How many leftists committed suicide today?

How many leftists committed suicide today?

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Who cares, faggot

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about 350

Not enough.

They don't kill themselves. They just bitch about it on fb while willingly letting a right wing bull cuck them.

This guy for sure, but he probably don't vote.

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anything over 10 and you're stretching your ability to enumerate, amirite ;)


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leftists don't really care, liberals actually do

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Grabs his tits

nise tiddies

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I don't live in the US, nor would I ever want to. So, no, he's not my precedent.

Also the civilised world is laughing at you, not crying.

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I may not like Trump, but he still the (my) President.
and as I see it, will again be the President do to Lazy smart(ass) people not Voting when they needed to.
He not fake, in what he dose, which make him a real leader.
Mind U, I still don't like him, but he's still a cool President...

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god damn. learn to spell

Trump needs to bring back that sick ass mullet look

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Problem with that word?
Also if you want to humiliate yourself with a meme you'll probably want to actually get the target right first, fyi.

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If you're not in Anglosphere, Europe, Japan, or South Korea you live in a shithole, that's a fact.

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Fake hair, fake tan, fake Time magazine covers, thousands of recorded lies on record.
He is fakeness which somehow achieved a real form.

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Well, you're as smart as Donny, I'll give you that.

he's still a fucktard, elected by retards, doing a shitty job, and taking credit for shit that isn't even credit worthy.

Yeah, sounds like Trump.

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so fake

Not enough

Zero committed suicide: Going to trial was never about conviction. It's so everybody knows how corrupt the senate Republicans are. And now Pelosi can investigate, get subpoenas upheld, get witnesses, get documents and never has to go back to the senate. Trumps going to lose. The Republicans will lose the senate. Then Trump is going to prison.

Hahaha holy fuck, and I didn't think you could self-own any more than you already did. Have any more for me?

Why do black activists all do that when they flustered?

It's like a genetic tick or something.

Leftists look forward to your war and want to thank you ahead of time for the free ammo and guns

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None because everyone knew the Senate would let him off because Mitch McConnell is getting him off with his mouth.

Leaders of the free world.

Name what country you're from.

Europoors are cringe

Leftists are gonna keep getting BTFO'd because they're too pozzed to try and appeal to the white working class.

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None. We're worth FAR more than any of you subhumans and wouldn't want to deprive the world of worthwhile people.

Oh yeah, enjoy getting looted by your pet niggers in urban areas, then getting wiped-out by white nationalist death squads from the rural areas later.

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sure is doing a lot of comfort eating

can this guy even throw a football correctly

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That's why you're FOLLOWING American current events. Your countries news isn't important enough for US outlets to carry.

ok I bumb ranger :)


What is it about Trump threads that attract so many people with humiliation fetishes?
Oh sweetie, I hate to break it to you...
Oh dearie, you think I don't know how you operate?
Here's what you would go to:
Problem is that you're a dime a million, so there's no point in engaging you only to see things I've seen before ;)

Going for a run, please keep going so I have something to laugh at when I get back. Meanwhile, have a gif of your mentally stable genius being outwitted by an umbrella.

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It's almost like right wingers are literally too stupid to comprehend why images like this aren't valid arguments.

I mean, they ARE fucking STUPID as hell, but are they really THAT stupid?


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>name calling
So this retard is anti-Trump, considering Trump has a schoolyard bully-level retarded name he calls everyone?

Can someone explain to me what leftists are?

Like is the far left like people in California bc it's the furthest left side of the country?


Not enough.

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So are you a Turkoid or what?

Sandnigger countries are all shitholes.

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>do nothing democwats boo hoo hoo

Moscow Mitch is the do-nothing pile of shit. He has hundreds of passed bills on his desk. If he ever stops fellating Trump's tiny mushroom, he needs to get to those.


Anyone who's ever seen The Kingsman should be a little disturbed by Trump's retardation and "fast food feast".

Leftists are an umbrella group that incorporates neoliberals, Marxists, and ethnocentric niggers that are all united in the cause of trying to disenfranchise white people and generally shit things up.

Basically it's what feminists refer to when they talk about "intersectionality". And honestly, it's true. The vast majority of Marxists are de facto radlibs who bitch about white nations being "too rich" and "oppressing" the "global south".

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Must suck to be acquitted and still impeached for eternity

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It refers to the political spectrum.

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Doesn't matter because he banged dozens of supermodels and you're gonna die a virgin.

but impeachment means nothing since he was acquitted. it will not change anything, but if it makes you feel better thats cool.

I bet they're going to impeach him again too. There are still PLENTY of crimes that fucker has committed to be addressed.

Bill was impeached, and he still got away with going to (((Epstein)))'s island 30 times.

Impeachments are the Congressional equivalent of cope.

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Well I don't live in California anyways.

Kinda like getting a speeding ticket dismissed. Trump will win big in November.


Yup, then he'll start lockin people up!

Trump will be eradicated in November. Prison to follow shortly.

Christ, could you stop crying now? It's been years..

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Was that a dude in drag that he sniffed?

>muh Russia

I know actual Marxists that are smarter than you retarded shitlibs.

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All hail POTUS Manchurian Candidate!

republicans admitted day one they were corrupt pieces of shit who would cover this up as much as possible. I don't think anyone really thought republicans had any backbone whatsoever.

You got me!!!

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Yeah, we need to make stricter voter ID laws to prevent Russian meddling.

