I’ve been having sex with my Best friends dad since I was 12

I’ve been having sex with my Best friends dad since I was 12

Also I’m a trap, pic related from about a year ago

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How'd it start?


Is he or was he married at any point during this?

How the fuck does that happen from age 12 (think he gotta take a seat right over there)

any newer pics?

can you show us a booty pic?

At a New Years party at his house he used to make fun of me for being girly cause I was emo with long hair and one day my friend had a New Years party and I came and his dad let us drink a tiny bit and my friend passed out and his dad was drunk asked if I wanted to get stoned in the garage I followed him and ended up stroking him and sucking him off and then it went from there I can greentext it for better detail he’s the reason I started wearing female clothes basically

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Greentext for detail pls

post more boipussy

He was and still is married, it was something that I wanted to do I didn’t say no

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please show more, you're gorgeous

Are you naturaly girly? Or you did some kind of treatment, training?
Also.. what are your thoughts on niggers?
Also, post feet and ass

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How big is your cock?

Do you only fuck your friends dad, or have you branched out into being a general slut?

show us your clit, hard

do you think you're a trap BECAUSE you've been getting fucked by your best friend's dad?

bumpah for horniness

maybe you're not a trap but just a closet faggot?
but feel you would get more attention by looking more and acting more like a girl?

>be 12
>best friend throws New Years party so I go cause his parents are so cool and mine suck
>get there and have fun dad is super cool and actually likes doing dad stuff
> asks us if we want one beer say yes
> drink beer but sneak 2 more each
> I feel nothing but my friend acting like he’s super drunk
> passes out minutes later in his bed I’m bored
> spend rest of the night talking to adults his dads giving me kudos for not being a lightweight and telling people how badass I am
>start blushing
> around 2am everyone leaving or passed out
>friends mom also passed out
>”hey user I know you smoke weed come try my shit I’ll get you red lighted”
> I don’t smoke but tell him hell yeah actually scared on inside tho
> try smoking but cough my lungs out as soon as smoke hits my chest
> after he’s done smoking asks me if I’m gay for his son
> tell him no and laugh asks me about if I’m gay in general
> tell him I don’t think so
> Says well I’m a guy do you like this pulls out hairy cock
> I don’t say anything and blush
> pulls his cock out and grabs my hand
> here touch it and tell me how it feels
>I touch and stroke it while looking at him
>”feel good user?”
>I nod shyly feeling it grow it my hand
> “fuck I wish you were a girl you’d be so fucking hot”
> “suck it user”


Keep going and post more pictures slut

hey how was your day
also you have a beautiful ass

5 in
I’m pretty slutty but not all out
I honestly think I am but at this point I don’t want to go back
I don’t know I have no real interest in dressing in boy clothes anymore

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yo keep going

What are the odds you're posting here because your retarded orbiters on discord aren't giving you attention right now?

Also, how far have you gone with the dad? Like full blown sex or just blowjobs atm? Do you still do it? If not, how did you end it?

Sounds to me like you were abused

post tongue

He WAS abused

Got kik or disc

What a piece of shit that Dad is. Was he physically attractive to you?

>pulls my head into his cock
>refuse at first my hearts pounding and I can hardly breath
>”it’s okay” moves closer “how about you kiss it a little your already this far”
>kiss his shaft he grabs a hand and has me hold his balls didnt massage just held them awkwardly
>start kisses his tip
>”yeah just like that user show me a little tongue”
>grab his cock and start licking the tip
>lick faster cause he likes it
>all the sudden boom several hot jizz squirting on my tongue and lips
>”damn did you like that was that okay user?”
>say yes
>he perked up happy
>”well have to try again as long as you don’t tell anyone I love how soft your little lips are. Would you be in to wearing lipstick?”
>say maybe
>tells me go to bed I’ll have a surprise on our next alone time

Second time we had full blown sex while I wore a female outfit for him

I still do it full blown sex I feel obligated at this point like it’s what I’m suppose to do

Yeah he still is he’s 60 and still got muscle he was a carpenter
I agree

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And it doesnt upset you at all? You still doing stuff with that piece of shit?

Once you get that tramp tattoo there's no going back. You noticed the tattoo artist checking out your ass? He fucked you too?

