Have you praised the spider today?

have you praised the spider today?

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Ready to give my seed

not this trap again

Nah. He's gross looking. Reminds me of a retarded bird.

If this was a girl, it'd be rather hot. But, no.

nope haven't paid the 10k yet

maybe to you, but he's perfect to me!

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i haven't either, user... but there's other ways to show your devotion.

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To each their own, my good faggot. I want to feed him a slice of bread.

then i guess i have a retarded bird fetish

he already has squishy bits in the right places

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Not in a sexual fashion. You know, tear off a little bit, throw it at him, watch him peck it off the ground, repeat. Preferably while sitting on a park bench.
I'm not really sure what you're referring to as "squishy bits", but it sounds gross.

No, but I shall definitely start today.

I keep seeing this boy/girl posted but can't tell who the fuck this is. What's the story?

It's a guy. Goes by something arachnid. Looks like a goth muppet. Now you're up to speed.

the spider is a spooky boy who deserves your worship! he has a twitter account and posts cute pictures... that's all. there's some Cred Forums backstory that goes back a few years, but it's not that important.

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What's its twitter? Is it a real guy with a dick?

Is it a tranny? Need source.

Obvious shill thread is obvious.

It is a biological male with a home grown, all organic dick, yes.

yes, he has a pp.


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>yes, he has a pp
>It is a biological male


there's some screenshots here! imgur.com/a/EootGcC

there's also this picture... but it might be fake. i don't know.

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The lines are so convoluted. I was fine with them when you could still call them trap and be done with it. What's worse is they get all uppity about it. It's obnoxious. The only people with set opinions on random strangers' genitals are retards with the time to waste forming an opinion on random strangers' genitals.

I don't save this shit. I'm just here to point out how weird he looks and a little stoned heckling.

i don't know what you're saying.. he's not a tranny, and trannies are the ones who care about using the correct terms. he's said before he doesn't care what you call him.

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How the fuck does a boy have a frame like that?

hate that that's a man but love the shoes

i love those socks!

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It's the whole sub culture, man. There are very few that don't care, and they're usually the weird looking ones anyway.

more with nice shoes?

i've seen a picture of her hanging out with swimsuit succubus (and their respective girlfriends) somewhere. i'd love to see a collab photoshoot with them together.

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here! i think there's only one more... and the rest you pay for. :(

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sad day but thanks

anyone have patreon leaks?

here's the last one

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This is what happens when you're a low T little feminine fag. You give in and become a tranny.


I blame myself for what happened to you, Crispy.

MORE bulge/dick picks


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Oh, and you become a fag!

he has a girlfriend, so not a fag...

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is this the thread theme?


good lord, I just discovered CA and I'm in pain with how beautiful she is, I want to love her so much

NGL this a great outfit

Look at a picture of the two of them. His gfs dying for a high T masculine man to throw her around and assfuck her into obvilion.

we can all love the spider!
it's one of my favorites

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i think they love each other very much... and i wish them the best.

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Cursedarachnid should give in and do nudes already.

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how do you get your skin so white?


what, I just wanted to know how people do that, it seems too expensive to just be make-up over your whole body

some people are just pale