Impeached. Headed to jail soon

Impeached. Headed to jail soon.

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How will he ever recover from THIS?!

This thread is a bombshell. The walls are closing in.

He was acquitted

lol newfag

Don't be "that guy", guy.

Are you watching the same live footage I am? You must not be.

Yay, now Hillary gets to be president.

I haz turtle examination, I not witch huntered!

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Omg hes right.

Not my Senate and not my President. Trump has been removed from office and Hillary is now President.

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You've got 5 more years of seething, user. Ready?

Do you even news, user?

fuck you hillshill

t. jeb

lurk moar neoqueer

das sum t8sty ass b8 u 8

How should I trust Political Cucks at all? They killed my mum n' dad for Christmas!

Orange man bad

Yes, and an illegitimate Senate has no authority or power. That leaves the House, which formally impeached him. And a president is not required to live in the White House. Hillary is the official President now.

orange fan mad. Get over it already, Broumphf is impeached!

I didnt know hillary was the vice president

fåk u hilshil
i am præz
sinseraly jebz

there's a lot you do not know. Delete your account.


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Join now before it's too late

She's not. She is President. Tim Kaine is now VP.


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Eu fags have no idea how this shit works XD the vice president becomes president if the current president is impeached. Hillary can go eat shitin the woods like she has been

get with the news, shithat; he's impeached; it's over. Deal with it. It was her turn.

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That's cool he can be impeached he's also an asshole. But as I stated before, that's not how it works the vice president then becomes the president. Either learn how United States low works or don't comment on it

what a gay thread. do everyone a favor and gas yourself kike.

I love how threatened all the Trumptards feel. You'd think they were the ones on trial.

you just can't fucking deal with it, can you? It is done, move on already.

Hello? O kfn c@xfdddddD

Great bait mate :/ you need to get more creative

I'm sorry about your mental illness op, it must be really hard to be as retarded as you are. Just never forget that orange man bad.

My guess is they "impeached" him just to say he was impeached for the next election. They have nothing else against him, so it's a decent attempt.

you need Jesus.

That's not how it works. The House found him guilty of using the Russians to interfere with the 2016 election results. Invalid election. That means Hillary becomes president. The Vice President becoming president is only if the President resigns (e.g. Nixon) or is killed (Kennedy).

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For real though you guys need better bait. This is no longer fun. just spewing out BS thinking you going to get people irritated isn't going to work. you're just going to get people attempting to correct you thinking that you're an idiot and when they find out you're just a troll they're going to just stop talking. You need to be more creative

Where on Cred Forums dude we all need Jesus

Also just so you have some knowledge to what's actually going on, Trump is currently on trial for impeding the process, and for withholding funds to Ukraine. He is not currently under indictment for anything to do with Russia

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Nice try bloomberg

Read the actual impeachment text. It was abuse of power (not "withholding funds") and obstruction of justice.

Plus this makes me want to vote red. Was gonna vote Bernie if he wins primary but I doubt that. Even now I'm most likely gonna vote Blumpf just to watch people lose it again. Also fuck NAFTA, good enough reason to vote for him.

When I said be creative nitpicking words isn't creative, you need to come up with a statement that is meant to enrage somebody so much that they scream at you for an hour and a half. I actually have to work so I can't sit here and teach you how to be a proper fucking troll on here. but you really need to get your shit together because right now you just look like a faggot

And you're welcome to vote however you please I win either way. I'll be watching all of you cry to each other after this election's over :D

You people are fucking retarded liberals. He was acquitted. You lost and he won. Deal with it. He will be your president for another 4 years

They don't care about the quality of b8 as long as they get paid.
>inb4 conspiracy loon
There's gotta be some incentive to spam the same regurgitated shit this much. Hell, I voted for the orange man and I'll probably do it again but if someone Zelles me money to be a retard, you bet your ass I will.
Also way to be a functioning member of society with a job, need more people like you on here.
Range ban all unemployed NEETS sounds good.

Are you fucking stupid?

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Daily reminder that left can't meme

McCain was a loser and a traitor to the state. Is this comic supposed to make me angry? Cause I agree with it


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Anyone have the comic with the beamer bitch in the cage and Trump says "doing your mom"
Shit never makes me not laugh

you retards do know thats not how it works, right?
otherwise theres gonna be some slow walkin' and sad singin' 'round here

she looks like she was asking for it

Its bait user. Look at the pic he posted. Fucking idiots