Imagine the girl you think is the most attractive in the world. Got her in your head?

Imagine the girl you think is the most attractive in the world. Got her in your head?
Now imagine she just sucked a bbc. She has a huge load of cum in her mouth and she wants to kiss you. What do you do?

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kiss her

As soon as I know she touched a nigger voluntarily, she'd be dead to me

walk away.

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That's my sister in the pic.
It is photoshopped to put cum in her mouth.
At the time it was taken she was 16.
Please stop using innocent photos to perpetuate the myth of white girls and BBC.

kiss her deep


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Nah that's called closet faggotry and one day you guys will gain the strength to finally come out and admit you have an obsession that brings you shame and forced you to hide behind a fake fetish. We are rooting for you though, you can do it.

Your fantasies are sick bro.. Get some help

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Say no, I don't mind kissing her if she just schlucked me off but otherwise nah.

cringe tbh

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slurp those lips

>Please stop using innocent photos
>innocent photos

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Kys cuckshit

like clockwork

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full ver

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So some random stranger has just walked up to me in the street with a mouth full of cum, wanting to kiss me. Think I'd be calling the police.

Same user: I'd say it would be sexual assault with a bio-weapon

cringe. you know you'd make out with her

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Not gonna deny it's pretty cringe but it's def more complicated than that. The human male brain's sex drive is triggered by certain visual cues like women's faces (especially with eye contact or a facial expression indicating sexual pleasure) and tits, but also including semen and erect penises, which kind of makes sense since signs of male arousal indicate that there's an arousing female around.
Seems to me that Blacked/Tushy/Vixen and similar recognized this and found a way to capitalize off it.

In addition to this there's a femdom/humiliation aspect to it - Part of the turn-on is in the degrading act foisted onto the viewer by the woman.

now that I think about it, that seems very accurate. i couldn't put my finger on why these pics are so arousing to me. now I know.

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