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Is that really the most efficient way to do that ?

The mill was broken.

The meat industry is demonic

>quality test department of Football balls. webm

Fair enough. Gotta respect their initiative.

mmm they look delicious

This is why they deserve the Coronavirus

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of all the coal burned every day on the planet, polluting the atmosphere, HALF is burned by china alone. fuck a few little animals. most subhuman animals are all about dominance and even playing with prey till they die and then not even eating them like adorable cats do. on a human level though, their pollution of the planet and internal human rights abuses are why they might "deserve" it.

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>stand there shooting for an extra 15 seconds unnecessarily...then run

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what a faggot this guy is. hurts his faggot hands punch the guy in the face so he just keeps punching him in the gut. what a faggot pussy

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And? Don't have industrial farms at all.

Beaten with his own leg! Adds an extra layer of hurt to the beating.

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Nope. Pollution IS animal abuse and is no different than what is seen in the OPs webm.

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>Just leaving the shotgun there.
Fuck that made me nervous.

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Quan chi wins

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wtf was that!?

did he died?

no hes alive


lmfao the chinese are fucking animals.

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tonsil infection pretty sure. nasty it coomed all over his tounge.

I don't know what your idea of fucking is, but this looks more like smash to me. Oh wait it's like a same thing!

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Apparently he was pissed off at the guy sleeping for raping his sister. You can see a syringe on the bed at a couple points, and their sleepy reaction lets you know they were injecting heroin. I wouldn't doubt if the guy getting his ass beat had a habit of getting girls high on heroin and then fucking them after they're passed out.

Tonsil stones?

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Shoot niggers on site

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dumbass nigger


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The way he tries to slowly hop away at the last minute is just too fucking funny

No, even if is right.

Dropping them in a bucket of ice water would kill them in seconds. Decapitation, CO2, bolt guns, etc all would be better.

it is if you live in a totalitarian country that outlaws any other way

This one isn't even due to lack of safety mechanisms. Is everyone in China actually retarded?

black lives matter! wait..

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not exactly its more of an attitude thing

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Why is it that there is plenty of real horrible gore content, but real rape/necrophila videos are nonexistent?

Damn they just straight up don't care. Life is really that meaningless to them

haven't you heard? rape is worst than dead

They exist

Could bring charges, investigations, so they don't come up much

did he die ?

Go choke on a celery stalk, jackass

on the plus side neither does feminism

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That looked like it hurt.

They are worth like $50 each. IDK why they'd be killing them unless the sow crushed them.

Yes. Have you seen their eyes? The all look like they have the Downs.

LOL, dat smear.

Fucking bug people.

This is so fucking fake
The tanks cannon is welded over even
Either american or Israeli psyops

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No they do not

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holy fucking shit


put da money in de bag

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Look at that fat fucker of a cop

I wonder if that hurts

This makes me so happy I had my tonsils removed.

they're chinks, what did you expect?

I really love how the cops just ignore the huge fucking rock that rung his head like a bell
Also whoever threw that rock has some aim


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hi fuckin smoked his printer, rip

I am simultaneously horrified and satisfied by this

I would've shanked that fool at least 20 time

I became a flexitarian because of it. Don't give a shit about chickens. Don't eat beef much and I don't eat pork anymore. I miss bacon and ribs but I can't get over how fucking savage the industry is. And pigs are way too sentient to eat imo.

might be fixable if he can find a suitably qualified technician

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> Gets back in the car


This person had the right idea

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>i make selective judgments about the value of animals based on my perception of their intelligence
weird flex but ok

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this had to be in florida

Sick humans! That was... that was SO heartbreaking

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Oh god the smell must be horrendous!

Niggers gonna nig.

bet he was breathing hard just from bending over like that

>manual laborers

Brother there's about 80 IQ between the two of em, this is the best solution they could come up with. Chinese people don't even care about other human beings so they're not going to call these ladies out.

It was probably a friend of his in the crowd aiming for the cops

could well be

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She knew what the fuck was gonna happen, she purposely pulled the slide back to fire.


Retarded nignog, acts like tough shit until someone shoots back.

Yup. I wouldn't eat my dog. Even though it serves no purpose besides companionship and isn't as smart as a pig. We all have our philosophies.

I want that sword / machete whatever the fuck it is

and cuisine

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There is an enormous number of people that can look at this, be upset about it and sometimes crying, and then continue not being vegan.

Never ceases to amaze me.

I would advice not looking at this one

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Join now before it's too late

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Someone has a career in the MLB

Not eating meant doesn't end cruelty towards animals. People get upset because there are more humane ways of getting our food.

