what we had assumed it was but no fucking idea.
It's such a widespread thing that there has to be a reason.

Semi-related just because it's fun to mention since i never do anyhow, the first and only actual porn mag i ever bought on my own was ASIAN BEAUTIES. There was a gas station that didn't card me for cigarettes when i was 16 so i got brave and pushed my luck. Dude couldn't give a shit.
As far as those magazines go it was really crude too, tons of close up asian vag. Was far dirtier/trashier than a playboy was.

When I was 13 I got fucked in the ass by an aggressive 10 year old neighbor blond boy I babysat one time (him and his younger sister). I was kind of passive in general and knew basically zero about sex and I'm guessing he had already been molested or something because he managed to "trick" me into it and even knew about lube. For a long time I thought that's what made me gay, because I got aroused by it despite being really uncomfortable and kind of scared (he was REALLY aggressive and was on a wrestling team and probably physically stronger than me since I was skinny). Also I almost had an orgasm from the physical stimulation I guess. I felt really ashamed and guilty about that for years.

When i was around 8(m) me and friends would walk through construction sites (homes being built). I found 5-10 Penthouse mags there over the course of a summer. Shit was cash.

anything else happen with her?

could i possibly get you to greentext this experience?

No its becky

>user doesn't use greentext
>expects me to read it

lads we've uncovered a vast conspiracy. part of me wonder if it wasn't just husbands getting caught back in the day when porn mags were common, wives saying "throw that shit out" and husbands thinking "like fuck i will" and hiding it somewhere they could still access. think of how shady it used to be to get those things if you had a wife and kids.

also another entirely random story along these lines, was a little bit older maybe 13-14 and was on a bike ride with my cousin. biking alongside a creek, i look over at a tiny little waterfall (like maybe 3 feet high) and notice a fucking VHS tape stuck among the rocks. i jokingly say "hey maybe its porn", walked carefully across the rocks and plucked it out of the creek and sure enough, porn. it was too fucked up from the water to play but still another funny example of finding porn in nature.

fuck man this is too real

How long ago was this? Does she send you pics now?

Porn faries

i was thinking maybe it was older teens that either got caught and didnt want to actually throw their stash out or got paranoid and didnt want to be caught so they hid them in the first place they could find

U r so lucky

yeah that would make sense, or even thrown out of a car into the creek or something, the creek was right alongside the road.

Sister creepshot

Attached: IMG686.jpg (900x1200, 93K)

I'll try, but in my usual experience:
>greentext long, meaningful story
>thread no longer exists

>but still another funny example of finding porn in nature
holy fuck that reminded me yet again - not a vhs tape but a friend and I came across an alice in chains CD case outside of a plaid pantry and snagged it, only to discover it was a porn cd-rom called "dirty debutantes" (i think? been awhile).
This was 90s again so it wasn't great and barely ran on my computer, but 100% porn. It had a cheesy menu where you could pick from like 6 different models and each had like a 5 minute strip and then blowjob or whatever. Or thats how i remember it.
This was back when we were still downloading porn from local bbses if that gives you context. online porn wasn't as easy to get.

but yeah, your theory or just kids tossing something so they don't get caught with it seems solid to me.

>U r so lucky
Maybe! I've had some fucked up experiences which im not 100% sure tie back to it but it still contributed.
What's interesting is like i said, i found out years later that she was diddling my friend (at least oral sex if not more) and legitimately mentally ill, so if i had been more confident at the time i probably could have gone a lot further.
That particular friend also became a junkie but that part isn't very sexy to bring up. I lost touch with him years ago but i know he's still alive at least.

man that sounds super familiar, i think i encountered something similar in the mid 90's if not in fact that actual game. what a time to be alive.

once cd burners came out we used to load them up with porn pics painstakingly downloaded at 56k from persiankitty dot com (which i think still exists) and then label them shit like that, alice in chains or whatever, bring them to school and share them. the concept of cd burning was so new at the time that the boomer teachers never caught on.

just make sure you're not just starting posting if the thread is already 290 something posts in. start or find the next one if that's the case, these threads have made a bit of a comeback lately and having been rolling almost non stop. if you got something to share, I'd love to read it.

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lol, that sounds a lot like me as well.
For me it was using a buddy's dad's account on a bbs to access the adult content and downloading shitty movies and pictures - but then yeah, burning them onto cds and sharing them.
Also was the prime time for downloading and sharing games, "warez" and all that. Some phreaking as well althought we were just following instructions that more clever people wrote down.
I forget which protocol it was - zmodem something - but it would display the image as it downloaded and i remember being really annoyed if the tits were at the bottom and you had to wait that fucking long.

