Anyone who votes for a Democrat this year is an enemy of America

Anyone who votes for a Democrat this year is an enemy of America.

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you're not even trying, ivan.

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>being this dumb
I am sorry OP

you are a fag, OP.
I truly mean that.
I hope you catch coronavirus on your cock when it's in your boyfriend's piehole and you die

Thanks user! You’re such a good friend. So tolerant and warmly inclusive

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Then I'm an enemy of America and a traitor.
I will vote blue across the ballot.

Hail Satan.

Ya a one party system is a great idea.. fucking retarded republicans..

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Fuck you. Trump is a full on retard. He thinks the F35 is invisible. Did you see his interview comments about Musk? We need to protect Thomas Edison and the inventor of the wheel.

Everyone knows that the strength of a democratic nation is that those in power should stay, unquestioned and uncontested in power. And voting for someone else is heresy against the great state. And not agreeing whith the great leader is undemocratic!

>Waiting for the Ben Garrison version with trump looking like Fabio with his shirt off

yeah bribery is just not a crime if your rich.

shut your yap you stupid faggot

On a radar cross section in formation it pretty much is

>it's invisible except not really invisible
>trump fags massaging his engorged prostate
nobody said anything about radar profiles

this board is crammed full of russian bots and shills. no loyal American would ever vote for trump the traitor.

A radar is how you track aircraft in contested airspace. You think chinks are looking up in the sky? Kys faggot.

I did 8 years in the US military and got out honorably, and I voted for Trump.

Am I a traitor?

chinks are definitely "looking up in the sky" as well as operating radar sites

do u imagine u r an intelligent person my chubby lil friend?


Look, fat, nobody cares about your hurt faggot feelings.

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Holy fucking shit. How are the Republiniggers not freaking out about this faggot shit?

Just dumb

>A radar
>being this niggerly ignorant

Yeah, and a dumb nigger


Added to the ban archive.

OP just called voters “enemy of america” so...


Nobody mentioned any of this shit, you projecting faggot

OK, you filthy fucking ignorant nigger: it's not "a radar" Radar stands for Radio Detection And Ranging, so it's not "a radar", it's just RADAR, dumbshit.

You're dumber than you look

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You're a bigger virgin than you project online, loser.

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>Implying "Ivan" isn't just a synonym for shill/troll

>being this much of a pussy in the face of democratic socialism.

Stay scared, weak faggot

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If you want to get literal, it doesn't stand for anything. It's a portmanteau of radio, detection, and ranging. You're butthurt because you couldn't present an argument. Take your insulin.

damn right.

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ironic that the republicans are trying to destroy the republic

should call themselves the imperial party

All day long with this shit. Nine months till Election Day. All this is futile and will have little or no merit in less than a year. STFU

Did you know the Constitution Party was decommissioned in 2016?

If they don’t nominate Bernie I’ll probably vote Green Party but still democrat down ballot. I don’t want abortion to be restricted any more than it is. I want immigrants to be able to work in agriculture and ranches and not have their families harassed by the government. I want background checks and a few more basic standards on guns. I don’t think I’m radical at all. I just want My country to stop being that autistic cousin that thinks they know everything but live with their mom and only eat chicken tendies

>Richest State
>Poorest People
>Run entirely by Democrats
You'd have to be blind to not see Dems are the real enemy of the people.

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Anybody that posts politics on Cred Forums is stupid