Ask a guy that frequents amps anything

ask a guy that frequents amps anything

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do you wear a mask when you walk in?

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What city?

Do you go to the shitty chinese ones or the nice high-end Korean full service ones? God damn I love the Korean ones.

no i don't want to be creepy

DC. the chinese ones are great for a purpose. 30 minutes and a HE for less that $100 at most places. the best place i've been too was actually in SF run by an old fat lady. it was like a day spa, beautiful employees, getting pampered the whole way. $700/day plus gratuity and i was the happiest man on earth.

>no i don't want to be creepy
do your places have cameras?

no. there are forums and places to find information on these things. many places that do have cameras don't last long because they are usually police plants.

Was there a line up? I might go to SF this year. Is it still operating? I'd soooo drop in and enjoy that.

less of a line up and more each session had it's own employee.

also i don't know if it's still around but i'm sure you can find out. it was in chinatown on stockton

Noted, I'll give it a look up on some forums and see if it's still a thing. Full service at that one? You said 700/day which is kinda crazy.

i mean it was literally a spa. mud baths. manicures. hot stone shit. massage. and each event was in a private area with its specialist. and each area you tip extra if you want. it was me and a buddy of mine that went. we got there at 9am and didn't leave until almost 7. it was awesome.

I meant crazy low haha

op, u married?

married in the past tense wife and i split about 7 years ago. found out she was fucking my kids teacher.

are you smarter than a 5th grade teacher?

3rd grade. i'd like to think so but again i live alone and pay for women to jack me off.

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i didn't starting going to amps until after the divorce. the buddy that lived in SF put me onto them and i have been going ever since. moved to DC for work and they have some decent ones around here.

I live in the capital of AMPs, Pennsylvania.

i hate your roads but you guys have the best amps on the east coast also your sex arcades are pretty good too

its crazy, i live in the woods and have 4 amps within 10 miles....

Vegas is eh.. average is $200 if you want full service at AMP. Including entry fee. I've started to find them rather depressing when I think about it.

Cheapest I've found is $45 30min massage than $50 HE.

Only at one place. Otherwise everywhere else is trying to get $150 for hj. $100 at some places. Fuck it sucks.


Could get a whore fs for $100. But there isn't really any asian girls unless you want to pay well.

happy ending

if you know ducannon (between harrisburg and selinsgrove) there is a place called athenas that is fantastic. a bit expensive but well worth the visit.

are amps popular in other countries? i've only gone to ones in the us

whats the best amp in/around LA?

I've always been too paranoid of going to one when the cops are doing a sting.
They charge 40 to get in, how much do you need after that to get what you want?

OP here. never been to one in LA but if you head over to san diego pine spa is the place.

I'm pro-prostitution, but you can fuck off, OP. Massage parlors staff their operations with slaves. Non-black slaves! You can fuck off and die.

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No they don't you retarded cuckservative. We live in a free country.

Yes they do. They lure the girls over with the promise of honest work, then they take their passports and paperwork from them when they get here "until they pay off their debt" by sucking off assholes like you.

Well we are getting them closer to their goal, one dick at a time.

That's the point numbnuts. There isn't a goal. They just keep them fucking until they're too old an then they kick them out. If they haven't died from drug use already.