Is America ready for a Gay?

Is America ready for a Gay?

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Ted Cruze won the Iowa Caucus in 2016

I don't know if America is, but if anywhere should be ready it's Cred Forums

I don't care who or what somebody fucks. If they are the closest to me ideologically of the available choices I'm voting for them.

We had Obama

Probably not

Pete Buttjudge or Sanders? Either one would be great. I am a Trump supporter.

No. Even his Buttplug's own party tried to invent a ridiculous voting system to stop him winning in Iowa.

Mayor Butt-giggles has zero chance of being elected President

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/soc/ and Cred Forums are ready

America is not electing a gay guy whose last name starts with Butt

satan checked

America is pretty gay already so... I wonder if all the traps/fags/mental ill of Cred Forums are gonna vote for this lass???

>His name is Bootygig.

Not someone who is friends with Zuckerberg...

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he's not gay, it's a CIA robot pretending to be a gay human

We had this faggot and OP. We can deal with Buttigieg.

Judge not, least your booty be judged... it’s in the Bible, look it up

Judging by the guy America voted in after they voted in a black guy, if this guy gets in, then the next guy'll be a kangaroo farmer with a single-digit IQ.

The Bible also wants us to follow the example of Lot, a Holy Man who let a crowd of niggers gang rape his oldest daughter, and then went to a cave, got drunk, and knocked up his two youngest daughters.

This. And why I'm voting for Trump. Want him for the democratic candidate though because it will demonstrate how out of touch the democrats are to the people they just assume will automatically vote for them. As a whole, blacks and Mexicans are far more anti-gay than whites are as a group. Their two main assumed "gimmes' at the voting booth will, at best, not show up if he's the candidate. Hard to take an election with only gays, white women and urban soy on your side.

The only reason a politician would be openly gay is for publicty/propaganda, that or he wants to deviate the votes from gay people, sending them to waste since he's not a real contender

Why not? We already had a black guy get replaced by a retard.

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Does anybody really care about who he fucks or what he does behind closed doors? If anybody is into anal sex, it’s freaking “b”. For crying out load, every other post on this GD site is anal this or anal that. So why in the fuck does it matter what Pete does...........oh yeah, despite “b”s cutting edge its still!filled with a bunch of hypocrites.

We already had Gay. Don’t tell me that you’ve forgot about Obama this soon

At least he wouldn't be grabbing women by the pussy.

Valid point

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This. The CIA freak isn’t interested in fucking men, he only gets horny for killing dogs

The tripps of the dark lord are hereby checked.

Cum is more of a liquid. Don't you technically drink it?