Even I have to draw a line somewhere. This guy is in the midst of the biggest impeachment trial in history...

Even I have to draw a line somewhere. This guy is in the midst of the biggest impeachment trial in history, costing the taxpayers millions, hes under scrutiny for quid quo pro schemes and withholding aid to a foreign country.

And hes fucking GOLFING?

Does he realize the fucking optics of this? How much did this little excursion cost taxpayers?

I dont see how a single person could defend this with a straight face. Fucking abhorrent

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biggest impeachment trial in history? Cool story bro

he's human bro

how is he costing taxpayers money when he didn't start the impeachment the demokkkrats did

>How much did this little excursion cost taxpayers
how much did the fake witch hunt impeachment trial slowing down the government and wasting an immense amount of resources to discover nothing cost taxpayers?

>Does he realize the fucking optics of this? How much did this little excursion cost taxpayers?

I bet you make fun of trump for eating McDonald’s after you bitch at him for wasting taxpayers money

>"Witch hunt"
>Refused witnesses, evidence, and testimony from Bolton

Trump does not care. With his acquittal, he is now invincible. Marvel as he ascends into his planar form

You think he posts these golfing pics because he’s bored? He’s playing you dumb ass snowflakes. He’s a fucking retard when it comes to being a president for the good of mankind but dude is a genius when it comes to triggering people.

Didn't impeach himself. Demotards wasted all that money KNOWING BEFOREHAND he'd be innocent. Well done Pelosi, ripped up the impeachment yet?

> the house could have done their job

> Napalm truth

He's obviously not innocent; everyone knows what he did and that it violated the Constitution. It's just that not enough people care to hold him to any kind of accountability.

Remember when Obama was too busy golfing to make a decision on Benghazi?

Remember when every president before him spent their free time golfing?

Yah, no one gives a fuck.

Remember when Obama wore a tan suit? He was true slime.

Sometimes, when things get tough at work, I actually work.
I'm also human. Mostly.

The whole reason they couldn't is because the President ordered government agencies to not cooperate with the investigation, hence the House adding on the Obstruction of Congress charge. If they had waited for the subpoenas to go before a court and through the appeals processes, Trump might have been out of office already. The Republicans were very smart and out-politicked the Democrats, but that doesn't mean that's how an impeachments is at all supposed to go.

Also of the three impeachments, this is the only one without witnesses or evidence presented live to the Senate.

>refuses witnesses
>dems claim they have such damming evidence they don't need witnesses

Which is it? You fucks couldn't be satisfied by any means. Trump could fucking step down tomorrow and you faggots would chastise him for giving up. A part of me almost wanted you retards to be right for once so Pence would have to step in and you would finally have something to actually be worried about.

Yah that makes a lot of sense.

>they are investigating me for possible illegal activities. Better comit actual illegal activities to cover my tracks that don't need to be covered!

Take the fuckin L and get your parties shit together so you might be able to stand a chance at the election after this one.

Lmao he’s spending 100x less money golfing than letting thousands of illegal immigrants benefit from “free” healthcare

>hes under scrutiny for quid quo pro schemes
no he wasn't

>Obama played golf every single time his attention was needed

Nice cherry picking, faggot

>Be me
>Year is 2025
>God Emporer has abolished term limits
>Modern science has broken through to reverse aging
>clinical trials are sucessful
>God Emporer is restored to his prime
100 more years KAG


it isnt him that asked for the impeachment numbnuts

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He's above the law in all forms now. Congrats on that

Cherry pick these nuts bitch. Not my fault you're upset that you belong to a party so retarded that instead of developing a contending candidate they decide to go on a useless witch hunt. It's like a child that is about to get grounded for something and decides to throw a tantrum and bring up their sibling breaking a vase two years earlier instead of arguing their own case.

>Remember when Obama was too busy golfing
I remember
It was endless tears from the right
>Golfer in Chief

Few years later.... constantly golfing is perfectly acceptable

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Why are you even giving them a response lol
Its what the shills want.
Lets just make February 5th Trump day.
Crack open a cold one or light up a bowl fam.
Pic related
>MFW news of his inevitable aquittal reached my ears.

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