Well, about 6 months ago I told you faggots I was in line to inherit about $44 million dollars from my best friend's giraffe cub that molested me during coitus using the afterbirth. After a series of hearings, and court dates, and signing shit, it's official...i am one of the richest posters on Cred Forums. A lot of you were begging for shit from me last time but now that shit is settled I can make some dreams come true. Roll quads and get $20,000.

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i wish

Shut up faggot

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Now go buy some niggers and shoot them

Literally 0/10 LARP, it couldn’t be worse



Do a Roll

6 months ago since 2010 fuck off faggot

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Well, about 6 days ago I told you to go die in a fire, OP, but here you are again.

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I just want a new pc honestly. I got my laptop and 2012 and need an upgrade soon :(

Haters gonna hate


Gibe money plos

Quads and you sell my money

never gonna win but if I do them I deserve 60,000

kill ur self.

Pay off my student loan debt please.

Why do you fags keep reposting this Fuckin thread are you that board? Or is it the only way you can get someone to talk to your pathetic ads? Or are you just a incel cuck who should just die.


Feeling lucky

Fake and gay, but I'm broke so I'll roll it

Nice man hope you dont fuck your life up

Aight roller the dice baby

please rich master

Quads dont exist in this thread

Well what I have to lose

6 months ago since 2002.

Stop it, that's gay and asian.

Your story changes every time, werent you molested by your grandma niece last time?


Can I have 200 to buy an inflatable girlfriend


I have faith in OP.