Need a new cuck/hotwife thread. Stories and kiks

need a new cuck/hotwife thread. Stories and kiks

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Bump bump bump

I have some stories if you guys want them. Gloryhole stories, picking guys up at bars stories, what do you want to hear about?

I have fucked a guy's gf I met on tinder.
Really nice sex.
Cute couple and really polite.
She said it is OK, I never saw him besides on her whatsapp Profile image.
Afterwards I got blocked and never saw them again, but it was worth it

thats uber cringe lad

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Bump for moar pics of her

just a caption I found wish I had more of her. I don't post my wife's pics on here. I'm not stupid.

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Looking to fap to your wife,gf, or ex. I love all shapes and sizes Kik dodgerfan4200

That's a real nice outfit

I love having private gloryholes for my wife or going to book stores for booth gloryholes. SO hot to watch.

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damn Brett Farve has gotten old fast



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I asked another cuck and he said it was cool cause his wife was like his personal porn star that he loved to watch take cock but also give her his cock and while not for me i cpuld at least understand the appeal some what but i dont get at all how ypu find these pics of just implying you’re getting cheated on (and you dont even get to watch lol) appealing in the slightest Like how can you go home with a woman who clearly doesnt truly love you lol

Chill out boogie

The pics are just to get attention. My wife is my personal porn star, and she never performs without her audience. It's more of a hotwife thing as opposed to a cuckold thing for me. But i don't like to put her pics up here for obvious reasons...

They convince themselves that fucking other people doesn't mean a lack of love.

Join now before it's too late

Seems like if it was a hotwife thing only youd be more inclined to just share pics than let her fuck other men but whatever you say.

Think this has to be it some next level mental gymnastics

Make my girl your background, tribs also welcome kik anonbroszz

Why would that lead to more sharing of pics? WE both have fun with it, neither one of us is complaining...

Because the hotwife fetish is about showing your girl off not letting her fuck around me thinks you’re just a runnof the mill cuckold

bumpity bump

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the hotwife fetish is sharing your wife for her pleasure. cuckold is as much about embarassing the guy as it is pleasuring the woman.

hmu on kik if you wanna share your wife: plumbs
Willing to meet in FL, would need to talk to your woman directly.

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No way faggot. Get your hairy asshole out of here

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Cuck with a big cock so I can bull too. So hit me up either way.

>picking guys up at bars stories
You still around?

Kik xchangesam
Looking for dom and aggressive bulls who'll bully and humilliate me hard.. (Preferably BBC)
Turn me into a cock loving faggot and make me send you pics of my huge titted sister while i jerk off to your cock pics instead of her pics
Don't even bother asking for her nudes right away because i'll just ignore you, please me and i will please you with her bare tits.
Kik xchangesam

Why do you fags eat cum?? You know that makes you a faggot right what would you dad's think? Probably kill himself knowing he raised a fag that eats cum!!

Anyone willing to make my ex their phone background or text her pics to your friends ? Kik me letstradesluts3498

My gf hooked up with a guy on okcupid.
She just had a Pic of us in it and got so many requests by bulls and wannabe bulls

yea i'm here, you wanna hear about getting guys at bars?

Sharing my gf, kik is makrato, say what kind of shit you want to see in the msgs


She loves touching herself in public

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>go to bar when we are on a weekend away
>wife and I planned to find a guy for to play with for fun
>we go to bars, but i stay about 20 feet away so she can see who comes up to her
>first bar, no bites
>2nd bar, find one guy who is clearly into her, buying her drinks, touching her thigh
>see her lean in to tell him the deal after about 20 minutes
>she gets up grabs his hand, and walks over to me
>"hey user, this is joe" she smiles and gives me a kiss.
> he shakes my hand and we all go out to get a cab back to the hotel

Shall I cont.?

I let my married friend fuck my wife and I covered it up. He was going crazy from lack of sex as his wife had turned into a total cunt and my wife and I had talked about it but just needed to find the right guy, so when his wife thought he was "going to the gym" he was actually coming over to my place and fucking my wife.




Wife pics share

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Curious about how you meet guys at bars. It doesn’t seem like most guys will look twice at a girl in a couple even a hot one. How do you give off the right vibe exactly?

