Any opinions on Elise ?

Any opinions on Elise ?

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Which skin is this

Shes awesome.
Definitely would have her

what about her arse ?

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How old is she?


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for a partner, what do you find desirable besides looks?

Damn, she's hot lol. Looks so much younger than 19 tho

good champ but in the current meta id take something stronger


would write a letter to her

Here's more for you

I laughed

Personnality, hobbies and probably libido tbf

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wouldnt mind violently raping it

go ahead

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Wouldn't mind seeing her butthole.

have fun destroying it cause she does it on her own already

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She looks Belgian

How do you know her?

not far, french

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wonderful tits
looks so young!

for an appropriate rating pls show more faggot

she's my slutty gf

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Name? Wanna find that slut on insta

looks like a tommy boy

Nice. Age?