Attached: IMG663.jpg (2204x2938, 1.05M)

oh yeah all those warez sites were the best, and remember having to find a cd key generator that actually worked? and the pc game demo discs that stupidly had full copies of the games that you could patch and crack?

my god we're old.

dubs of truth, checked

Attached: IMG729.jpg (1152x1536, 155K)

Yeah! I completely forgot about a lot of that but yep, all of that for sure.
I was "lucky" to have friends with never-there single parents so some of my funnest early memories were drinking heavily and then playing doom or rise of the triad or descent. Making friends with a "Warez" kid, taking the bus across town to burn a fuckton of games. Having that one weird guy in his 20s who still hung around us and used us to get 15 year old girls to bang. Having a pager long after it was considered cool.
Fuck yeah we are old. That part sucks but oh well.

We played a mud from a local bbs and met a lot of older people that way too. "Online" was barren back then but at the same time funner in a lot of ways.

How old is she?
the red eyes tells me this is some old pr0n

>mom is 45 and has cute face, above average tits, incredible ass, perfect feet and nice body for her age
>when she was young she had long bleach blonde hair and a tight tan body
>looked like 90's pornstar Jill Kelly, minus the fake tits
>she had me when she was only 16, so growing up I always had the youngest mom
>from middle school all the way up to present day, I was always the kid with the hot MILF mom
>can't count how many times my friends let me know it
>my mom and I were always very close
>she would scratch my back with her long nails and in return I would massage her feet
>i have no doubt this is where I developed my foot fetish
>mom directly influenced my interest in women
>when pursuing girls my age, I almost exclusively go for girls who look like how my mom used to when she was young
>the one time I hooked up with a MILF she looked similiar to how my mom does now
>with my ex, family members would often comment on how she looks like my mom did when she was younger
>i usually thought of my mom when having sex with my ex
>since I was old enough to jerk off, my mom dominated my sexual thoughts
>my go-to fantasy consisted of my mom wrapping her DSLs around my dick and sucking me off, occasionally stopping to plant kisses on my dick and to run her DSLs along my shaft, while digging her long nails into my skin. Then she would ride me as her tanlined tits bounced in my face. Finally I would fuck her ass in the missionary position while she rubbed her pussy and talked dirty like "Yes son, fuck mommy's tight asshole!" before I would finish by either cumming all over her pretty face while she smiled up at me or blowing my directly in her mouth while she maintained eye contact until she swallowed it

I'll continue if there's interest.

Pic on left is my mom in 2019 at age 45, and pic on right is my mom in 1997 at age 23

Attached: 1580535002223.jpg (1146x728, 183K)

Based user. Hilarious

Ten year olds can take child penises pretty easily. It is adult penises they have issues with. I had a few female friends I fucked when I was a kid. No one complained and most initiated it.

My friend's older sister seduced me when I went to his place for an overnight. I will never forget those memories.

Green text is for fags, boomer

someone actually took the time to make these. Let that sink in for a minute.

Have you posted any of your experiences?

Attached: Attention kitten.jpg (392x420, 82K)

......go on

In the 2000s it was Limewire.

>one day when I was 17, I was home alone so I decided to rifle through my parent's closet in the hopes of finding old nude pics or something
>well lo and behold that's exactly what I found.
>on a shelf in the back of their closet was a shoebox
>inside I found every teenage boy's dream
>dozens of pics of my mom from when she was in her early 20's
>some of them nudes
>I even found a set of about five photos of my mom sucking off a male stripper at a bachelorette party
>i immediately seized the oppurtunity and scanned all the photos to my laptop before putting everything back before parents got home
>those photos became my primary fap material for the next couple years, until I found something even better
>a couple years later I decided to snoop through their closet again, just to make sure I didn't miss anything
>i found a big plastic container filled to the brim with normal, everyday stuff
>or so i thought until I found an old camcorder bag at the bottom
>there were about eight tapes
>i noticed two of them were white instead of black and they both had a red sticker on them >the tapes were a weird, small size, so I had no way to play them to see what was on them >camcorder's battery was dead and the charging cable was no where to be found
>i eventually searched around online and bought a cheap adapter to watch the tapes in a normal VCR
>A few weeks go by and I finally get the adapter in the mail
>My anticupation was through the roof
>I played the tape, and after fast forwarding through a lot of static, my heart started pouding >I heard my mom speaking in a sexy, teasing voice
>she was talking to some guy in the video I didn't recognize
>eventually she walked into frame wearing only an orange bra and black g-string
>She looked early 20's in the video, so that would place it in the mid to late 90's

Pic related. Will continue if there's interest.