NY bull with gf. We're looking for hotwife or gfs. We're both doms. Kik: oscizzy

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is the beginning of the story. But she wears a short skirt, a low cut top, and after drinks, letting the guy touch her thigh and maybe have his hand slide up the skirt a little bit, and brushing her tits against him, most guys don't care at that point. Plus I'm always 20 feet away, we don't sit together


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you cucks are disgusting

keep em coming cucks

WWYD my ex gfs, make them do gross and degrading shit to you while I watch

thick blanco chode for hot wifes will cuck you hard



Not my dick...

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>on the way back, he has his up her skirt, rubbing her pussy through her panties while she stokes him over his pants
>I pay the cabbie while they get out, we all get in the elevator together
>my wife makes out with me while still rubbing his cock
>we get out of the elevator, she is unbuckling his belt while i open the door.
>We all go on and i sit on the chair while she pushes him on the bed.
>she kisses me and tells me to enjoy the show.

that meaty pussy is fucking hot

Could have been my gf. Fiancee now. You sorta skinny?

Does it end with you kys? If so, continue

>I take my dick out while she takes his out and starts sucking him.
>she is slobbering all over him, putting on a good show, and he is enjoying it
>she stops to take off her top and skirt and panties, body looking slamming like always.
> he takes off his shirt and pants, and then sucks on her tits while she stands in front of him.
>She lays down on the bed, and he starts to finger her and eat her out.

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what a great fat ass too

My gf always gets attention from black guys cause of her ass and hips, just want her to take a bbc while on all fours

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I think my girl has a body for bbc, and they flirt with her, but we've never taken that step yet

kik? share more


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whats the front of her look like?


Don’t have any pics of that. Only get sent doggy bc that’s what I like.

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Cuck here


Kik markbowlings

Hot wife.

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>Think this has to be it some next level mental gymnastics

Not necessarily. I'm a good cook but I don't say she can't eat at a restaurant. I give good massages but I don't say she can't go to a spa. We love to travel together but I won't prohibit her from going on a trip with her friends. Your love for/relationship with someone isn't any one specific thing; it's none of them and all of them.

Why did you delete her? Got kik?

had to prune the shot. i do have kik, stephenwilliam314. i almost never share her but couldn't resist. pretty horny tonight and looking for tributes

Kik poundskeeper
Sharing with other cucks and bulls.

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if posting the front will give me a better chance at getting a tribute i'll do that too

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This is a story of diemmie Mai as told from multiple sources and threads off Reddit and Tumblr.
She married a cuck. He liked seeing her flaunt her body so she got a job at a strip club. Vixens in west Virginia. It wasn't enough for guys to look, he started inviting guys to fuck her. Apparently he found a guy that was bad news and that dude ended up blackmailing them to keep fucking her and having her fuck other people. She went to Shenandoah U but dropped out after a bunch of fellow students had their way with her at a frat party.

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she is a hottie

Kik: anonwithagirl

Only looking for exposers, but open to trading.

Experienced black bull looking for obedient cucks with hot unsatisfied gfs, wives or daughters for me to own

Kik me: BBChungBull

Vegas Dom bull here very experienced hit me on Kik under vegasrod

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gf. convinced her to start hooking up with coworkers. she took on to it really fast.

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would you let me eat your ass while you fucked my wife?


no kik sorry

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You sound like a faggot

thats unfortunate

cuck looking to chat with a dom about my ex gf on discord. add me fetlvr #2766

lets get rich! eyyyy

If you have a girl bring her down and I'll show her lmao

how many did she hook up with?

Thoughts on my GF? Want to hear how she would be degraded & humiliated

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My hotwife

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any more?

Has it been hit by a bbc guys?

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YESSSSS. I'd wreck her

I'd have her wear recognizable jewelry so you could tell it's her in the pics even with the paper bag over her head.

most likely yes

GF is really kinky. It took a while to find a guy down with me watching. he was in the lifestyle and he had a nice thick cock. I got to see her rocked for an hour and then joined in.

