Dubs decide his faith

Dubs decide his faith.

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Eat it's shit

Give him the best life you can. Or make him watch you kys.

Be nice to him, OP. Really, don't hurt him. Give him to a family member, the pound, or something. Please, OP, don't do this.

Love him and protect him forever


JK he has to marry a jewish woman for that.


Kill yourself and leave everything you own to the pupper


Treat him well until he one day dies of old age.

eat it

Be nice

Christianity, the religion that America was founded on

train the fucking thing u faggot

Cut your penis off


Be kind to it

Name him Cat

persian scum

Whatever one involves you cutting your left thumb off and blending it

Devout vegan.

Space program

church of shota frottage

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Eastern orthodox with a touch of Protestantism.

and there it is

train him to kill niggers and let him loose in the ghetto

>Dubs decide his faith

fuck off arab greek turk lol

I read faith as fate and thought this was going into a much darker direction.

Make him a black Israelite! Yakub with his double negro brain with save that melanated pupper

You had one job

Dude it’s a little puppy enjoy it. Be a man and take care of it. He’ll be your best friend one day so don’t be a piece of shit and hurt it.


His faith?

One of the Abrahamic religions

Fuck off, that dog will be trained to kill sandniggers

These answers are all correct. Protec and love him...you are his life.


Take care of him, be a good owner and buy him lots of toys

Fuck off jew lover. It's the oldest barrier against the evil of jews.


The only true religion. Jenova's Witness.

winrar. protec and love

Winrar was already

Jesus Christ is the only correct answer.

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Go on an life-searching adventure with him and get the will to live.