What's a good way to know if a girl has an STD without getting tested...

What's a good way to know if a girl has an STD without getting tested? This land whale wants me to eat her out and I agreed but I don't mouth herpes

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There is no way to know that's why we have tests. And don't eat out a fat chick their pussies stink more than usual

Check for black skin

She's the only girl that's talked to me in years. Should I roll the dice? There's no way she will agree to get tested just for me

Fuck her first and cream pie her. Once she gets pregnant and has a baby see if the baby has herpes

Based on the details you've provided, there is only one way to find out.
Simply pursue it, and if something starts protruding out of your fuckin lips in a few days, then you'll find out if you have herpes.

Without a test, it's THAT simple.
You are the test.
Figure it the fuck out.

Do it. Idiot!

Maybe. I was on my knees picking up some trash at work and she said to me "while you're down there..." implying she wants me to eat her out

Are herpes pretty common? What are my odds here? I think I should be fine to risk it


It's not worth it tell her to fuck off. When she ask why say because she's fat. Guaranteed her pussy smells like shit fat people have a hard time wiping. Also you will have to hold her open like a curtain while your eating her out. You will regret it as soon as you get down there. Fat sex is just nasty hardly any pleasure.
Source- experience with land whales.

Something like 80% of humanity has a form of herpes, but I heard that through the grape vine, and the grape vine is worse than getting your information from Cred Forums, and the information is now on Cred Forums from the grapevine so in retrospect you're a complete fuckin idiot for asking, I'm a complete fuckin idiot for participating in this thread and that's all i gotta say

Dont ask dumb shit or youll get dumb answers

All of our time has been wasted, yours included
Fuck off, go eat that disgusting fat pussy, and if you get genital herpes on your face, it's gonna last forever, you already know this

Youre probably just as disgusting as the woman youre describing, so fuck it, go for it

Sorry about my grammar I have the literary skills of a stoned 10 year old.

Mega true
I was with a chubby and it wasn't bad but my first time was with a total ham and it remains one of the biggest regrets of my life

Lol, was her name rachel?
Longshot, but a buddy of mine had a similar experience with this disgusting bitch named rachel.

Shit...I guess you guys make a good argument. I'll just have to be a virgin forever. I just wonder what chad would do...is it a chad move to fuck fat bitches and get herpes or is that just being retarded and lame?

Get into a loving relationship with a young and decent girl and build mutual trust.
Protip: dont lick fat bitches you dont know very well.

How much does she weigh? If ots like 200+lbs gtfo

Is it weird to ask a fat bitch to wear a female condom before I perform cunnilingus on her meat flaps?

Yeah she's like 250. I look like a twig compared to her. She has nice skin though...it's all tan and smooth

Eating chicks out is beta, a Chad just pumps and goes. Leave them wanting more and they will come back and if they dont screw it you'll find another. Also a decent hooker would be 10x better than a land whale.

Does a hooker count if I'm trying to lose my virginity? My friends said that doesn't count and I have to earn it

If it smells like trout take it out, if it smells like salmon keep on jammin

Dude it's not worth it, dont go down on her. If she expects head just ghost her ass or tell her no deal. She probably fucks nasty dudes out of desperation. Trust me I have experience with land whales. Sex is a fucking meme it's nice and all but it's not what everyone makes it out to be it's better to wait.

Not true. In OP's case, yeah, that may be true.
But in my personal experiences, ive never fucked a bitch under 130lbs, and the pussy was so fresh and clean, and smelled so fucking good, like a rose.
So yeah, I ate that shit.

get a good looking hookerfrom a whore house for around 400 bucks
100% no std's and will do anything you ask for
it's definitely worth it if you can't get a normal girl

Idk what trout smells like

Ok I won't. It's just she works 5 feet away from me so it might be awkward haha. I'll just tell her I'm autistic and start making weird noises

Any pussy counts.. as long as she is human.. lol.

Insert your finger in her anus then taste it.

Dude sex with a dog counts dont fall into the meme sex is overrated. I've fucked skinny girls chubby and land whales. Basically if your not physically attracted to her you will regret it. Lots of drama involved and you dont want to get a whale pregnant. I did, trust me it's not worth it. If she gets on top it's game over you're going to get her pregnant. And dont believe any she can't get pregnant bullshit.

Glad I could save you from the misery user.

2 y/o pussy counts too I presume?

I don't want her to get on top anyway because she will crush my skinny ass