The slut wife

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Benprice4444 shares his wife with me almost everyday. Pictures, stories. His wife's the type you wouldn't expect it from, but sleeps around plenty

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Why do you think so

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I love it, more?

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fucks one, exchanges head only with another, and just is a general tease to the rest. she also has a friend she fucks occasionally.

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Another of her ass

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she's really fucking hot. have you met any of them or do you keep that separate?

that’s hot

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KIk prenutbuttersandwich to cuck over the phone

No one has an opinion

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After fucking her raw, I'd leave a streak of our mixed juices on the inside of one of her glasses lenses. Not enough to be super obvious but enough that she's have difficulty seeing around it. She'd have to wear that to work until some sort of sufficiently degrading act over the phone or in front of her office window.

I love the lead up... I'm sure it would drive her crazy, what would that act be?

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She'd need to go to the break room and discreetly shimmy her panties off and stuff them in her mouth. Then head to her car and drive to my place still holding them there. Outside my door on my fairly public porch she'd have to put them back on before coming in to get fucked raw again.

BTW you should have led with the second pic, she looks way better in that one.


Wow, that would be brutal, she's a good girl and kind of a nerd, also very professional so that would kill her, sounds amazing

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Fair haha

anyone want more?

She really would be a nice ball sucker, I'd just have her suck on my balls why I'm doing other stuff.

It's keeps damaged women damaged, perfect for controlling. Sad really


ask and delivered

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Twitter @noturbabygall
She's hot
And I need more of her

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She'd be pantyless under that robe and clenching the small green prickly pinecone that I stuffed between her legs while her proud parents took her graduation pictures.


She's never done that before sadly
God that is so hot to think about, she would be humiliated...

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I love hearing pieces of her story. Heard any more details? Got any pics or vids? There's plenty of clothes pics of her, but most of her nude pics seem shopped

In all honestly user, your girl looks cute, intelligent and successful. Nice work, you should be proud. But post more pics if you want me to keep going ;)

I take it you like?

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here... :)

>co president

she looks like one of those girls who crawls underneath her boss's desk and gives him a blowjob for a promotion

yes!!! perfect breasts

I totally agree

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>They convince themselves that fucking other people doesn't mean a lack of love.
>2020 Thinking that sex is love
Well done

Bull here looking to do wwyd, rates, or just some good jerk material
Kik me @ user_27504

any pussy shots?

Kik xchangesam
Looking for dom and aggressive bulls who'll bully and humilliate me hard.. (Preferably BBC)
Turn me into a cock loving faggot and make me send you pics of my huge titted sister while i jerk off to your cock pics instead of her pics
Don't even bother asking for her nudes right away because i'll just ignore you, please me and i will please you with her bare tits.
Kik xchangesam

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no sadly.

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i bet she has nice tits

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I wish she would...

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More? Kik?


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Exposing girls I know and gf

Would love to hear all thoughts and what you would to to them

Kik: expthrowaway

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Every few minutes I'd pull her away from her presentation to some semi-secluded spot for some aggressive fingering. Followed by some gentle petting before returning her to her presentation on cloning. It's only after the third or fourth time that she'd realize that the "petting" was me wiping her juices in her hair, on her glasses and name card. The smell of pussy is strong. Then just as she decides to slip away and wipe it off the lead researcher she has been hoping would be there shows up to question her about her project. As she tries to explain she will suddenly see a very obvious two finger swipe of pussy juice right across her conclusion on the paper. She'll instantly know and suspect he knows what it is...



Cock or caption photos of my ex! little beta boy here

She's slowly warming up to it.
How would you make her cum, Cred Forumsros?

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She does!
They're huge

Jesus that would be so brutal, completely humiliated in front of her family, friends, coworkers, superiors... Wow

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my friend blew a load on my gfs ass cheeks, ama

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howd that happen


he pad me to cum on her and take pics...
nope but ill share it all here

The first time? I'd corner her at a party, turning on the insufferable military alpha act to an 11. Make her hate me. Then later, I'd seen apologetic and ask to speak with her privately for a minute leading her to a quiet room upstairs. Once there I'd discretely lock the door and then pounce stuffing her mouth with a pair of the hostesses used panties I found in the master bathroom hamper. I'd then pull her over my lap, pulling down her pants and start fingering her to the edge of orgasm repeatedly but not let her get off. Eventually I'd tell her she can cum if she begs for it. I'd surreptitiously record her begging for later blackmail. Once I'm satisfied I'd eat/finger her to a mindshattering orgasm. I'd make sure she hot at least two fingers in the ass just before she came. Then I'd tell her I'd be in touch if she ever wanted to do it again before quickly leaving the party. The next day, I'd send the hostess's used panties to her office.