Attached: 1580536205241.jpg (1146x865, 182K)

why are there three hands in that pic on the left? and yes continue

it was a low quality pic of my dad feeling her tit so i cropped him out

ok it's hurried but I finished:

>be 13
>suburban neighborhood, neighbors all about same age with same age kids
>everybody friends, kids all play together
>frequent rotating parties for parents on weekends
>mom says can you babysit new neighbors' kids 3 doors down, 10 year old boy and 6 year old girl
>mom I've never babysat
>it's easy plus $20
>their mom tells me make sure 6 year old in bed at whatever, 10 year old Robbie at whatever, you can fall asleep and we'll be back at whatever
>6 year old goes to bed
>me and 10 year old in downstairs family room (tri-level)
>blond kid, on town wrestling team, never looks at me, a little defiant
>kinda scared of him, I was skinny 13 year old nerd at the time
>"hey user, wanna see some porn?"
>this was 90's before most had internet
>10 year old goes in back room of basement, comes back with porn magazines from his father's stash
>starts looking at them on chair (I'm on couch)
>I pretend to look at one but really I'm nervous, don't think it's right
>raised good little Christian boy, porn evil
>look over, blond kid's got giant tent pole pushing out his boxer shorts
>realize it's his dick and it's as big as mine and I'm 13, get embarassed I haven't started puberty yet
>intrigued though
>"Hey user, look at this" he comes over with a page open
>doggie style girl and guy
>"That's how you do it"
>do what
>"That's how you fuck"
>notice he's looking at me and smiling
>first time looking at me, first time smiling
>suddenly feel like friends
>"user, wanna try that? Because it feels good for both of them, REAL good"
>instant boner without even thinking

>be me, 11 or 12 (I forget), some friday night
>mom was an accountant and working late
>dad works nights, was security for this power plant at the time
>i eat some mac and cheese and watch tv then fall asleep in the living room
>get woken up by car headlights on the walls, think my mom is home and just WAY later than i thought she'd be
>go upstairs to go to my actual bed
>realize the car is idling in the driveway, now im sort of concerned. used to have fears about home intrusions and shit, i was a pussy kid
>peer out from upstairs window into the driveway, the headlights are now off, car is on, i can make out just some dude sitting in the front seat
>then suddenly a head pops up out of his lap
>it takes me a second to realize what was going on, this new person gets out of the car
>can hear the unmistakable "clack clack" of my mom's heels as she comes to the door
>car pulls out and leaves, i rush to my room, say nothing

>confused by instant boner, am I gay?
>confused by what's going on here, I'm supposed to be his babysitter and in charge
>his face is red, eyes wide and wicked smile
>"we'd have to get naked though" I gasp
>"I know, hold on, I'll be back, get naked"
>get naked, lay on front to hide boner
>he comes back with goopy stuff (I think baby oil in retrospect)
>only wearing boxer shorts, kneels behind me and pulls them down to his thighs
>kid boner but diamonds
>slathers on the goopy stuff
>gets hyper, lifts up my hips, trying to get it in, pushing me down, lifting up, pushing
>keeps popping out
>keeps putting back, jamming in
>not working except friction on asshole itself
>"hold on, get on your back"
>flip over, he shoves my legs way back
>so flexible at that age
>but now he can see my dick, embarrassed, cover hardon with hands
>doesn't seem to notice, finds angle to keep his cock in
>can feel it rubbing against something inside, weird feeling
>despite fear and confusion and shame and naughtiness, get moments of closeness when he looks me in eyes and giggles
>closest I've ever felt to somebody, more confusion
>go for maybe 10 minutes, panting and giggling
>get nerve up to wrap hands around to his wrestler muscle ass
>doesn't even notice
>for some reason want to kiss, doesn't happen though
>he suddenly hops up
>"okay I'm done"
>pulls boxer shorts back up, exhales, looks around, flops on couch
>refuses eye contact
>I'm not even there after all that intimacy
>little later, "I'm going to bed"
>leaves for bed
>left in confusion
>fall asleep
>his parents wake me up, 3am, his mom walks me back home
>$20 richer
>couple weeks later, mom asks if I'd babysit them again
>too complex feelings, tell mom I don't like babysitting
>never happens again
>10 year old constantly ignores me in neighborhood kid games
They moved to Colorado about six months later (this was when we lived in Minnesota).