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None. We knew this would be the outcome. I'm honestly surprised even one Republican voted to remove Trump from office.
So if we knew this would be the outcome, why even bother?
Because we could not let Trumps illegal activity go down in history unchallenged. You go low, we go high.

how exactly would voter id laws stop retards like you from believing democrats run a satanic child sex ring out of a pizza shop?

>believing democrats run a satanic child sex ring out of a pizza shop?

Cool strawman. You gonna pretend like Bill Clinton had noting to do with (((Epstein)))?

That was the last Manchurian Candidate. We got a new one runnin' the show now

fuck bill clinton. Are you going to pretend trump wasn't best buds with the child fucker?

The Entire Democrat Party?

To Be Fair it has been a really shitty week for them.

Tell me why you liberals/leftists think temporarily withholding Zionist military expansion aid to Ukraine is a big crime?

If it was still the Bush years, you bitch about US expansion into Eastern Europe and call it warmongering. I'm guessing you zoomers were still shitting your diapers during the Bush Years though.

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>Source: Dude trust me

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why are you pretending to be retarded? It's obvious to anyone with eyes that he was trying to extort ukraine for his own gain.

>Manchurian candidate
>wants to put tariffs on China and stop outsourcing to them

Poor choice of words.

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I dunno Brexit news is pretty boss right now.

Zero, because righties are going to shit themselves in the next few days. I will be sipping on delicious tears.

>trying to extort Ukraine for his own gain

Bill Clinton signed a law that said the Executive Branch can use its power to investigate crimes in Ukraine. Pic related.

Biden running for President doesn't make him immune to the law. Obama used his DOJ to investigate Trump in 2015/2016 and you clapped.

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The sad thing is the MAGA crowd knows that's exactly what he did. They just don't see anything wrong with it. They love the idea of the POTUS strong-arming other nations into obediance.
It's the same reason a lot of them seem to like Putin...

Oh it changes things, his approval ratings have never been higher!

Thanks Nancy!

donald trump never used his power to investigate anything though. He asked that ukraine announce it. He didn't even care if they actually do it or not. He just wanted zelensky to go on national tv and say he was. Why are you right wingers so pathetically dishonest?

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Really, you guys need to come up with a new one.

so pretending to be retarded is all you cowards have left?


We know the republifarts couldn’t give a shit about evidence since they refused the witnesses from coming forward. Fuck those dirty fags I want my chikin tendies

Can we all stop arguing politics for a minute so we can figure out how to get rid of all the blacks, mexicans, muslims, and indians?

>he MAGA crowd knows that's exactly what he did. They just don't see anything wrong with it.


Also, I'm not really MAGA, I'm more of a white nationalist who sees Trump as the least terrible choice.

I don't want the US expanding into Ukraine and creating Starbucks, gay parades, and international Jewish banking cliques there. I wish Trump would have withheld aid to Ukraine permanently though.

BTW, where is the public referendum on giving aid to Ukraine? The average nigger who voted Democrat can't even find Ukraine on a map. If you went to them and asked them about this issue, they'd probably ask you why you didn't use that money to give more gibs to black neighborhoods.

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I'm saying that's you're highly-exaggerating this shit because Orange Man's existence causes you to seethe and you can't wait 5 years for him to leave office.

A lot, I hope. Let’s see how many become an hero when DJT is re-elected in November!

Do you ctrl+f the thread for words like Putin and Russia and just reply with that?
I ask because it seems you didn't really bother reading what I wrote beyond that one word.

Yes retards who pulled off a perfectly smooth Iowa Caucus?

Cowardace is trying to remove a politician by any means necessary, because the Dems know they cannot win the election.

Retardation is failing over and over again at it, while everything gets better, even though they have the entire media behind them and the support of the bureaucracy.

Hilarity is watching Trump glide right through it while his numbers go up!

Now this is entertainment!

That's always been their strategy. They're the type of people who would willingly shit their pants just to make you smell it. And they'd be proud about it too.

Leftists? 0
centrists/3rd way squishes? Not nearly enough

Well at least the honesty is refreshing, that's something I guess.

Probably many less than a typical day of right wing incels.

I Am The Chosen One

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Do you guys NOT need to come up with a new one?

As soon as Russia is mentioned by a Democrat, sane people know everything else can and should be ignored.

I wish you would be honest.

You don't give a shit about Trump withholding military industrial complex shekels to Ukraine, you just prop it up as an excuse to impeach him because you're a cuck/nigger.

He's looking fatter and more like the VAST majority of his voters.


Context is important.
But I guess ignoring what people say because they use a word you don't like works too.

Trolling or retarded

No refunds.

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I care about the POTUS abusing their powers for personal gain. Doesn't matter if it's Trump, Obama, Clinton or whoever else.
Then again, principles doesn't seem to be something people care about when it's inconvenient to them.

>political spectrum
>straight line


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>care about the POTUS abusing their powers for personal gain. Doesn't matter if it's Trump, Obama, Clinton or whoever else.

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This makes me cum twice.

Trampy is racist dog poop idiot fartface

>Trampy is racist

I wish.

Trump is a lot closer to the antichrist. That's why Christians love him. The rest of us just think he's an asshole.

Yup try making an "argument" without that word, then it won't be discounted/ ignored immediately.

>the rest of us

Dems and shitlibs are gonna face a huge crisis because of niggers and beaners being hardcore Christians who hate gays. That's part of why Bootygay is polling so terribly with them.
Have fun with your diversity, lol.

Lmao what a little bitch!

I sold out of ropes and rat poisons.

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>implying we give a shit about 3rd-world pawns' opinions

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Hahahaha, it's really not

not enough

that angle almost looks like Giuliani.