All you niggers had to do was wait out trump and put literally anyone competent up in 2020. Congrats demoshits...

All you niggers had to do was wait out trump and put literally anyone competent up in 2020. Congrats demoshits, you just ensured TRUMP 2024. 12 years and you deserve every bit of suffering.

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Go suck a pole tranny faggot

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They really thought they could get a president kicked out. Their feels can’t beat reals

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You amerifags are so weird, in literally any other country there's magnanimity in victory.

This. Fucking children can't even handle an election that doesn't go their way once.

We do not care about you eurofag. Pay your fair share and STFU.

why is OP a fag?

In our country we have leftists who gained great political power, try to micromanage how everybody lives, call everyone they hate racist bigots, and who throw tantrums if anything doesn't go their way


wait.. 12 years.. how?

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Ivanka. Calm down. Jesus, you faggots are looking for reasons to freak.

I wonder what the next play will be so we can check it off the list.
> Rape
> Russia
> Collusion
> Ice detainees
> Muslim ban
> China ban
> Voter Suppression of Shitskins
> Hes bankrupt
> Hitler / racist
> Voldemort
> Muh food stamps
Or will we have something new?

oh, the irony.. Cred Forums becomes responsible for America's first Jewish presdient. Do it, I'll have my lulz either way.

hey man, I was just wondering..

Lol, I hope Don Jr runs instead.

You shut the fuck up and keep your bullshit talking Trump away from us. Your country is failing and falling. You don't even see it. At the end of the Trump terms you're country will be broke and isolated. Even worse 75% will be chinese. MAGA? You've been betrayed and sold, and worst of all, you are way to arrogant and ignorant to notice. Have fun jerking of to the next level of fecies Trump gave you, eat his shit, and die with him.

What country you live in faggot?

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Or... we now have every Republican on formal record (except maybe one or Mitt Romney's balls) being complicit in crimes of bribery and obstruction.
Senate elections were the real target here.

Also good job laying that precedent down for the Dem president next year. lol if you try to worthlessly impeach him the whole time.

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he's a twit, so why not.

>being complicit in crimes of bribery
Where is the bribery charge in the articles? I'll wait.


Whole hell of a lot better than whatever fuckwit the Dems will cart out.

Just gonna keep pushing that false narrative I guess

Coward, Name your country or fuck off.

He tweeter too much*
*this will turn out to be true

this. And try to create 50+ new genders, allow innocent babies to be aborted, take away our guns, on and on

Dagestan is a country you ill brained fuckwit

>our body our choice

michelle obama or oprah! They're great presidents especially since they're not white males! Hell by then, they'll make it so that those towel heads in congress can run

Mr. Dum Dum. "I fuck and kill preteens on islands."

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You're actually admitting to living in that worthless, young, POS country. Why exactly should I give AF about what you say about my country?

You lost today faggot. Time to deal.

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>michelle obama or oprah!
You aren't serious.

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Is there no one the Clinton's will not suck up too?

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>He believes that "if you impeach but don't convict you get to run for 3 terms" lie
Seriously if that was true why didn't Clinton run again in 2000? He would have beaten Bush easily.

I'm not, but it wouldn't surprise me if they tried it

got anything for the last 15 years of trump and epstein? oh wait you don't lol

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Abuse of power is a crime.
Obstructing Congress is a crime.

Just like lying under oath is a crime.
The Congress voting not to try is not the same as not commiting a crime.

Why is so hard for you to bother reading the thread?

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Yeah that's the one. It's 100% made up.

awww sweetie, republicans can't play make-believe like the dems?
Soooo saddd

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>the Republic of Dagestan, is a federal subject of Russia.
Sounds like a Puerto Rico (ish) shit hole. Except you suck that Russian tit.

HAHAHAHA sure lets pretend that tearing up a piece of paper with a name on it is in any way the same as the disrespectful shit trump has done to the face of military families.

OP, if he wins that would be 8 years.

She had a hissy fit and planned to do it, regardless of the people it represented. Trump is living rent free in her mind and she announced it to the world. Kek.

He's talking about Ivanka. Read the thread faggot.

Booty-Gay might be the only viable candidate since he’s moderate and has half a brain. Some shit-ass policies, but pretty normal. Yet the Dems and media buried the Iowa caucuses because only he and retard Sanders (who will never win and will get destroyed if he’s nominated) were the ones to be shown with any popularity.

Join now before it's too late

I would prefer president with natural tits pls

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That's because you are a Dem.

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Mmm, Melania, wood bang hard!!!

So you say GOP is the fake tits party?

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It's the first post, how the fuck does it reference her. Not fucking you back fagot.

you got money ?

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That'll be fun to watch, cause there ain't no way Mr. FaceDown AssUp is gonna get black's (or hispanics) voters to show up with any real numbers.

Fake tits are better than fake vaginas

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No. The GOP is the party of whatever tits. Just as long as a vagina is attached to them.

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Try writing in coherent sentences.


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