I lost my virginity at 11 to a 16 year old girl. The experienced shaped my sexuality entirely. It was the first and one of the few times a girl threw herself at me.

damn dude thats insane
no way that kid wasnt molested. probably by the wrestling coach, their often overlooked but are a position a lot of those type of people gravitate to

Yep, this exactly. Was talking to my wife about seeing little bits of some torn up porn mag that someone had left in an alley and we were amazed. It was like we found the holy grail. Wife then told me about her first time seeing a porn mag, which ended in wincest for her, and the only reason I'm in this thread.

Why? Did something similar happen to you?

Pls moar pics of your hot mom

Holy Shit.. this thread is still up?

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>summer camp or other institutionalized pederasty

This reminds me of my mom's story about the "making game".

>be 1983 or 1984
>be my mom
>be 10
>sent to "spirit camp" by hippy parents
>all kids there of different ages
>daily activities include meditation
>focusing "your energies"
>concentrating on creating your own reality
>she starts to believe
>"group exercise" one day with 9 other kids
>"focus on something you really want"
>box in front of each kid
>focus on barbie doll she really wants
>time's up!
>boxes opened
>some kids excited
>some kids crying
>mom looks around
>some kids have toys
>some kids have piles of weird garbage
>mom's box has weird chinese knockoff barbie in it
>head too big
>clothing printed on body
>one kid's box has a puppy
>mom wonders wtf is even happening
>hers looks kind of like the barbie she wanted
>old man in glasses and hat, walking with a cane comes in
>teacher/counselor/guru/whatever says
>class say hi to mister bill
>mom giggles, thinks of mister bill claymation from snl
>mister bill talks to kid with puppy
>mister bill and kid leave together
>mom never sees that kid again
>next year, parents go to sign up mom for spirit camp
>no evidence it ever existed

My mom thinks they probably heard her talk about the Barbie she wanted and planted the knockoff one in her box and did similar things with other kids and their toys.
"Mister Bill" was probably a pedo who had already picked out the little boy he wanted to molest.
Kids with garbage in their boxes... IDK, some kind of psychological manipulation tactic?
The story never really made much sense to me. My grandparents are still weird new age crystal hippies, and sometimes I get high with my grandpa.

Attached: imageedit_8_4055585111.jpg (1146x608, 133K)

dude wtf
also i think your right, the garbage was probably the kids who they couldnt get a decent read on or wanted something to expensive so they gave them trash to sell the idea to the rest of you and brainwash you into thinking it was real and the trash kids just didnt believe enough or something

I actually totally believe this story.

Plz keep posting, she is so hot

g a y


Yea looking back that had to have happened to him, either the coach or older kids on his team. 10 year olds don't normally know about anal sex and lube and even the concept of rubbing or fucking for a long time for a big cum at the end. He was normally an angry kid except those couple moments between us, and 10 year olds shouldn't be angry normally. Poor kid, I tried to look him up to see what happened to him but he has a really common name and I gave up.

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Attached: imageedit_12_2508579284.jpg (1141x621, 127K)

Nice, just the one time?

Attached: imageedit_15_8511643907.jpg (1146x647, 165K)

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>open image in new tab
>remove m from filename
>if 404, change jpg to png

It's not that hard if you've been a phoneposter for more than 3 minutes. Get it in gear, McGillicuddy!

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>at the pool
>see a cute girl with big breasts, tight bikini, set off my horny little mind
>casually rubbed by cock through my swim trunks against that little bubble blowing thing in the pool wall
>she eventually scoots up her pool chair, bends over to grab things from her bag
>tits hanging low, legs spread and I thought I could just make out a bit of blonde bush
>came while underwater
>rushed to the pool changing room, cleaned up and walked home

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Digital Subscriber Lines?

Damn.. I know why you jerked to her that much, sexy as hell

I wish I had similar experiences, my mom was hot at young age too. But never found anything, and now she isn't attractive anymore. But I love the idea of your childhood experience

mums side of the family is huge and has yearly reunions. we're talking 70+ adults for several days, adults getting really drunk, 30+ kids left to their own devices.

A lot went down. I always avoided it, closest I came was nearly fucking my 14 year old cousin one time when I was 17.

When i was 11 i lived next to another guy and his sister they where same age but sister was 7. One day he showed me porn and when ever wed wrestle on the trampoline or something id grind against her one day the guy went to the toilet and i pulled my dick out pretty hard and she was kind of shocked but a few minutes latter kids where kids and explored we ended up having sex and its the day i learnt i was in puberty and could cum a lot happend that day. This was a deacade ago or so.

pic related her today

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McGillicuddy? Haven’t heard that in ages. Where are you from?

