Would you date a single mother?

Would you date a single mother?

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No because she wouldn't be single if I was dating her haha got em.

I would first ask specifics on number, age, sex of kids.

Hells yeah, but I'm 52 years old so....

I did for years. She was a literal 10/10. Tough when we broke up, missed the kids as well as her. Wouldn't recommend.

Fuck kids

You got us but you also got autism.
We get it, you're a pedophile

This is how you go to jail.

Word of advice fuck them but don't date them.

I have made some single mothers and I know they have 1 or more issues.

But pussy is still good.

Have been fuck buddies with a couple of single mothers I met at the gym neither wanted a full time relationship, easy sex not strings.

No, not a pedophile but would just be wondering what kind of a situation I would be getting myself into. Get your head out of the gutter, friend!

No I wouldn't. And neither would most men with any sense. I'm not saying I desire those children to be fatherless, but it really isn't their fault now is it. There is no shortage of girls out there who get pregnant by some guy they don't actually love, then they expect him to pay everything because she has made herself believe that somehow she is not the least responsible for what has happened. The children are the ones who really suffer. If a woman didn't want to get pregnant, she should not have been reckless and foolish. Seriously I'm sick of people talking about "accidental pregnancies". You REALLY need to grow up. This is the reason people hate you. You get someone pregnant or you get pregnant and you immediately go "Woe is me! How could this unforeseen, totally unavoidable tragedy have befallen me in my prime?! What did I do to deserve this? I'm only a poor boy/girl!" You really need to get out of here and get over yourself. It makes you look and sound like a loser.

>Hey, I have a financial drain that isn't yours and will never call you dad and mean it. Also I can't make good financial decisions to save my life.
>don't worry about tyrone, he's a good friend.
>I have a headache, user, maybe tomorrow.

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That's sad. I'm sorry you went through that

Is that a Sara Bell?

Would you buy a car someone crashed into a tree?

I’m a single dad and even I won’t date a single mother.

Thanks user.

Lesson learned, mommys are not on my list of girls I will date anymore.

That's why you date single moms who have their shit together and have careers you fucking retard.

you're not fooling anybody here buddy

Hi bitter single mom user.

Coming from single-dad guy, that is incredibly rare to find. And just because whoever might “have their shit” together doesn’t mean they aren’t an emotional basket case. Ask me how I know. Proudly single with a fuckin vasectomy. Ain’t dealing with anymore trifling baggage bitches.

Depends on the kids. If they are little white? No. If they are well behaved? Sure.

Ha me too. My sons fucking awesome. Don’t want him being affected by the issues single moms typically bang on about. Just get on with your life and quit complaining.

they are mutually exclusive

Have more than once, not bothered by it. Single mothers are kind of a symptom of our times, most relationships don't last these days. I am currently fucking a single mother, it's casual and not serious. I'm 31, the older you get the harder it is to find women around your age who aren't single mothers.

How hot are her kids?

I was a single dad with a son, and my wife was also a single mom with a son. We have been together for a number of years and it has been great. We even have a kid together.

There are certain aspects that are tougher with kids involved, but overall it has created little more than the occasional short-lived argument. It's certainly not for everyone, but it has managed to be the best and healthiest relationship that either of us have been in.

i wouldn't make that mistake again.

Instant chaos. Think I'll pass...

not an american woman. she'd be damn lucky to get anyone that is not a complete loser, but they will carry on like they are queen of the universe. their kid is everything and you are nothing. on the other hand, hooking up with a single mom overseas is smart. they are usually grateful. if you cheat on them and get drunk, they will hate you for it, but they will stay and will put up with it.