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Cred Forums - Long story short, I couldn't bust a nut for like 2 weeks due to a combo of pain killers and anti-depressants. After a week of trying, I literally rubbed a dark spot into my dick.

How do i get rid of this shit? Can I bleach it like people bleach their assholes? Should i ask a dermatologist? I want it gone. Wat do?

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Just kill yourself.

I have a similar spot on the head of my dick, never thought about getting rid of it


go to a doctor, they don't give a shit about seeing your dick. they've seen more dicks than your mom has.

From whacking off? Or like a birth mark? This shit is from my dumb ass trying to beat off for like 4 hours at a time

Wtf, is that mold

>ask a dermatoLOGist

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Beating off for hours on Adderall and painkillers lol

No nigga, its a like a scar

Okay same thing then. Yea it looks like a fucking STD. Generates awkward conversations with girls. But you wouldn't know these girls, they go to a different school.

It's only been brought up a few times, I just tell the truth, never been more than a 7 second conversation, it's gonna be ok user

Yea i guess you're right. Why does it take random dudes on the internet to cure my insecurities? Thanks user, I knew there was a reason i still lurk around here.

lol you actually take the good goy pills? I'm bipolar and I haven't touched my meds since the summer.

They work for me. Definitely not for everyone.

I am back and forth, Zoloft is the only thing that's ever worked, but about 30% of the time it turns me into a psychopath, I feel no emotions or empathy.
No problemo user

That's what i'm on. The no emotions or empathy is definitely a thing. I noticed it went away when i went to higher dose though. The the lower dose everything was just "gray." At the higher doses i definitely notices high's and happiness now. 200 mg, which is on the low side of average, was the ticket for me.

I could never go over 150, I started going crazy as fuck, making people around me nervous and shit, just stone cold and apparently dead eyed. Also could no cum to save my life, maybe that's why I was crazy haha

It’s healing leave it alone for a few weeks.

Just wait for it to heal numb nuts

Idk, definitely talk to your shrink. The no nut thing is also true, but if you take it at the right time, its a non-issue. 6-ish hours after you take that thing, you aint nutting till the next day though.

Its been healed. The dark spots are scarring.

Actually a coomer ffs

I know, i know. After 2 weeks though, you start going a little nuts.

look up the bob beck protocol n colloidal silver


I'm not on it anymore been a few years. I can definitely understand why people blame antidepressants on mass shootings and murders, things that could easily be handled by talking I would just skip the conversation and start planning on how to kill the person, told my buddy and he snapped me out of it and I weaned off.
I couldn't cum for one of the hottest chicks lve ever been with to save my life, bareback, she would do anything and I wouldn't get close

It literally fucks with the receptors in your brain that tell you to nut. You can get a boner, feel everything, but you just dont ever nut. Its weird.

Definitely really weird, I did notice that when first getting on it the first few weeks I was insanely horny, and had a touch of the no nut thing, but would just last way long and fucked like a champion, as my doc raised the dose that slowly made nutting impossible and ya, turned me into a potential spree killer

You need a petite twink ass to milk it off