Wouldn't it be better to just use some sorta gas to you know...put them to sleep?

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Lmao all meat industry workers worldwide are like this retard. If you're gonna eat meat at least know what you're buying in to. I eat meat but I'm not oblivious

Jesus Christ man, we need to stop cartels

That's not what veganism is about. You literally don't know what veganism is.

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What's the back story?

Then enlighten me. What is it about?

You can't humanely kill an innocent living being that doesn't want to die, idiot.

Kid threw the first punch, i'm calling self defense.

lost hard kek!

upper body strength

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Minimizing to the fullest, most practicable extent, ones harm towards other living beings that share this planet.

there is a moral distinction between food and servant. a dog is to serve and a pig is food, they shouldn't be given equal treatment

>Beat they ass
hmm...I wonder what race this commenter was...

dude. fuck humanity. I seriously hope a mass plague wipes us the fuck out. humans are scum

No, they're throwing them on the ground

Who the fuck lets you do that lmfao

I love when a retard uses the word "moral"

I agree, can't believe we pretend they're human like whites

based madlad

You a vegan, buddy?

If only there was some kind of highly contagious virus that is currently spreading and doing alot of damage...shame no such thing exists!


Join now before it's too late

He's clearly not trying to hop away. He's trying to line himself up with something and then, oh. Camera cut. Thanks, Criss Angel.


If I told you that vegans have higher testosterone on average than non vegans would you self harm? I feel like you would....

story? I want to not feel bad for this fucker.

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Christ, i've seen a lot on this site but this is fucked up

stealing = cut off hand /fingers
or they come to your hut and burn it down

Humanely means not to cause much unnecessary pain. Nothing wants to die but that is nature.

Protein and constant exercises helps out with upper buddy strength along with monitoring calorie intake.

That's what I refuted. Harm comes to all life no matter what. Eating plants is still harm. Plants are living organisms too. Of course, they don't express pain because why should an immobile organism evolve to have it when it would no doubt be expose to constant pain. Changes nothing because other animals will still eat meat.


you mean mexico, the country is ran by cartels, unless you wanna war with mexico

imagine living your life with herpes and a butt plug in 24/7 like this guy

nigger thinks hes a super villain and not an ape with a human weapon

The killing itself is unnecessary, moron. Can you humanely rape someone? According to your non existent logic, it's possible.

lol this video is rough, reminds me of the russian one. though i hope he had a really good reason for beating him.

Join now before it's too late

How the fuck do you manage to store 95% of your body fat in your face?

it was suicide, cops were trying to save him

what the fucking hell is wrong with chinks man


I know its fake but this is just perfect

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It just doesn't bother me. Also I almost died going vegan cuz I have IBS. You do feel pretty good but we are not biologically capable of being entirely vegan. You can take supplements all day but you'll die early and feel lethargic constantly because you don't know what micronutrients are and there is no way to properly supplement them. Sorry you're a stupid soy boy :( must suck

This. You'd have to be an apathetic sociopath to think otherwise.

You would too if you had a dude emptying an entire mag toward you,regardless of who started it.

double chin veganism isnt a laughing matter

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no taste

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How do I watch this shit on iPhone

"Not going anywhere for awhile?"

Start with yourself then pussy

Agreed. That looks painful, the smell must be nasty, but he must have felt relieved.

I would run, i wouldn't throw my hands into the air like a ballerina lmfao

reminds me of my cheese curry chip roll this morning

Get an Android device. Cheaper than IPhone and easier to fix

>That's what I refuted

Lmfao no you didn't. All of your other bullshit is debunked along with anything else you'll say here:

Join now before it's too late

Kek'd. That's true as fuck.


That site is totally not bias.

Arguments stand on their own merit. You not willing to look at them because of the site they're on is telling of your own intelligence.

What the fucking fuck is wrong with you?!

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You don't.

the nigger will always revert to their african roots

So because we made a choice thousands of years ago, animals that are more intelligent than dogs should continue to suffer.

so clean looks like gta vice city level of decapitation

but why so much bike stealing ? its like a fucking fetish or something

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goddamnit dude.

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Holy shit

Did he live though?

that kids face is hidden cos he has a secret sideline luring crocs for Belgian hunters

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drunk assholes in my city forced a bearded dragon to drink and poured alcohol over its body while taunting it

Attached: Screenshot_20200205-203737.png (2560x1440, 1.1M)

so greasy, fuck that guy. girl on left is beautiful

the real tragedy was for those who had to see her naked

this one actually, unironically, genuinely affected me the most out of anything in this thread. fucking hell

thanks user love you

lmao shut the fuck up android is not better you poor person

lol the slut was so paranoid about losing the only valuable part about her

Just goes to show that you CANNOT hurt a ni9gger by hitting its head. He's still moving .