Lucky you, I found this thread again.

GF's younger sister
>Be 15
>Girlfriend's family likes me, tells me I can come over any time to use the pool
>Come over one day, just my girlfriend, her sister, and me
>Girlfriend is 15, skinny, long legs, around 5'3, perfect round tits I loved to suck on, Brown hair dyed purple
>Her sister is 12, blonde hair, maybe 4'9, no tits to speak of, but very competitive with her older sister
>girlfriend goes inside "to prepare snacks" but really wants a quickie
>I follow her in after a minute, leaving her sister to swim on her own
>GF giving me head, we hear "What are you doing?" and it turns out her sister got bored of waiting and came looking for us
>Her sister says she wants to try it too, argument ensues between them
>I have no say in this, apparently
>GF finally agrees to let her try
>instructs her on how to give blowie
>GF sits back and watches
>Can barely fit the head of my dick in her mouth but that doesn't stop her from trying
>after a bit I look over, gf is frigging herself watching
>eventually gf encourages her little sister to try mounting me
>says it's fine, her sister broke her hymen on a seesaw when she was younger
>i didn't know that was possible
>I finger her little sister for a while while making out with gf
>she feels her little sister's pussy, says she might be ready now
>GF takes a hold of my dick and rubs it around a bit
>lines it up, and it starts to slip in
>small noises coming from her little sister
>slips in an inch or so
>slips in a bit more after a bit of careful humping
>eventually slips in more
>instinct takes over
>gf's little sister is bouncing up and down on my dick like her life depends on it
>feels too tight, almost painful
>getting close
>warn them
>gf goes to pull her little sister off when little sister has an orgasm
>eyes roll back, jaw falls open, trembling lower lip, and undulating pussy milking my dick
>fuck, it's happening
>cum inside

what did your mom look like when she was younger?

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It was my mom not me, but I think you're probably right.

The mother of my first gf was some kinda hot, but with an ugly face. She loved to show me pics of her ass and walks around in white shirts without bra most times, to show me her tiny saggy boobs. But sadly I've got nothing from this time.

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Sauce needed immediately!

No because they are largely boring. We would get naked. They would guide my penis into their vagina. We would hug and maybe giggle.

Everyone who is talking about bjs or actual sex at

here's a recent pic of her at age 45. still a total milf

Attached: 28 - xGDEujM.jpg (468x575, 57K)

Like.. I don't know. She had curly brown hair and a very flat and sexy belly. I saw a pic of her in a bikini one time (didn't have it), gets me hard

Richmond, VA. I was friends with some guys in a band who said that shit to each other all the time. They moved to LA like 18 years ago or so, but at least one of them moved back.

I'm glad my mom is ugly so I never had thoughts like this.

Everyone remembers their first, turbovirg.

So i grew up in a big family, i'm talking BIG. I had 4 older brothers and 2 older sisters, and on top of that, we lived with my grandparents and two female cousins from my Dad's side (their father was a notorious alcoholic, and their mother committed suicide when they were about 2). Me and the two cousins were the youngest of the family, and as such, when we grew old enough to not shit our pants we had to be a bit more self reliant, most of the family tended to ignore us, being busy with school and work, and the old folk were pushing late 90's at that point.
We lived in a village, with the nearest city being 2 hours away by car (we also had a bus stop, but i have never actually seen a bus stop there), the population didn't breach 500.
So we lived life as you do in such conditions, hanging out, playing in forests and shit, sometimes took a small trip, and life was pretty good. But eventually we hit puberty, and life got a whole lot weirder. One thing we did as kids was bathe together, and i think it was a bath when i noticed my first erection. At first i didn't know what to do, since my parent's never really bothered to explain the birds and the bees to me, but eventually i was able to find some info in the biology book of one of my brothers. And that's when it began, being a general autist, with only a vague understanding of what sex even was, i simply asked my cousins if they wanted to try sex. They, being as clueless as i was, said yes.
At first we were scared, i mean, one thing i did manage to catch in the book was that i could get a girl pregnant, so we tried to look for alternatives. One of the girls figured out that she could stimulate me with her mouth, which was probably the best thing that has happened to me so far in life, but as for them, all i could muster was some rubbing and sometimes inserting my fingers, i was certainly having a better time than them.

That's hot as fuck user. You ever play with the two of em again?

