Rate my balls /bros

Rate my balls /bros

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I like potato thank you user
Graciously accept your rating nechan


I need more rates on my balls guys
Also feel free to post your balls and ill rate them for you

Pretty sexy
Would love to see more angles.

what's your opinion on sagging nuts?

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They’re cool whats ypur opinion on guys with three nuts

Lol i can do that ypu got kik?

8/10 could be hairier

Ill rub some Rogaine on em for you

0. get the cut off.

they'll be born again

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I like the though


Thanks user but be gentle cause they’re a little sensitive

You're welcome. And don't worry, right after I'm done sucking on them, I'd glaze them with my cum.

Well that sounds like a waste of cum user you better lick it up and come share it with me

sounds good to me user! maybe after we're done exchanging saliva and my cum, feel free to breed me or skull fuck me. whatever is your preference!

Would love to see your set too user

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here you go

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Mmm you look tasty do you have kik? Also is that a hole for a missing piercing i see?