Say my name

Say my name.

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Pep Sanchez

Burner, coal

Gertie Thunderthighs

sweet potato

Gunter Thundersperg

Dick Gozinya

Sandy cheeks

Autist Downey jr

Fucktard McGee, heiress to she bullshit and pseudoscience.

Current champion of the dumbest perma-smirk face.

Greta Cuntberg

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Who the fuck is taking all these pictures of her...
Media are pedo faggots

Cuntle Thumperdump

t. rightist trumptard & brainlet

Gertrude Sheklestien

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You're Heisenberg...

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sweet child of wine

Your name is Robert Paulson

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The Time magazine took this picture.

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When no one is around you say baby I love you