Go on...

keep posting her?
how much did he pay

heres one he took... he gave me $100 originally but then offered $100 more if he could grope her

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Confined real

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She would come running back for sure.

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any clothed ass?
all the money go to you?

Kik elgoodwin

post the rest!

i took her dinner, heres another

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she was okay with it?
was she turned on by it?

Kik ww4d2t. Big dick bull also upto share the girls iv fucked

Id write your name on her forehead then make her suck my cock

she didnt love the idea but I stayed in the room to supervise. I could tell she was wet by the sounds

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She would. She'd hate herself for it and me even more but after a few days of not being able to get it out be of her head she'd call or visit. She'd tell herself it was just to confront me but we'd both know the moment she arrives. I'd invite her in and be cordial if aloof. I need her further inside the house first. Once we go deeper inside, I'd push her a little and get her extra pissed off. As she snaps, I'd step into her and pull her into a one of those fiery thirsty kisses that she sees in her favorite guilty pleasure romance movies. Inhaling deeply as I kiss her, running one hand through her hair and the other in the small of her back pulling her to me. Just as she is coming to her senses, I'd suddenly yank back on her hair and pull her shirt halfway over her head and move to her tits while effectively blindfolding her. Before she can free her arms, her pants would be down and I'd be fingering a hot wet cunt. Driving her wild again and again making her beg before coming. Once more I'd make her debase herself and plead with me before giving her release. After another earth shaking orgasm I'd abruptly get up and tell her I have to meet someone and need to leave but to come back later if she want's another go. This would fuck with her mind, I still haven't fucked her and just turn off like I'm not interested but she is addicted to me at this point.

met her coworkers in passing, we've never hung out or spoken more than 2 words. one knows I know, the other doesn't.

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would you let them do it without you supervising?

I'd pull her aside behind a nearby pillar and tell her the bra and comfy panties need to go. Now. She'd have to try to carefully remove them, hoping no passersby notice what she is doing. Once off, she'll submissively try to hand them to me. I'll stare at her in a patronizing manner and ask what would I need her underwear for? She'll need to drop them right there at her feet, as we walk away she'll realize that someone will surely find them soon and wonder about the woman that just left a bra and damp pair of panties in a public place. The rest of the walk around the area will have me constantly brushing up against her nipples as they grow harder and harder with each abuse. The knowledge that everyone can so clearly see them will then cause a growing wet spot on her cotton drawstring pants. By the time we get to the car she will be so humiliated and turned on, that she won't hesitate when I tell her to blow me right in the parking lot. As the blowjob nears completion I'll remind her to swallow and tell her to finger herself to completion as well.

I'm a 23yo bull with a big cock. I'm really into Asian couples where the girl wants to try bwc for the first time

Kik me and we can talk about your gf and what I'd like to do. Possibly meet up if you're in Canada


I'd like to hear both of those, please. Are you cuck, or is she a hotwife?

Love her transforming into a slut, so degrading, especially with it being in public for all to see, she'd be lost without underwear...

Attached: r17.jpg (1080x720, 89K)

She's a hotwife, we always play together. kik is stephenwilliam314.

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Micropenis lel

going for a win rn wish me luck

Tell a gloryhole story

Who's got a big dick and would fuck my gf

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She has a mouth that needs to be used

Attached: 598764532156.jpg (1536x2048, 647K)


>go to adult bookstore
>walk around with wife in low cut top and no bra talking about booths so guys know what we are doing
>go into booth, wife takes top off as we are going in, tits on display to advertise
>wait for 30 seconds, first cock comes through the hole.
>average size, about 6 inches, white
> wife gives me a kiss and kneels down and starts stroking the cock, rubbing it on her tits
>slowly slides it into her mouth, putting on a show for me.
>sucks him, licks up and down his shaft, rubs it on her face until she feels him tense up.
>leans back and lets him blow on her chest.
>first cock of 4.

