How to cope with pain? a genuine and honest question that I have. how do YOU cope with pain? (Emotional/mental)

how to cope with pain? a genuine and honest question that I have. how do YOU cope with pain? (Emotional/mental)

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emotional pain? overwriting it with physical pain e.i self harming

Quit being a pussy and bottle that shit up.

Talk to someone

self harm is both painful and I'd be fucked if someone notices it

can't legally buy drinks

ill be told to man up so that's a no

go through a lot. be numb cant react to everything that requires emotion.

Bottling it up makes you an even bigger pussy. Confront your pain, but don't let it consume you. All pain is temporary.

OH no!!! You're gonna be told to man up!!! Yeah when you are a shithead you attract other shitheads... Maybe find new people

first off you get depression because you have 0 friends/social life so then you become neutral/numb to 99% of emotions. Second off you just get drunk/high whenever the suicidal thoughts get too strong, goodluck op

still can't take away the factt that ur a nigger shit head tho

ty for the compliment

Stoicism. Google it.

You fucking idiot bottle that shit up doesn’t mean drink alcohol it means push it deep down.

ok now that makes more sense

Stoicism, well and heroin.

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Embrace it, figure out the cause and how you can prevent it in the future.
Pain is a teacher, don't ignore what it's trying to tell you.

Talk to ppl online or find a friend irl you can talk to

i lived with it last 15 years or so, also abandoned any expectations from life.

Sex, drugs and rock n roll. Specifically weed, na. ghb, benzos, acid, and a loving relationship with my girlfriend, the woman of my dreams. I have a nice, big apartment, enough money to go to restaurants and buy myself nice clothes and all that. Spend lots of time with my friends and go out to what we refer to as "business meetings" where we just play billiards and have a blast conjuring up schemes. I still feel empty on the inside and nothing can really cure it, I can try to by smoking a spliff and watching a studio ghibli film, but it just won't work. Going for a round of golf doesn't do it either, not even talking to my woman about our future together makes it better. This whole world pisses me off and sometimes I will break things for no reason just so I have to clean up after and hate myself for ruining a piece of furniture. I have no idea how I made it 24 years on this earth.

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Psychiatrist, therapist etc or just get a girlfriend or someone to talk to you dumb fuck

>get a girlfriend
>talk to her about your problems and scare her away

done it before won't risk it again

ive done this countless times too bro

I listen to sad music like Matt Elliott’s, talk to friends, meditate, try to focus on bigger picture, try to learn something from it. Pain is easier for me than fear doe. I just go to a doctor for physical pain if it persists. If it’s like a migraine or some shit I lie in bed, stretch, take a bath etc. whatever’s applicable. Hope this helps somehow?

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I also just began blasting through king crimsons discography so that's keeping me sane for now. I should say my main form of therapy is being high as shit with associates, keeping face, playing billiards (drugs never affect my play), while playing vinyl. Recently we went through a couple of king crimson albums while playing, and I had shot up just a bit of heroin. I never got into that crazy stuff though, and I probably won't ever.

Find a passion and/or hobby and surround yourself with positive people who motivate you.

Tylenol my nigga.

The only real way to remove a thought from your head is to fucking do it.
Meditate, there's plenty of apps and videos AND websites that will easily guide you through your meditation.
I reccomend an app or YouTube cuz it's more accessible.
When something you hate happens, your brain sends signals to make you sad. You process it and realize you are feeling sad. How do you tell your brain to stop being sad? Tell yourself. To be happy. Countless. Of. Times.
People judge you like you are not a different human. People tell you to forget things because it's easy for them. You're completely different.
The situations and matters that made you become you can only be reasoned by you (And people who lived with you most of your life), but sometimes those are the problem
So it's up to you.
Free yourself from the fucking cycle, stop it.
Tell yourself you're going to be happy.

Because you are. Unless you got a condition. Then the answer lies with a mental health professional.