Thread got deleted? post those teen tik tok hoes

thread got deleted? post those teen tik tok hoes

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yeh I am still banned. you see the mods are fucked because they even just delete your thread. I'll post the webms after my ban ends.

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troll post

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it wasn't a troll post. in case you haven't figured out from just 20 minutes ago, the mods here just delete and ban with no basis for their actions other than they like to wield power.

yeah I know just thought it was funny

"troll post" , I know they are deleting random threads just for fun

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why user?

Unless you're shit posting, or posting faggots, lolis, traps or furs the mods will ban you. I miss the old Cred Forums


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she hasn't posted any good tik toks recently. she needs to do more in the white tank top of she wants to breakthrough.
oh yeah they're fucked. I got a cp permaban once for making a thread that simply said "is rape a social construct?" with some random pic, not even a girl. some she mod decided to cp permaban to send a message I guess since those bans will never expire. that's happened to me twice actually. so they use it as a weapon.

*sjw* mod

kek, wait until you see the bans handed out in the flat-chested threads for posting perfectly legal JAV models

Imagine this is your daughter kek

the other night a mod was deleting all threads on Cred Forums. I went to /qa/ and said hey can someone do something about this rogue mod. boom. banned for "troll".

damn those curves

yeah not much tik tok rn but she wants to slut out bad , she is constantly removing pictures and then adding them again to her feed 1 hour later
this pic she had as pp for just a few mins before she changed her mind again

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Why though?

don't know she is still young, I think she is realizing that she has power over men and wants to show off but on the other hand doesn't want to be seen as a slut by her friends

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its weird one time she changed her age to 17 and after a few hours back to 15 lol

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Does anyone have some webms?

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Sweet merciful hey-zeus.

Cassie Melendrez is a cute little slut

this bitch is so fucking hot

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She'd be a 6 at best without the tits.

but she does have dem tits don't she


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upgrade to a 7 at best and we have a deal

Anybody have anything good on

she legal?


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Shes legal where she lives.

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those milkers!

fucking hell something about young girls exuding hormones...


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she's only tiktok or any other socialmedia?

Cred Forums mods probably think they are hot shit, equivalent to any fucking anime discord admin

giulia.giacani on ig but she deleted most of her good pics

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i'm glad you're here to rectify the situation :)

omg im stroking to this little big tits bitch

Congratulations, you are a pedophile. How does that make you feel?

I agree as a third party voter

This chick pulled her nipple out on live the other day. "Livvylouisem" is her @

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Anyone have anything?

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Really. Liking big tits and pretty faces is the same as wanting to fuck babies.
You're weird.

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Taya Miller anyone?

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You got video homie ?

feels great getting off to those tits, btw
the bbc/cuck thread is in the other direction


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Need some Sophia Diamond nudes to escape into the world.

My nuts ache just looking at >Pedo
She's got the body of a grown woman and is over the age of consent in my country.

>prostate massager
kek every time

oh yeah

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www tiktok com/@tayamillerr

that's the only good part of it.

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fuuck yes

This chick stuffs her bra. You can see on her left boob where the tit ends and the stuffing begins. Every video/image of her has her wearing a skin tight top to hold the stuffing in. Thats why there is ZERO movement of her tits.

tiktok com/@greta.giacaniii

Yeah, her tiktok is on every video in this thread you simp fuck. Unless she has that giant tit disorder or implants its physically impossible for a girl this thin to have juggs that big.