Would love to watch you plow my gf

Attached: Screenshot_20190604-224816_Snapchat.jpg (1080x2280, 600K)

You know you need to...

Had you already shared her before at this point?

couldn't find it.

my kik is - randomaussie95 if you wanna see my cum to your wife / gf

First of all yes. Second, to continue
>she looks up at me smiling
>It was a good load
>a new cock peeks through the hole, a little bigger, maybe 6.5 inches.
>She goes back to work again, and I pull my cock out and start stroking
>this guy has the stamina of a field mouse and surprises her, cumming in her mouse after about 90 seconds.
>She turns around and shrugs, and drool all the cum onto her tits.
>SHe knows I like the visual

Have video as well

On her family vacation to Denmark, she'd check her email one evening in the hotel room to find out that I flew out there too and am nearby. I'll demand that she meet me in one hour. How did this happen? She took the vacation to try to remember who she is supposed to be? How will she explain slipping out at night in a different country? She'll come up with some bullshit line about wanting some fresh air and to just take in the scenery and moment. Its lame, she knows its lame, she leaves anyway. The shame and conflict war with excitement as she heads to some spot called Istedgade. She's so distracted that she doesn't realize where she's going until she looks up. Holy shit! Its a brothel! This is a red light district! No! She can't handle this. As she turns to go, there I am. Possessively grabbing her by the hip and pulling her to me. Without saying a word we go inside. A woman there in a slutty black dress with dark makeup has been expecting us. She leads us into a back room. Before she knows whats going on, we have her arms secured behind her back and slip a ball gag in her mouth. She's led to the bed and in a state of near shock goes along unresisting as she is secured to the bed. I low intensity vibrator is slipped inside her. She's so wet. Why is she so wet? Then to her confusion we promptly ignore her. I begin to fuck the prostitute while she sits there secured, frusterated, cucked and horny. Eventually I we finish, loudly orgasm as she watches, broken, drooling around a ball gag. I then stand before her and remove the gag, offering my sticky cock for her to clean. She refuses at first but the prostitute suddenly turns up the vibrator from one to ten. As her mouth opens in a gasp my cock goes in. She comes tasting me and the prostitute. Afterwards, I release her and tell her I need to catch a flight. I hand her 10 Kroner and tell her to take a cab back. The cab cost far more than that, she knows I knew that and it was just one more insult


Got kik?

>820068783 #
U from Green Bay?

>3rd cock was average again, and also a quick cummer.
>another load on her tits, she was looking so sexy, and sucking me in between cocks
>4th cock was a donkey.
>had to be 8.5 inches long
>she loves sucking on big cocks
>goes to town on this one.
>Looks great stroking and sucking this big cock covered in cum
>pulls off the cock lo0ng enough to turn in all her cum covered glory and say loudly"i'm swallowing.
>guy moans when he hears it, and she goes at him with gusto.
>30 seconds later, he shoots a gigantic load in her mouth.
>She turns around, shows me, and swallows every drop
>we leave the booth, she leaves her shirt off so everyone can admire the view on the walk to the car, and we go home and fuck like rabbits,

Oh fuck yes, she does. (Nice job user, she's killer!) A week later, another neighborhood barbecue party. She sees me, I see her. I go upstairs to a guest room and wait. I don't have to wait long. She comes in and closes the door, I hear the lock click. She comes over and stands before me, face impassive. Too proud to say what she wants, too needy to leave. Finely I cock an eyebrow, "Well?". She goes to slap me, but its half hearted and easily caught. I don't think she really meant it. I suddenly jerk her towards the bed by her arm. She falls acrossed it and before she can protest her yoga pants and thong are around her feet pulled half way inside out over her shoes. I'm already burying my face in her pussy. This is what she's been needing, but this time I free my cock and roll her over by her hips. Now on her back I straddle her face and my hard cock is resting on her face. She takes it in, grudgingly at first but as my efforts pay off on her clit she begins going with real gusto. I driver her to what would have been a screaming orgasm if my dick wasn't pushing on her tonsils. I come as her quivering thighs finish squeezing my head. I look at her, she's a mess, hair messed up, slobber everywhere and a bubble of come and spit in one nostril. I get up, wipe my cock on a pillow case and without a word leave the room. I have the decency to close the door behind me.

