Just a reminder

Just a reminder

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>a bunch of liars bribed to spout bullshit
>along with democrats who are so rabidly indoctrinated by the left wing traitorous anti-white propaganda
>these """witnesses""" are justly deemed to be too biased and have no relevant objective fact as its literally all hearsay
>libtards cry endlessly because their propaganda shit doesn't work outside of tv

democrats had their chance

And the Republicans stopped this from being anything other than a sham. Innocent people don;t block witnesses

3 years down, 5 to go.

Your life is going to be so hard because Orange Man bad, isn't it.

Being a libcuck is no way to live.

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> House inquiry is the witness calling evidence phase
> Senate is the trial phase
The witnesses should've all been called already PRIOR to the Senate becoming involved. Even then the Senate was willing to open the floor to ALL witnesses from both sides, but the Democrats declined; they only wanted to call their own witnesses.
This kind of bumbling shit is embarrassing as fuck for career politicians in the Democratic party.

Can't block witnesses if they're dead, eh shillary?


This is such a classic demoretard move, holy shit.

Nice try. Witnesses and evidence get introduced in the House not the Senate. The Senate can choose to reexamine if necessary but introducing witnesses at the trial is just a stunt. Also, if the chief justice of the Supreme Court follows the procedural law then Trump is obviously hiding something? Did you think that one through before typing it?

Citations needed.

And probably therapy.


here you go

Can you make more things up? It's funny.

This is an opinion article from a political shill. Tell me again how Trump isn't guilty of the things he admitted to? Oh, is it only because of the fascism of the GOP? Okay. He admitted to it. GOP Senators admitted what he did was wrong and they don't care. Cry more about your fascism, fascist hahaha

That's Schiff's job. He's working overtime tonight. He'll be out with something in the next couple weeks.

You might want to consider going outside sometime.

>He said from under his rock

God this is retarded. I cannot believe the number of absolute niggerbrains who sincerely believe he deserves to be removed for this. Now... For sucking israels cock, I'd say that's impeachment worthy, but every president since ww2 falls into that category.


Based and cumpilled, 100/10

You asked for proof.
That article contanis every single thing said by the "witnesses". They are all opinions and not fact. It's ltierally just hearsay, like me saying "I heard that user sucked 23 cocks last night!"

"no witnesses" is about the most deceptive talking point the Democrats came up with. And that's saying quite a lot.

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Reminders are good, such as:

Forever Acquitted
Partisan Witch Hunt
Botched Impeachment
Botched Iowa Caucus

Starting to see a pattern here?

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>Innocent people don't bring false charges.

>Guilty people kick up a fuss to distract from their crimes tho.

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>"Did you see the defendant commit the crime?"
>"Yes, Your Honor"
That's how dumb you sound

So your excuse for Trump violating the law is that the Democrats made him do it to distract people?

Sounds legit

hahahaha you must be really fit bro. Great mental gymnastics. You are such a legal scholar!!