You find nice, vanilla guys boring? You ever broke some guys heart?

did you enjoy being abused?

does the thought of being used roughly turn you on?

As an aspiring Femboy I so wish this would happen to me~

I’m honestly really confused about my feelings toward him I know I should be like fuck you but he’s such a nice dude and I feel like he owns me almost
God yes and I think he’s the reason why I love being treated like a slut or I’m into masochistic kinks it’s fucked up but now it’s who I am
The tattoo artist was handsy but we never fucked he told me he liked trannies which is why I got the tattoo there Yes it’s very boring I defiantly have a type I have another friend who’s in love with me no one knows how slutty I am so he thinks I’m this shy gamer gurl trap but I hook up with guys constantly when people arnt watching

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How did the tattoo guy touch you then? Guess I would too because you look really yummy, btw do you like girls too? Are you atracted to your own sexy pics?

I always wondered how slutty creatures like yourself earn their living? What do you do?
Do you whore yourself?

you have a twitter? pornhub account? i wanna see more

>and I feel like he owns me almost
>I think he’s the reason why I love being treated like a slut or I’m into masochistic kinks it’s fucked up but now it’s who I am
>I hook up with guys constantly when people arnt watching

what a sad broken individual
this is what sex abuse does to a child
its a shame you come to Cred Forums where disgusting freaks only want to you naked
its also a shame someone couldnt have helped you sooner

pedophiles get the rope
trannies get the rope
homos get the rope
niggers get the rope
spics get the rope
kikes get the rope

may whatever afterlife awaits us have mercy on your soul.

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honestly, your dick is average, but your nutsack is superb. wanna grab it

that body and jawline?

not a trap, just a crossdresser

noone thinks you're a girl, they just acknowledge youre a man in panties

At one point he propped me up slightly by putting his hand under me and lifting up on my crotch basically grabbing my dick because I was wearing a thong and held my dick for a while he also would make sure he touched my whole ass when he wiped and the final cleaning even spread my ass to clean my hole
I whore myself for gifts and clothes like the last guy bought me $500 worth of corsets but I have a job at a retail store

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He still looks cute and soft

show more you little dirty boy whore!

Frankly, I think he may be larping with this weird ass story. Since he's mentally retarded, he comes here, where the most sexually and emotionally deprived would even want to open this thread, to satisfy that brainless craving for attention. Textbook case of mental illness. Because, if he doesn't get the attention, he'll rope. It's his lifeline. If it's not from fucking ugly creeps irl, then it's on discord. If not on discord, then here. If not here, then rope.

Despite all that, I'd still give my left testicle to fuck a hot tranny's brains out before they kill themselves.

pls higher Resolution

too fat

anal rape!
do you like it rough?

soo fuckable!

Wanna pay for my surgeries?
I have fb/insta won’t give them out here might give my discord but you have to play classic wow if you want me to show any interest tbh pic trading with someone I’m not actually going to sleep with is boring I’m just giving out pics on here cause that’s how you get Cred Forums to respond lol
I love me some rope
Ty xD

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wanna pay for a diet plan bro

would love your mouth on my hard cock

Saved pic gonna nut to it later, wish I was slamming you hard

>I whore myself for gifts and clothes like the last guy bought me $500 worth of corsets but I have a job at a retail store
Sounds hot. Must feel nice
>Wanna pay for my surgeries?
you don't need any

Yes daddy
Valid point but it actually happened. I’m not suicidal anymore but I am a attention whore and wanted people to talk to so here I am
I love everything about rough

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Woah very fem. What country are you from?

Top notch tranny. Do porn please

kik or snapchat?

I would pay good money to see some big nigger abuse your slut hole.

whats your btag then ? i play wow

I never understood this, do you feel inferior so you want another to do it? why a nigger?

I could go for some nice hard cock right now
Hope it makes you feel good user ;)
Mmm okay :) no promises
I’ve been offered
I have discord
I’ve never been with a black guy but I imagine it would be amazing

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Any pics of your mouth full of cum?

Ngl you look better with black than blonde hair

Geared 60 on classic and think you and your story is hot, Aussie here, can i fuck you when I come to the US in a couple months?