Amazing, she is just there to be used by you, What an incredible story, rock hard

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we recently moved from small town white suburbia to the big city
now my wife always gets a lot of attention and sometimes aggressive comments from them whenever she's out alone with our daughter taking the subway
wish she'd stop being a prude and let them fuck her

Love it. One time thing for you guys?

no we have had 5 guys come in and actually fuck her with me there. we do gloryholes fairly often. It's a fun after dinner date night thing.

Looking for brutal rates of my girlfriend on

kik 187drai

Tribanon5 on kik. Add for tributes. Nudes prefered, fatties and grannies not prefered.

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All you fucking plebs are just wannabes and 5 min shoot offs. Can't message someone for more than 5 mins. Want a bull? Answer the right ones.

This seems not shopped. U less she was wearing clothes while bent over.

There's so much flying around.
Something with incest
Or dog
Or dad
Or uncle
Or boss at strip club
Or stocker at CVS where she works

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Any interest?

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Yes go on.


Weeks later she is one a "girls vacay" with her sister at the beach a few hours away. They have fun, its like being in high school again. They even flirt with a few guys and dance at the hotel bar but nothing serious. Her sister is married and she has a boyfriend (and other complications). That evening after dancing she tells her sister that she had a little too much sun and is going to head to her room. Later she wakes up to the sound of someone fucking. Jeez this place must have thin walls, some honeymooners are really going at it. Then she realizes the sounds are coming from the otherside of the shard room door. Her sister is fucking some guy!? He rails her for what seems like hours, first she feels turmoil at her sisters infidelity but after the first hour she can't help but get turned on and is soon fingering herself to her sisters moans and screams. The next morning things are awkward on the way home neither mentions it. She arrives a hours before her boyfriend gets off work. As she walks inside there is a knock at the door. I'm there. She bites her lip, she shouldn't be doing this at all, especially not here. She promised herself never here but she is so horny from last night that she drags me upstairs. We leave a trail of her clothes in the hallway. As the lights go out I stuff her panties in her mouth. This must be a fetish of mine. I fuck her for two hours in all three holes. When we are finished, she is sore and chaffed, her boyfriend isn't getting any tonight. I need to leave quickly to avoid getting caught. As she starts to clean up she looks at the panties that were her gag. Wait it was her swimsuit bottoms. How'd he get these? She turns on the light. These are green. Her swimsuit was red. Her sister wore green...

Love to hear what guys would do with her. She's a bit of a prude

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That just made me rock hard... The thought of her unknowingly tasting her sisters juice, wow... just incredible...

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More leopard print?

Amazing. Good on you user.

Keeps things spicy. guys actually fucking her is probably once maybe twice a year. gloryholes are most date nights...

Offering up my girl. What would you do?

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22/f here with a bf that's opened up about this kink.

I'm having a genuinely difficult time processing it all. Can anyone attempt to explain WHY this turns you on and what it is about it that makes you want to do it?

I'm not kink shaming, but I just simply can't relate to it at all.

24m bull kik: frieze95 if your girl needs some bwc

Sadly none I can't find atm

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I think its a weird affirmation that your girl is hot. Like subconsciously, your brain is reasoning that all these super alpha type guys that are superior to me also desire my girl. Thus my girl is super hot.
Then again I could be wrong. I come here to check out other dudes wives and tell them what I'd do in exchange for pics. Its fucked up but we all have our vices.

because it ignites a whole bunch of really primitive emotions -- watching your mate get bred by competition. Your body responds by wanting to out-breed the competition

Yeah I get that part and he enjoys "showing me off" which I can get around and the same with a potential 3some or something.

But him not being there is when it feels off to me.

Holy fuck you cucks are some weird brand of degenerates.

