Fire away with suggestions of playlists, songs, ect. I did this on Cred Forums a few days ago...

Fire away with suggestions of playlists, songs, ect. I did this on Cred Forums a few days ago. Let's see how Cred Forums compares.

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gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight

>> 820058847
This is my fav song rn

My friend and me made this song together :)

Mark Foggo's Skasters

Also one of my favorite albums especially if feeling depressed. Skip prologue and Thirteen, they’re just instrumentals and interludes

Catching song and a dance so sexy even the dudes are sexy by association.

this is some real shitty music. i'm sure that no one you know can appreciate it, and every time you out it on, someone either makes an excuse for turning it off or changing song.

And whats your taste in music like? I gaurentee its worse than mine.

Also no, i have a lot of variety. I constantly get compliments over the music I play.
My first week working at my job, playing music in the back, people in the dinning room asked me to come out and have cake becuz they liked the music I was playing that much.

One coworkers always mentions how much it sucks working opposite shifts cuz they dont get to listen to the music I play.

granted I also play weeb shit and that never gets the compliments, so you’re half right.

some albums i’ve been into lately

jassbusters - connan moccasin
dsu - alex g
hounds of love - kate bush
black metal - dean blunt
dragging a dead deer up a hill - grouper
screen memories - john maus
remind me tomorrow - sharon van etten
sunbather - deafheaven
you wont get what you want - daughters

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The postal service artist radio. Thank me later

Forgot to add some two door cinema club

Join now before it's too late

some HOT underground punk right here

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No clue how i ended up with this band

Vibe with me

Dead Space 2's songs are pretty fucking good, not gonna lie.


Join now before it's too late

Mmmh dig those retro vibes.

It started with Mariya Takeuchi, and it wound up here.

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cool stuff

Im just gonna drop music playlist, its schizo as fuck becuz i just keep adding to it and still just a fraction of my music, i need to organize.

FUCK YEAH!! Macross AND Yung Bae!!

I hope this means you know Night Tempo

It's bretty gr8. I don't know why, but I have a nostalgia for a time shortly before I was born.

Ooo, I like this. I know of Night Tempo as well.

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this is great dude, keep working on stuff

I feel yea, im into old music like 20s-now, so i 100% know what you mean to be nostalgic for a time you never lived.

Potsu is also great tho no vocals

And unrelated link that i didnt want to make a second post for
been digging through 2014 beats

Its so weird finding obscure shit on youtube and then months later you hear it on the radio


That's some seriously great artwork.

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Some jap shit for my weebs
The guitar solo in this is tasty
Bleach ED 2
TFW you’ll never have a jp waifu that “raps” this slick
Some Jrock, butt rock to be specific. Go wild, go clazy

Its a great movie about alcoholism :D

Nothing else is needed

Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice

Stoned Jesus - I'm The Mountain

I was typing in a different song and accidentally clicked an autofilled suggestion and wound up with some JP ska punk???

Welp... *unzips*

Will Smith

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Really good, i think, russian song?

Also my favorite jap song to run to from gay gay school club the anime

Also also this groovy track


Steal my sunshine by len

Palmer Squares are pretty amazing. I'm not huge into rap at all but these guys are my favorite artists right now. Pretty cool jazzy, Chicago vibes in some of their better songs.

Best albums to check out are:
In Context
Spooky Language

Planet of the Shapes, Junkyard Samurai, and Napalm are also pretty good; but they're better if you get into their more popular stuff first imo.

If you like them, you can also check out ProbCause and Will is Chillin'. They collab frequently and have cool styles that mesh really well.

Speaking of gay gay school club, really great bowling for soup AMV. Hard to believe its been so long.

Poison by the symposium

I need more gypsie folk music like this pless halp

Devil in disguise
When that beat drops and that guitar solo, mmmh, im a 60s school girl when it comes to this song