How many calories do you think are in this meal?

How many calories do you think are in this meal?

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Why would they give you a knife, and not just a skewer? Do they just hate their dishwashing crew?

Because he may want to cut it, you absolute brute!

who cares, only fags and women count calories


Fries alone are more than that. More like 3000

Too many you fat fuck.

That doesn't look too bad for you.
Grilled Chicken Breast ~350
Cheese ~100
Hamburger Bun ~200
Fixins ~50
Onion Rings ~250
French Fries ~350
Dip ~50
I'm going t0 guess between 1100 and 1300

It's a sandwich and it's being served with finger food. If they need to cut it, they can ask for a knife.

This. Guac alone is prob 400. Fries 700. Onion rings are prob 1000. Chicken sandwich with dressing is prob 1000.

8-12 T H I C C cut fries depedant on fat content / oil type 150-300 calories
small bun burger bun plain 125 calories
3 onion rings 175
chicken breast? grilled 250 calories
sauce could be more calories than any of these items total 700 low end 1100 high

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>Guac alone is prob 400
Bullshit, that's like 2 tablespoons max. Probably less than 100 cals

I didnt see the bowl of onion rings i, the background and forgot about the ones on the burger

dude you better tell us what it said on the menu about the calories

Yeah I'm sure when you make it yourself.

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K so you guys couldn't form a coherent answer without fighting, and the manager needs to know right now so he can write it on the menu. I've asked the CK board for help too :)

According to Google, it's 50. I gave it double because it was restaurant, smarty-pants.


>350 cals for a single chicken breast

At least 1000

This guy is a fucking moron. As someone who has counted every calorie religiously for almost 2 years, I'd reckon that with the guac included this is somewhere between 1200-1500 calories.

Just look at the menu or get all of the ingredients and add them up in a calorie counter app. Don't forget the sauces on the burger or that you use for the fries.

I don't even care, move over and give me an onion ring.


Around 700, but I'm just guessing.

>Five Guys fries: 1314 calories
>just the fries

way too many but who gives a shit

1100-1300 depending on what meat that is (looks like chicken) and how much sauce is on it. Easily 1500 with soda

tree fitty

Yea that's retarded and also restaurants make their money by not giving you much weight in the proteins and 300 cals of chicken is like half an entire bird. This is probably 150-200 max. That sauce/ dressing though is probably 200 cals itself

100? At least based on my school's food.
Those fries look to be about 300-400
Onion rings maybe another 300
Sandwich around 500-600
Sauce (guac?) 200

250 for the chicken breast eh


Andys loaf: 2600 calories of pure fiber

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1400 - 1700 roughly

exactly 6
am sciencetist (fod)

it's guac yes, but I'm not sure about the rings... they could be onion rings, but equally they could be pineapple and this is a hawaiian burger.