For me, it's also watching my wife enjoy herself. Not that she doesn't enjoy sex with me, but seeing her be able to lose herself with a stranger, ask for whatever she wants, its freeing. And its fun.

I think a major point if this would be that he IS there. Watching.

I share my wife, but I am always with her. We never play apart, and never talk to a guy without both of us being involved. Trust is everything with this lifestyle

This is more in line with what he's said than I'd be more comfortable with a friend I trust, but he insists a stranger is part of the fantasy

Yep, I agree with you. I'd feel so much more comfortable if he was there and may or may not join in too.

a stranger makes it easier to disengage and keep it seperate from your personal lives and friends. Gives you the ability to "one time" it, if you don't like it and you fucked his best friend, its hard to move on. with a stranger, it isn't

That's amazing. What city are you in that has gloryholes that couple friendly?

A week goes by, silent treatment. She isn't talking to me, she's pissed. Apparently the line somewhere passed Danish prostitutes but before sisters. She's on the way home from a lecture at a university. I'm waiting across the street watching her house. When she get's home I get out the the car and follow her car into the garage. Its so dark inside after the bright sunlight she doesn't even notice me until she's entering the house. Suddenly my hand is over her mouth, she drops her coffee cup and car keys in a panic. I find its best not to spend a lot of time talking about feelings. I drive her hips into the counter and yank her pants down to her knees. She's a little dry but I'll manage and eventually do. After the initial struggle she just takes it. Eventually I hear the faint sound of moans and start to speed up my pace. As she nears a climax I stop and drag her over to the couch. I pull out my phone and pull up a picture of her freshly fucked naked sister from that night. I toss it on the couch in front of her and make her stare at it as I jackhammer her pussy. When she cums its the hardest yet. I tell her that she needs shame and humiliation to really get off. Its who she is. I gently rub her clit keeping her horny as I explain this. "Now call your sister, tell her you're not mad and really want details." I slowly fuck her as she obeys and I hear all the licentious details. Its nice to be called a "sex god". Before they hang up, I prompt her sister to ask if she'd see the guy again if she got the chance. She guiltily admits she would. As she hangs up I speed up driving her to her greatest orgasm to date.

we travel to bookstores or host our own at home with a sheet in the garage. either way works

Are you in a major metro area?

close enough that we can make it a weekend for a few big ones in the northeast. But rural truck stop book stores, no one cares. Those are what is close for the average night

Fuck yes, so amazing she's forced to ensure that to get off, incredible story

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I have tons of stories, we have had some fun times

No takers? She really knows her way around a cock...

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Part of doing it with a stranger is that you can still keep this a secret and have some power over the sex, if you did it with someone you knew and you end up enjoying it more that with your boyfriend it would be more tempting to engage in a relationship

I'm going to have to tap out soon. I've got a 5am wakeup. I'll do one more but send me a kick if you want more later, yeah?

Damn I don't have but these are incredible, no worries about tapping out

Got an average dick. How about that

dick size isn't as important in this lifestyle as you would think...

She calls, her boyfriends out of town. Maybe we can do dinner? We don't do dates, that's not what this has ever been about but I say yes. We meet, she's dressed up. Not truly classy, she's a little nerdy to dress that kind of killer but she looks good, way better than usual. We go to a nice restaurant. Its pricey but I can afford it. I can tell she's captivated. We follow up with a walk along the river district before going back to my place. I have rose petals on the stairs and lit candles in the bedroom. This is more romantic than she is used to, she's ready. She slips off her clothes to reveal sexy lingerie. Its new, her boyfriend hasn't seen this. She's shy but proud and excited. I kiss her. She is school girl first kiss excited. I carefully reach into my nightstand and suddenly pull a hooded mask over her. It has mouth and nostril holes. She's confused but kink is our game, she's going along with it. I push her down onto all fours and cuff her wrists to her opposite ankles. I pull out a vibrator, the same kind from Denmark. I slide it in and secure a ball gag. I then walk out leaving her there. She hears noises downstairs. I come into the room with her sister. We've been seeing each other for a couple of weeks now and she's a kinky girl. I tell her I have a pet for us to use. The girl on the floor moans through the ball gag and thrashes about. I set her sister on her back and she starts blowing me. I then turn her over and fuck her on top of our "gimp". We don't come yet, I ask her sister if she's ever been eaten by another woman. Her eyes flash with excitement, no but she want's to try it. I remove the gag and smash the gimps face into her sister's pussy. Before she can protest I drive a cock into her pussy ass and turn the vibrator to ten. She comes flooded with her sisters juices again. Hours later her sister leaves to her husband. I keep my pet up all night turning the dial on that vibrator recounting her pussy eating exploits.

