Girls perfect for BlackedRaw

Girls perfect for BlackedRaw

• White girls only
• No fatties

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kys yourself

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>>kill yourself yourself

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I would do anything to watch her get black bred and lick his jizz out of her tight little pussy

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please do this one user!

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Will edit your girls if I like them & the picture fits.

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The crazy thing is that if she posts outfits like that in instagram, she as certainly been messaged by much older black men, probably even been sent multiple BBC dick pics. Think she ever responds to them? You know...just as a joke.

I have this open on Photoshop but it doesn’t fit BlackedRaw I think and it’s too cropped for Blacked

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Fuck yeah post more!

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How about her?

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Built for BBC.

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Face longer than any BBC she’ll take

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Naw dawg she built for bbc

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ok thanks user

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She looks like a drug addict.

No one likes niggers not even niggers

I wouldn't fuck that if you paid me broski

Cocaine chic

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Broski you have shit taste

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And no one likes skinny britches...unless you are white

Yea. Better to fill all the holes instead. Distract from that view

Payton Sartain

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I could see it. Bet she has tryed it

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No one likes fatties unless your a nigger

Maybe I am black so....we have a little different taste. But she has some good posture, that back is straight as a stick

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Looks like she only fucks BBC.

This is true. But not too fat now

What part of Europe is she from?

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You gay if you don’t want to fuck this

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Ur white nigger. She’s hot af petite white bitches are the best

Wanna see Alexis on there so bad

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The one that recently left the Union.

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Kinda gay not wanting to fuck this

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discord BUbfNx

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can you do this girl, man?

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I ain't no faggot. I just don't like my woman built like a fucking 11 year old. Ya pedo

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wym I’d beat her shit up

>Ur white nigger
I'd never say it in person. But....I wish I was. And no they aren't really

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11yrd? Have you seen models before?

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No one wishes to be white they all have smol pps but make the best girls tho ;3

No way. I thought all Brits where let's just say not that good looking. Wow I am shocked

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Yea they look like little boys. Their fucking disgusting.

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I'd take a 5inch dick for the missed opportunity and better life over a 7 inch dick anyway

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There’s one or two niggers in this thread claiming that they won’t fuck her

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Show forearm nigger

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Shit I need to visit sometime

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Fix your grammar you nigger.

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Would she be a good one for blacked

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She travels a lot though so she might not be there. You from Europe or are you an Amerimutt?

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wym fag

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:0 needs something brown n uncut

Born in Americuck(workl parents from german I lived in Bavaria moved back and live here since I was 10

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I didn’t stutter, nigger.

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Pure cancer, thanks for shit

FUCK THOSE TITS. Can you like do a mega so I make sure I don't miss any?

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Ach well.

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Needs to be flatter.

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Small dick white boy detected

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What part of Bavaria?

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German girls aren’t too bad.

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Lol @ the idiot who thinks literal shitposting on Cred Forums where everyone is desensitised to it achieves anything.

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Berchtesgaden. No job's basically had to move. I still have my parents place overthere.

do german girls like american

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Small dick white boy detected

They like the American accent as most European girls do

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Especially that aryan goddess.

Small dick white boy detected

Faulty detector detected

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but do they like American bbc?

What about my southern accent?

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Here she is as a tourist in America

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What about my southern accent?

How does he have a small dick? Just because he loves watching a beautiful women revive pleasure?

Especially that aryan goddess.

Ever think of moveing back?

They imagine themselves fucked by their favourite rappers

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Are you a bot?

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Ever think of moveing back?

They imagine themselves fucked by their favourite rappers


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Yeah I plan on it. But I might sell my place and move Further into Germany my property is up in the Alps and a good drive away from the town or any civilization lol. Plus I am surrounded by old ex-nazi party dudes at least when I was little I was. They are probably all dead now

No why?

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No why?

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Cool can I fuck your girl when you move back?

Yes of course.

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Sure why not bro. I am a Americuck afterall

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That looks like malta?

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I'd buy it

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Your white after all

I'm German so yeah. But i would never let my girl sleep with a nigger

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Why not? Is this not a bbc thread? What about a white guy?

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Mr. Krabs look dummy thicc

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Join now before it's too late

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