Not rigged

Not rigged.

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Fucking insane.
We're not talking about stadium sized events.
These were held in school gyms or garages.
This is the equivelant of voting for prom queen and then calling the main office with the results.
It should have been completed an hour after the voting deadline.

>We're not talking about stadium sized events.
>These were held in school gyms or garages.

LMAO, have you even voted in a primary before?

This wasn't a primary it was a caucus you nitwit, and no, you can't use the terms interchangeably.

it's semantics to my original statement.

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I can predict with 100% certainty that Bernie lost.
>Even if he won

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>joe Biden is in last place

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regular ass-munching working americans see through his bullshit and any other socialist.

4 people tweeted something retarded haha look guys! Next you're going to tell me there's 8 billion people on earth and more than 2 billion of them are of the bottom 25% intelligence!
>protip: there are 5 retards tweeting in that picture


I can also predict with 100% certainty that Trump will win the overall election

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Dat filename doh

About? I'm not even American. Your entire country is laughable.

This is an actual caucus event from Iowa.
They are exactly as I described.

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Yes I know, they're like that.

look at all those redditors

And the dems want everything to be vote by phone app so they can rig more shit. I think bill gates is behind developing one.

What the fuck is wrong with paper ballots anyway? It's worked for decades.

Just make election day a national holiday.

>shadow inc.
sounds legit

Did bernie lose to gay nigga lol

Are they going to move that goalpost?

Yes, just not literally

Are we the baddies?

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