Celeb-- Recipes for love

Celeb-- Recipes for love

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Nice! I have only had it once :(. I should make it and see!

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I want to fuck corly

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I want to see my waifu!

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I have decided I think I am falling in love with a girl from my work

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welcome to the party

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What is she like?

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we all do

Yes, this is my beloved and beautiful girl

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ugly fuckin whore

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Her lips are the sweetest in the world.
I would like to wake up and smell her in bed

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I would suck her finger owo

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Hey this photo is one of my favorites(numb.3)
Here number 1

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What a great photo!

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her eyes seem so much prettier to me than they did the week before
she is more than ten years older than me so I will never even try. but she looks much younger. she is short and smokes and she is pale with the dark hair. she is often grouchy but always sweet to me. before she reminded me of kstew and sarah silverman but now I am not so sure.

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gg and me
sittin in a twee

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People sleep on Felicity Jones, but she is very cute

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a lot of pretty mouths in here

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Heh, thanks :)
I like your photo too
My love, my life

Hi Cred Forums. Hope you're doing alright.

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only thing im finna be sleepin on rn is my dick u feel me?

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I've tried making it a couple of times, but it never turns out as good as hers.

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mmm im doin better now

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GOD YES that boo-tea

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Well den, you maybe should ask her to get some coffee and talk more. Then give her a hug when the date is over, and then let her give you cues on how she feels.

I met a guy who is older and single, and he told me the biggest regret he always has is that he was scared to ask a girl out because she was beautiful.

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>*unzips dick*
how about now?

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Neither am I. Want to talk about it?

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fuck off

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yes. what about you?

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kek this nigga pathetic!

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Stop please.

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It is indeed Rowan.

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Soz. :<

She smile me. o u o

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what is corly's problem the fucking asshat.

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Post a high quality philly cheesesteak.

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I would drink her saliva if she spit on me

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Thank you.
This is a bold claim.

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no u

I'm here to listen. Don't really want to talk about myself, because I don't even know myself.

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That's not my fault .
And I'm not a black man

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Very polite user
>pic related
That is because old people just do it better. There is a psychology that if you make something it tastes better, but if someone makes it for you it is normal. It is weird how the brain works
WHat a gif!

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based janny
fanks bruv.

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bad exam and the worst thing is that I actually worked and studied for it, insomenia

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Cutie Kiki

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we already work close enough together to talk much. but I will leave it for now and if it gnaws at me late at night in some weeks maybe I reconsider.

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perfect kiernan

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the eyes always get you


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(Ő ω Ő人)

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dub dub trip checked
que pasa patootie ',:)


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user. I failed the fuck out of chemistry last semester because I was not in a good state of mind. I took time over winter break and just sat down and did nothing. I did meditation exercises, I hit the gym hard, had some stress fucks, and I fucked around on vidya, and I just decompressed. I usually am a straight A student and I was suicidal after i got an F in a class. Just take time for yourself and decompress through the semester and get a good break when you have the chance this summer. It will help.

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forgot pic GDit

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oooooooooooooooooh emma!

oh yeah

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Sounds like a good plan! You know yourself better than I do :)

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also nice

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I can totally deal with the insomnia, as it only happens once a while. I'm rather suffering from a lack of movation. A complete lack of emotions, I'm not even sad. I'm feeling like a fucking robot. But what does it matter.
What about you though?

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thinkin bout taking that thin lil tank top off babsy tbh

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only if I can take those boxers off of GG

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I got the next exam next week. your break sounds nice. what `do you mean by decompressed?

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what a slut

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O w O

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>born December 14, 1988
>Date for this photo-2012
Get rekt kid

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pretty mouth

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I want penelope cruz to fire a cruise missile on me and end it

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more of our queen

I have begun to prefer trashbaby Bella over the clean, normal-human Bella.

I think I'm a lost cause.

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I was talking about you. MODS THIS POSTER IS UNDERAGE

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I want to fuck Kiki.

>pretty mouth

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things are heating up ^_^

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Leak them.

Please. I have coronavirus and I'm going to die. Please leak just one full frontal nude of Natalie Portman.

could be arranged

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her fucking thighs chaddy, look at em

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Decompress means to do things which take away stressed feelings by releasing positive hormones and anxiety hormone inhibitors. For example, tonight I had the exam, and now I am getting ready to go to the gym and then play video games and then sleep in tomorrow., I enjoy those things and they do not stress me out. I feel less stressed and can sleep. Over time, I will be able to think more clearly and learn more effectively. Does that make sense?
I was in the US army for 8 years since I was 17. I am pretty sure I am not underage. lmao. I love you user

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great man

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Do you want to suck her dick?

Like a robot? Feeling nothing at all?
I am not sure how I feel. I just got mood swings or something

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Nessa will never want me to fuck her.

I should just kill myself.

mmm our dicks

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>Celeb-- Recipes for love

4 parts vicky
2 parts emma roberts
1 part kstew

mix well and bake at 400 for 25 min till bread is moist

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cock's out

i'll get in line

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She doesn't have one you faggot troll.
Please kill yourself. Your mother will finally be happy.

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something about the gateway
do not be so sure, I am so foreign to myself sometimes

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I have no issue with the age. millie just uggo is all
I'm sorry, what? sorry was distracted by some qt celeb poster's eyes. oh yeah her thighs...my goodness.

lies and slander

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mmmm millie is so ready to be bred

i want her so bad

That's exactly what I'm talking about. I can't even describe my feelings or relate to others, because I just feel "different".

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Makes sense to me and gym was also my plan today. I ended up doing a few beers with my friends after the exam and eneded it by getting home and going to bed because I had only 1 hours of sleep.

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mmmm yes

If you feel undesirable and have low confidence, you have control to change it. You can stop being a victim of your own circumstances and become a master of your own future.
What about sugar and spice? what about frosting?
We can explore you together! Self reflection and self inventories are great to do and if you are scared of what you will find, you always can do it with someone else
Sleep is more important than gym. You are right!

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while you're distracted with the eyes babs loses her shirt
this is turning out wonderfully

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When her ass is bigger than the crystal ball holding the secrets of fate itself.

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I guess exhausted and empty is the best way to discribe my state. I need to hit the gym to feel like good again. Are you a robot all the time or just when it is bad?

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lovely whore

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*beep beep*

emma is the sugar

kstew is the spice

its bread not cake



It has been like this for months now. I'm neither happy nor sad. I was in treatment for despression several years ago, but I don't feel like it changed a thing. I just don't know how to go on.
Also, I'm sorry this has changed from an "us"-thing to a "me-thing".

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Fuck off Gaga


Gud puss puss