Still looks hot. Pure fap material

>7 years old or so, friend finds key to his dad's den in the basement
>floor to ceiling filled with porn mags and a couple guns
>every once in a while we sneak in there and pull a mag out for a few minutes and giggle at it
>other friend same age different street comes over and we show him
>pulls his dick out, its hard
>i pull my hard dick out too
>friend whose house it is pulls his tiny little pecker out, soft
>we all look at each others dicks and rub them on the mag, not really sure wtf to do
>feel dirty about it
>laugh at friend with tiny pecker when he goes to put the mag back

lol this is so fucking made up

Super cool story bro. Did you dream it last night?

I've posted a story and some pics already..
..some are too big to post.

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Still got more of her?

But eventually i started to crave the real thing, i had to try sex, and didn't care about the consequences. So on a hot summer night, i went into my cousins room, and confronted them. We lied in bed naked for a bit, not sure how to begin, when suddenly, one of them climbed on top of me, and started to slowly try sliding onto my dick, the second one just sat there and watched, and i, feeling like i was just lobotomized couldn't do anything but just stare at her. She was slowly going down before suddenly spiking back up, she tried to say something about how we should wait or some shit, but i got my first taste and wanted more. I quickly got up and used my body weight to lay her down, the feeling of her nipples rubbing up against me, and her sweaty skin sliding all over me is something i remember to this day. I laid on top of her for a bit, before finally slamming it in full force. She almost screamed, but her sister came in clutch and shut her mouth, i didn't waste any time and started pumping, she struggled a bit, but her pain didn't last long, since i busted on like the third stroke, i'm honestly surprised i lasted that long. I apologized to her, she wasn't really mad, just shocked. We lied there for a while before i suddenly noticed my boner rise up again, now it was time to break in the second one. This time it was pretty smooth, all tho she wanted to yell out too, but it didn't last much longer than the first time.

her ass

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Attached: 1580692557005.png (1855x3712, 430K)

My gosh, I literally would fuck the shit out of her ass right now

enough with the gay shit
my story

>be me
>moved into a new town in 2003
>9 years old
>befriend and crush on this girl that was my neughbour ans in my classroom from kindergarten up in middle school
>one night my parents were sleeping and i was watching weird channels late night
>find a channel that aired porn after 12 am
>get turned on but don't jack off to it because i didn't know what that was
>fast forward
>explain to girl what i saw while i was at her place
>"that's cool user, think we should try it too?"
>try fitting it in her pussy
>dick to stiff and too dumb to know what im doing
>try sticking it in her ass
>go at it for a while
>childhood cum
>do it repeatedly for a couple of months
>try sticking it in her pussy again after a while
>fail again
>say fuck it and never do it again
>mfw i was too autistic to know how to fuck

we are still best friends and ended up dating each other for a bit, then broke it off
she became somewhat shy about her sexuality, don't know if she got fucked yet
i turned out fine

A few more times, yeah. Ended up moving away the next year though, and that was that.

How old is your sis?

>11 or 12, don't remember
>new kid moves on the street, know him from school so w/e, we hang out once in a while
>he's weird as fuck but has every nintendo game ever, and a game genie which i didn't know existed
>play the shit out of some nintendo
>his mom is super fucking hot looks like a southern girl pinup model
>his step dad is like a 500 lb landwhale redneck
>we play nintendo in his room a lot with door closed
>super fucking hot summer, no air conditioning, we take our clothes off down to our tidy whities
>both notice each others' bulges
>end up rolling around on each other in his open closet
>mom opens the door asking if we want something to eat or drink, looks shocked
>feel guilty as fuck
>put clothes on and run home
>no one ever says a word about it, but whaledad always gives me evil looks when he sees me in the neighborhood

>next time i go over i'm told their kid can't have friends any more
>w/e that's stupid
>he sneaks out one day when I'm playing in the trees behind their house
>we go deep into the trees down by the creek where no one can see anything
>he desperately wants to see my dick
>we both take off clothes again and rub our dicks together through tidy whities
>again i feel super ashamed, put my clothes on, run home
>they move away a few weeks later, never see him again, no idea what ever happened to him

here's some of her sex tapes for those of you interested:

lmk what you think

You and your buds end up trying gay stuff once you hit puberty?

me too, i think about it everyday. yesterday she wored skin tight gray leggings and i could see her thong underneath. i could barely control my self

did she like anal later?

anyway i gtg for a little while. hopefully this thread will still be up when i return


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idk, while we were dating we didn't do anything sexual and it got lame
now she has a bf and from my understanding they didn't fuck yet, but she really wants to

Any leg pics?

I had a similar situation with my sister and girlfriend. My sister cought me and my girlfriend having sex in my room. She threatened to tell on us. Girlfriend asked to have a word with her alone so I step outside. I hear light moaning coming from my room so I take a peak. My girlfriend was eating out my sister. From then on I had to share.