Yep, soy is one of the few foods that has enough zinc to actually affect testosterone levels. It also has insanely high amounts of estrogen, making you a hormonal genderless trainwreck emotionally. The human body also isnt meant to digest soy and its insanely hard on your digestive system. Keep being vegan though, its your early grave

so burn my hut down? ill use my 10 fingers to build a new one in a fucking day

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Lmao this retard doesn't even know the difference between animal estrogen (when you consume in nearly every meal because it's a money saving filler for corporations and which raises your estrogen) and phytoestrogen (no documented effect on human body).

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Awww, someones delusional and thinks if some people stop eating meat the whole industry would go under. Get real.

more like this


not when youre a nigger

It's already under you fuckin retard. Trillions of tax dollars go to animal ag every year because it's "too big to fail." Your brain hasn't kicked on yet and made you realize why fast food appears to be so cheap?

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Wow. You really are this stupid arent you? I thought maybe you were just pretending.

He lived believe it or not.
Not unscathed mind you, they interviewed him a while back and it would appear that the bullet did blow..some.. brains out of there...
Also damn, why are all of u so racist?
Can't we all just get along?

yes, they do

all i wanted to do was shit in the street

its savage that chinks took an animal that is clearly more useful as a companion and turned it into food. that being said i dont care that much

no them cookies are mine

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anyone else fondle their pubes into a twirl?

this is fucking horrible

maybe when im bored on the shitter but not like to kill time

got off light

>When you finally get the bobs n vagene

Attached: 1557784150623.jpg (400x400, 20K)

I think it's funny that you can use the words "useful" and "companion" in the same sentence to describe another living being and feel zero shame.

Why the webms have no sound?
Retarded thing.


Indians are too Poo in Loo for you.

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It'd be easier to partially disassemble the needle (so it's open-ended) and then stick it in an artery.

Attached: 1546636644586.webm (576x544, 875K)






Attached: filthy_india_urinate_public_toilet.jpg (393x590, 73K)

Keep double paying for those cheeseburgers. Then pay even more for hospital treatment when you contract the #1 killer of non vegans.

That poor hard working printer caught in the crossfire of those wild animals.

you just dont get their vibrant culture

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Is this me?

The Chinese average IQ is 105... they’re too intelligent to give a fuck about others. They’re all born red pilled as fuck.

Yes. The majority of China is brick-shittingly stupid.

I thought they were efficient at least

Fuck this clip. Fuck this clip. Absolutely FUCK this clip.

Attached: 1579323536198.gif (225x183, 761K)

they are efficient at being ding dong ching chongs

hmm.. nobody uses a non racist image of a black guy without being subtlety racist.
I dun believe it
Ur being racist right now aren't you

What’s happening ? I’m on iPhone I can’t play it


holy fuck I recognize that gas station


The CCP has created generations of soulless monsters.

And that my friends is how you turn an abscess into blood poisoning

keep this thread alive my dudes

Probably not, your head would black out pretty quick anyway

White asf, zoom in bro.
Not everyone's a bigot like you, stop thinking that you're somehow "Superior"
Bc of the color of ur skin dude.
If you truly compare yourself to others you'll find that no amount of Larping on here will give you the satisfaction that they have in their lives.
Psh, you probably don't even have an N word pass. I do, and I'm neither race.

Holy shit! I think this guy may have died!

>Thinking the Chinese government provides accurate statistics

those are colombian cops, they really don't give half a shit

why did you watch it? if i see an animal i simply don't click. i didn't watch this

I'm actually not mad at that.
there's a little more Chaos Theory into the game but they're making do with what they have

He needn't worry
It only injured his brain
Something that niggers hardly use

Wow that ones new. desynthesized at this point but this one refueled me. those fucking parent cunts

I also have this image saved, but I'm not racist, tell me why you are, who knows maybe I could Daryl Davis ur ass
Trust me, life is better if ur not a bigot.
(lol lots of these Nazi fags get mad easy)
(You saw that ep of south park, we all know why you guys have explosive anger)
Idk if you're one but

that poor little nigger :(

this is a woman

You are a huge dumb-dumb, I never said I was superior, or even stipulated who I believed the individual to be. You do not know what colour skin I am. You are a pathetic cretin.