This would be the closest thing to that kind of pic and it was taken in the dark. Pic also related my friends dads cock
I have several wigs my normal hair is brunette and long but a lot of the times I like my wigs more
That all depends on where in the US your going :O

My discord is pixie#3161

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So what is your discord?

this discrod dont work

It worked for other people?

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Do porn make horny young guys cum to you and question their sexuality lmao.

You look like that brunette tia tizzianni slut I've blown a ton of loads to that amazingness. My new years resolution is to bang a tranny while I'm young and good looking wanna succ some girl cock

Show your feet sexy.

I prefer older more rugged looking men tbh

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Nice I want to fuck you hard with your feet over my shoulders

add me then rudra#6305

how old are you lil whore?

That's funny. I've been having sex with your bestfriend since I was 12! GMA

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Will you show your pretty face?

Do you ever play with pretty boys? Seems most trans want big muscles and big dick youd think trannies would like cute boys

>sexually abused
>"I’m a trap"
You need help dude.

Mmmf your naughty
I would if I was a girl too
I have sex with pretty boys not what gets me going but a cock is a cock


Forgot a pic

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God I would take you so deep and hard until you were filled with my cum.

how much older you like im 35 you like that lil slutty?

Too fat and masculine

What's with your belly dude? Big meal?

Is he fat and disgusting? Ugly as hell? Why do trannys always fuck any guys? Are they that desperate

>reason i started wearing female clothes
Proof that trans is a fetish

I like the brunette full body shot from behind and blonde you look like a girl so gorgeous more good stuff like those pls pls

Wow, you're a looker. Are your voice and demeanors effeminate in private? In public?

moar ass please

I date transgirls like you would leash and collar you as well as put you in chastity

Do guys flirt with you on your work? Do you notice men checking you out? How many DMs you get a day?

Is your ass natural or are you on hormones I'm kinda jelly ngl

Would you threesome with your best friend and his dad?

35 is hot generally 30+ is what I go for daddy
I love feeling cum ooze down my balls
Too picky
Probably I eat a lot
I’ll try
No he’s muscular and good looking Italian guy

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do you go outside in girl clothes? got pics?
i’d bend you over if i saw you on the streets

Because is more degrading for the whore.
Dogs would do the job but they don't last long.

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the 35y/o here but tell me the sluttiest youve ever been lil cocksucker?

kill yourself

Yes on both
Sounds like my kinda party

I’ll brb guys busy for 10 mins

How many outfits did that old guy buy for you? Was it unprotected as in no condom?

Do you ever consider the fact that he abused you, that your life would be totally different if he hadn't taken your innocence, your pride, your self esteem and your manhood?
Like do you not consider the fact that you're not a "pretty gurl" you're a dude that crossdresses. He doesn't find you attractive. He finds the fact that he can control you erotic. If he weren't doing it to you, he'd be just as happy doing it to someone else. You got played, and that's sad. Now you're playing yourself, and that's pathetic.

HMU girl

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Too heavy and masculine, body is like a tub of butter
Not femme at all, just boyish

STFU whiteboi

hope the lil slutty tranny comes back

post your discord here, or I can post mine if you'd rather not post yours

Probably getting railed right now by a client.


You all Steelers fans?
Let's party

Clit? Since when do traps have clits?

Mid 50s daddy dom looking for a trap princess to spoil
Come to daddy on tumblr




Nice ass

Looks small




dont think OP is coming back

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>maybe you're not a trap but just a closet faggot?
what the fuck kind of reasoning is that?
> i'm a man, i want to fuck other men.
> i'm not a faggot
pick one, and one only.

Fat dude body, not a trap to anyone

Holy fuck that's hot...


What a shitty mirror

Boi pucci

Post more asshole

How does whoring yourself out usually go?

Do you have any greentexts of the first time he fucked you?

Tf did you get hormones? They gave me hell for mine, and my only mental issue is anxiety. I'm nowhere close to the molested whore you are and I'd figure someone like you wouldn't be given them.


How do you seduce DILFs asking for a friend lmao

You do realize that thicker women exist and have existed for a long time right


OP dead

probably fucked hard then passed out

Sad, they were hot. I wanted more butt pics too

i wanted more stories

stories like in

Some whoring stories would've been nice


Please keep chatting on discord at least

You realize you're probably going to Hell because you're going against His teachings right?