When i was you, watched her sex tapes and see her every day, I didn't know if I could resist. She's pure gold. Nice vids btw, i HAVE to bust a nut on her.
How do you feel bout a stranger fapping to her?

it turns me on, i get off to it

>be 11
>older sister is having sleep over with her friends
>they tell me to come into my sister's room to show me something
>pic related
>they all hold me down and giggle
>one girl pulls my bottoms off and they all laugh and look at my wiener
>sister's fat red-head friend isn't wearing panties and squats over me with her pussy in my face
>everyone tells me to kiss it and they'll let me go
>I do
>I get up and pull my pants back on while running back to my room
>don't tell my mom cause for some reason I keep thinking I'd be the one to get in trouble
>now I'm 24 with a HUGE femdom fetish
>thanks sis

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fuck Im gonna cum for your slutty mom

Did you know your GF was bi? Was your sister bi, or lesbian?

Could have guessed it, given enough tries, lol. Thanks for the nostalgia

keep posting pics and finish story

Attached: 1574655930815.jpg (1117x1377, 385K)

Still got some pics? Like a pussy closeup or her Asshole?

continue your story pls user

>be me
>be 1994
>be 17
>kissless virgin
>interested in dfc geek girl
>dfc geek girl too autistic to get it
>dfc geek girl has friend who goes to another school
>play football
>dfc geek girl's friend is there
>has blue hair
>is interested in me
>no doubt just wants "steal" me from dfc geek girl
>blue hair girl tells dfc geek girl she likes me
>dfc geek girl in denial gives me blue hair girl's number
>laughs like its the funniest thing evar
>was prolly actually crying inside
>blue hair girl becomes my first gf
>first kiss
>first titty feel
>first pussy touch
>first cunnilingus
>first bj
>tells me no sex tho
>im a good boy
>when she gets "so horny" i stay good boy
>basically tries to get me to fuck her
>but im such a good boy i never do
>prom night
>corsage isnt perfect
>"i wanted tonight to be perfect!" >:-(
>dont dance
>everything is my fault
>still think ill get laid
>nephew 2yrs younger than me hits me up for ride home
>hes practically my little brother
>cant say no
>realize he accidentally cockblocked me
>prolly would have gotten laid that night
>other sex opportunities come up
>but being good but bc she said no sex
>she finally dumps me
>find out in 1998 or so that first gf had bragged about prom dress
>used the term "easy access"
>2 diff witnesses said same thing
>nephew really did cockblock me
>hindsight: glad i never fucked her
>still owe my nephew a beer for that lol

So.... Ricky? Tom? Mike?

Attached: x.jpg (869x597, 63K)

I would take more

No I did not know she was bi. My sister was only 9 no signs of being anything. She got her first boyfriend when she was 14 so no not lesbian. She is probably bi now.

that pic is like 20 years old so i can't lol


Took pictures of my sleeping cousin. Her tits weren't covered up by her shirt. I got guilty for having the pictures on my phone and deleted them. Does anyone know if I can get them back?

nah.. a couple years later kids at school were talking about cumming and whatnot, but I didn't even know what that meant yet.

one day we were down in his basement and I was horned up from watching who framed roger rabbit, and we pretended we were jessica and roger rabbit and made out a LOT.

there was an older kid from the neighborhood over too and he got fed up with and said "you guys are gay" and left.

we never did anything else after that

you got kik??

Nahh, just some hick from the southeast that recognized the colloquialism

But, didn't you fear someone finding this vids? I mean, i spread pics of my ex'es all over the net, because I know that at least 25 guys also got them. But with your mom?

i feel like the odds of someone who knew what my mom looked like 20+ years ago and finding the vids is like 0.0001%

Finishing the stories would take a long time. We sort of flirted a little occasionally, but mostly she gradually became more physical. Like hugging or leaning against me on the couch instead of sitting across from me. She'd stop whenever she had a bf, but they never lasted very long. Then she'd go up a degree physically every breakup until one day when we were on the couch masturbating (that became sort of an occasional thing) and she moved beside me instead of across. We'd agreed actually touching was taboo, but I guess she didn't care anymore. She stopped touching herself and reached out to stroke me.. and I just let her.
Tbh she wasn't half bad at it.
Apparently she wouldn't fuck her bf but would give them handjobs. Made more sense why boys our ages lost interest in her if all she was doing was jacking them off. I was nervous that first time and didn't touch her back. Busted in two minutes max. She had cum all over her hand.. I went to get cleaned up, and when I glanced back she had returned to fingering herself and I could swear I saw her hand that she pulled me off with moving away from her face and noticeably less cum covered.. I didn't ask her about it, but I'm certain she hadn't wiped it off. I choose to believe she licked her fingers clean. It started to progress really fast after that. Eventually by the time I was seventeen we were fucking regularly enough that it got really really risky getting nearly caught. Senior year I met someone and wanted to date. She did NOT take that well.. it got weird.