Dude you write great stories
Got a Kik or mail ?

My hotwife

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Yo op can I get the original of this pic

Looks like a fat cow

found it on reddit my dude, have no idea where it came from

Not op. Found it on reddit by reverse searching. Can’t believe people get off to fake stories like this.

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Much love thanks to both of ya

She loves riding cock...

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I don't think my phone posted the last one. Thanks btw. My kick is Kjartanthecruel

Nice pic!

Always god Same pics of her


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Hope you enjoyed them, its been fun user. Next time find a few nudes yeah? Even if they are only partial.

have you for the above post at about the off story on OP or above seen to it that the black swimsuit was altered in romo foreseen and found at ten?

Glad you like her!

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Id like her more on my face.

Once I ran into a chick while I was out hiking. She ended up sucking me off, even though I'm pretty sure she was with someone lol
Just another day for /out/

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Here's my wife and a caption someone did for me

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I think she’d be happy to oblige

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Post more of her

What, with your daughter watching? How's that gonna work? Send her out alone and tell her not to come back until she has matted hair and pics of how it happened.

her kik is xxxjessieholden

Huge slut

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The last time you posted her, I think I figured out she was a doctor up in a Pacific Northwest city. Figured out her name and her hospital and found her Instagram feed. She’s a feminist on it.

Any of y’all share your wife’s fuck sessions on snap?

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dude we met in a kik group met us while we were walking in a secluded area of a park, stopped us and chatted us up before making comments about how good my wife looked, ordered me to pull her pants down while she held her hands on her head.

not the guy, but my wife won't respond to any advances when the kids are around. And i don't look kindly on them either. I'm not the stereotypical body type for this, so guys usually dont mess with my wife when we are out with the kids

Not on /b

What’s your snap or Kik

What’s the story?

Amazing tits Kik?

And... go on.

That's what I'm saying. user wants his wife to fuck the guys who hit on her while she is out with user jr. That isn't going to work.

my kik is pantiboi222

and for people who actually participate in this lifestyle, this is the opposite of what happens...

Presumably this isn’t your wife, right? (Reverse image searched it)

no it isn't, found that on reddit hot wife captions, what do you want to know?

Would love to see more of your wife (assuming the other non-face pics are her she’s really fucking sexy) but wasn’t interested in just swapping pics that have been saved off of Cred Forums.

I have stuff i haven't put on b, and like tributes. and have plenty of stories

Would love to hear it. What’s your Kik?


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M25 German bull
Thick cock
Cant satisfy your slut and want a real man to do it?
Kik: davidavedav12

tall and big dicked bull looking for asian couples where the guy wants his girl to try bwc for the first time.

kik is anonbro66

Got her blacked at the beach by a huge bull

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Drop urs

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Show your girl off to me on kik

post videos to vola
dick between her cheeks is so hot


shitty guitars.

Got this from a sissy cuckboi who’s been ignoring me for the past week. Say hi from Tobi.

Kik: jodel1676

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Fuck. Do you have a video or more pics?

fuck what a cow lol. Don't share this shit in the future bud, how embarassing.

i'll tell reddit where i got the pic from. my wife doesnt need to ask cock and she always looks better than the props, lol

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don't worry I'm not under the impression your shit pictures are yours. Don't assume we want your fag ass to reply to every single comment on your thread.

His gf’s name is Sarah

Humiliate the little bitch

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also stop using "lol" on Cred Forums you moron.

sure, i'll stop right after she stops blowing me. the perks of being married...

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My gf cheated on me and told me how she swallowed all of his cum. Little does she know I loved it and I think about his big dick in her all the time now.