Attached: 1552254402223.jpg (275x205, 20K)

i dont stop work to do it or anything... but yea

Watch the "er" at the end of dat word man, u mite offend someone
to get the n word pass all u have 2 do is say it right.

>Believing the communist party
Found the plebeian.

Was the printer ok?

I too play EVE Online

It's an inkjet, it was born dead.

It's the most fun

Cushing disease, probably from retarded amounts of estrogen in the form of vegan cuisine

sound link please

Good, so then you're not racist? :D
As long as ur not racist that's all I care abt
Sorry 4 assuming, but why say that you think you know the race of someone by the way they type
I never tried to guess ur skin color, it just sounded a little ignorant is all
Also haven't heard "dumb dumb" in a while, I figured Cred Forums had resorted to harsher words, but it's good to see that you have a decent vocabulary, unlike many.. >.>

based edgy

I see trees there. They could cut them into planks and make a proper table but they'd rather play on what they're going to eat later

Wow...a reasonable post on Cred Forums if this a larp or not, I commend you for your post either way goodsir.

That dude is a pro and super lucky to be alive, he had no chance and made the smart choice. This is John Carrera, and remember, cover your asp

no it isnt you ignorant wretch it would have had to be I&Dd anyways.

the human head stays conscious for about five or six seconds. About the same amount of time it takes to pass out from a rear naked choke

Imagine being born to stupid to be a calculator

It's a genetic thing. They hadn't invented transportation in most of their cultures, so bikes and cars are a fascination of the negro brain.

Because they're easy to steal

Show gif of it drunk or gtfo

baited and trolled. I can only hope these two posts are the same person. I hate to think there's two people on here that stupid

They both probably sucked his little pee pee that day kek

Added to the ban archive.

Says the guy that can't even watch these threads lol

you know you ruin the joke when you explain it


>No one knows with certainty where the Wuhan virus originated, or why it keeps spreading

He still got BTFO'd though

"I was hammered the other night and my girlfriend demanded I give her the keys. and I was like how's that going to make us safer?"........ cuz you know... women cant drive hue hue hue

Attached: 2eijbt.jpg (750x498, 73K)

I don't get it what happened

I wish I could be desensitized to my inner grammar nazi

Rekt here

I've long been decaffeinated to these kind of videos.

we demand more webm!

i want to scoop him up and put him in a little nigger orphanage where he can at least have clean water food and a bed

seriously. i feel like such sell out retard for going from veggie to pesci...

i wish i could desynthesize you

You're either retarded, Chinese, or both.

Attached: 1464722031003.jpg (1345x1075, 149K)

>phytoestrogen (no documented effect on human body).

Enjoy your allergies.

if i have the time i do a little braid

honestly theres partial truth here

theyre going to eat the mud table?

Attached: not lookin so swell.webm (800x800, 1.85M)

Where the fuck does isis even get a tank?

>adding coolant to the farm equipment

there's not enough food to sustain them so they eat everything

it was a toddler
people are being little bitches about it just like when you're a little bitch about animal rekt

well, trump sells to them lmao


wtf is that thing, it sure as shit ain't a black bear with those furry ass ears.

It's China. Logic does not apply.

Minecraft music along with this would be perfect

Reminds me of idiocracy with the monday night rehab scene

fuck yea nice

You're clearly not smart enough for what I'm about to say but I'll waste my breath anyway.

False equivalence does not hold merit.
Lesser evil is still evil.
Moral indignation is not a valid argument.

Mexican cartels have that Aztec blood, that's why they can cut people's heads off and otherwise torture and get a kick out of it rather than feeling absolute dread. It's sick, and it's not like it's happening over seas! That shit is happening just across the south border! If we went to war with the cartels they would get absolutely wiped off the face of the Earth. We would have massive amounts of American soldiers captured and tortured, often for nothing but the enjoyment of the cartels. Unless we fight mostly with drone technology which would be the best option. Or we just nuke the shit out of Mexico, the only way to be sure.

since he shot him after he hit the ground, there's a good chance he faced charges for excessive use.

At least a good prosecution would have brought up that after the first shot the guy was clearly no longer a threat.

what does that have to do with Cred Forums?

how tf theses dudes have guns but no shoes?

Nerve gas

1. He is holding this hot air gun from the metal tip.

fucking ableist. true veggies and pescis would never use the r word

Attached: 1504812156792.jpg (1240x744, 81K)

They are fucking hungry for anything to eat, this is fresh tender meat. Chow time!

Dogs were domesticated by humans to aid in hunting while pigs were domesticated for food, shut the fuck up faggot

Someones never peeled an onion. That's a good thing imho.