Get rekt libtards

Get rekt libtards

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Dumbass couldn't even stand on the toilet to avoid getting shit on his feet.

just bring two plastic grocery bags with you.

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>those footprints

sometimes i shit like this unironically, it's pretty nice and ergonomic

do you have any idea how much shit he had to get on his legs to make this happen? not sure who the 'tard' is supposed to be here, but you may be confused.

The trannies aren't the one's that are probably going to quit their job because you missed the toilet

>tfw when bigger dick than you

>the feeling when when bigger dick than you

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Legit pro tip

great thread faggot

it's "that feeling when" not "the feeling when" newfag

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>I shit on the bathroom floor and act like a filthy nigger because I'm sticking it to the libtards!!
thanks for the quick laugh faggot

this is pretty based imo, someone has to wipe that up and it's not going to be TEAM MAGA!

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Soooooo.....MAGA is all about intentionally pooping on restroom floors?!?

This is why I’m an independent.

Ya know... if he had an IQ above room temperature, he would have at least stood on the toilet seat so he didn't get shit on the back of this legs...

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shut up loser

better check the back of your legs, bitch

Join now before it's too late

alright bro i'll join asap!

I used to work at a local Starbucks. You know it’s mostly little kids who use those bathrooms, right? And the only person you’re really pissing off is the person on shift trying to make a living wage. But go ahead and congratulate yourself for clearly making America such an amazing place.

For what???

Is this America in a nutshell?