Attached: IMG_8546 (4).jpg (1080x720, 540K)

this thread or one like it is basically up 24/7 these days. these are good days.

See nigger it's not that hard

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when I was maybe 9 or 10 i just got done taking a bath, about 6pm in a good christian household.
littlest sister who would have been 5 or 6 is next
i'm still drying off before i can put my clothes on and she comes busting in butt naked and shuts the door behind her
she stares at my dick and asks if i want to see what she has
i'm like.. whoa wtf is going on, i do want to but i know this is so wrong
i say sure, she spreads her labia, i take a quick look, then i quickly put my clothes on and gtfo

we never spoke about that, not even sure if she remembers it, though i feel like most of my life she has wanted to do sexual shit with me

i'm so fucking glad i never did, i could never live with myself

many many years later we were living together in an apartment after my psycho mom kicked us out of her house and put us on a bus to the middle of fucking nowhere, and she got this fat fuck of a boyfriend who is now her husband.. they used to play mindgames with me all the time.

like they'd ask me to look at my fingernails to see if they're dirty, and i'd curl my fingers up and look, nope not dirty, then they'd laugh and say well if i had spread my fingers out and looked, then i was gay for sure...

anyway, one day we went somewhere in town, and dickface was driving, i was in the backseat... my sister turns and looks directly at me while jerking him off... he's looking at me in the mirror, she's staring at me in the eyes.. and i just felt like fucking dying coz what in the goddamn fuck is wrong with them both

everyone says she's a clone of avril lavigne.. which she pretty much was.. she wanted to be a model when she was 18/19 but my mom didn't give a fuck so she never got the chance... she used to take pictures of herself all the time in swimsuits and whatever, and then she'd put them on MY computer, even though she had her own... i used to just delete that shit.. fucking christ

Ok, true that. I still fear to upload vids only I could have.

>Be me, little edge lord (like 8-10) watching Hannah Montana
>This episode revolves around a school bully, that Hannah has to overcome
>At some point the bully locks Hannah in a glass container and dresses her up like a salad
>Become completely obsessed with this scene and I have no idea why
Or alternatively...
>Be me, little edge lord (like 9-10)
>Watching episode of Lazy Town in class
>The bad guy ties up the pink girl to some lamppost or something with rope
>Immediately start pushing my stomach against the table to try and do the same thing
>Love this shit more than anything
Not sure which one, but I'm pretty sure that one of these two experiences are what spawned my BDSM fetish. Still virgin btw :(

Attached: 1578586898057.jpg (470x470, 122K)

is the incest greentext site still managed?

Fongered car in backseat of sisters mom

What part of the southeast?

Attached: 1466696722788.jpg (546x366, 48K)

sorry boys, he's larping.

Attached: larping.jpg (2000x2666, 1.14M)

A little ways outside of Asheville.

ok boomer

bro is your mom's name crystal?

Bump limit again? Well done, anons. Who wants to start the next thread?

I never claimed the pics were her.
I'm not dumb enough to post my actual sister on Cred Forums or dumb enough to save evidence of incest. That shit would ruin us both if it got out. Pics just help draw attention to the story you insufferable cunt.

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But he's right. I remember the good old day's too, we got our first porn vids from Kazaa with a 56k connection. Fapped to shitty but gold 2-3 minutes clips all the time.
Today I just could download everything I want, everywere I want and regularly download like hundreds of gigs of porn, but it's never like this good old days again

ok boomer

got a competitor
lets see who's pic clickbaits better


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Live and let live, I have no problem sharing threads, especially when these threads are more lively than ever.

If you weren't new and opened your eyes, you'd realize the mods don't like the term "young sexual experiences", and tend to delete them when they see it.

rip both threads, this happened before and anons are too stupid to conglomerate so both threads puttered along with similar post rates until rapid 404

How is that my fault? I posted the first one cause this one hit the bump limit.

wasn't implying fault just lamenting the state of this place sometimes

ok boomer

>tv1e georgia peach
>...where was i?
>no it was 39
If you know, you know. ;-)

There never was a more stupid response. But fuck it, we had better times than any stupid millennial will ever had. So that's ok to me.