What's your favorite type of loli?

what's your favorite type of loli?

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well drawn cuties!

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Wickr: idk4chan

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Ones with cute stomachs!

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Damn, I miss playing Etrian Odyssey. What I wouldn't do to forget everything about it just to play it again

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fire type

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I like them realistic

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anyone want to commission a loli comic/gif

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sleepy lolis are best, prove me wrong

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Scared Loli are the best

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They are so cute when asleep.

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very true, i tend to think they're more cute when they're sleepy but still awake tho.

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weird boner

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more suckable loli armpits please, this is my type
this also my type, dororo is big cute

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maybe scared of you ever going away. otherwise no, not at all.

lolis are to be loved tenderly and made happy.

I love Dororo and her cute belly and boyish vagina

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>tfw you will never pump Dororo full of babies over and over and raise a big family with her

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Few things I wouldn't do to have a loving Dororo wife

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some anons with some good taste around here, i love that tomboy loli

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Don't worry, I have very bad taste in plenty of other ways

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>the song of our people

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tomboys and plump lolis, the best

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Hey any advice on trying to find discords for people who are cool with lolis cuz I dont usually see these kind of threads much on here anymore sadly.

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Threads are up about 23 out of 24hrs in a day

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I just replied to you in the other thread...
You must be new here. There's seriously multiple threads a day...

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In the r/random? Cuz I got to usually go digging and most of the time whenever I do come across them it turns into memes about spiderman

Like, this one filled in only 1hr, there's probably at last 15-20 threads a day...

Spidey comes around a few times a week at most

Well that's good. Yeah I dont come on here enough I guess or maybe i come on at the wrong time. So lolis arent dying on Cred Forums?

spidey is the bearable one there are also the gore and the shit eating guys.
i prefer spidey to span

It'll never be like the olds days, but its been consistent for the past few years

Damn I wish I was around when Cred Forums was a lot more fucked up and there were no hold bars. Do they have anything else out there thats like Cred Forums in the old days? I know 8ch an just got taken down.

fukken saved

Not really on the surface web

Patrician fucking tastes.

why not just choose shotas?

Shotas are a totally different thing. Don't be such a plebian.

Loli-ambrosia dispenser!