Faces you'd like to cum on

faces you'd like to cum on

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is that a kyra c by chance?

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eviie.may on instagram

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I wanna cum in her mouth

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Based and trapilled. Keep 'em coming.

so cute

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My best friend.

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Anyone else?

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a good friend of mine

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Trashy enough to post selfies like this but not trash enough to sell nudes

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Might as well be a bullseye...

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i want to shoot so much sperm down karen's throat

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Damn me too

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how can we get karen to drink our cum? what should we do to her? wwyd?

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Imagine! I made a comic with her face!

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U see?

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show us

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The comic is not free.

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Some day . . .

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god damn those tounges

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doesn't look great either boss

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Who else thinks she's hot and wants to unleash. Rate and wwyd

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need to see more of her body to decide this

she cute though

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Do you live in IL?

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if sperm is stored in the balls, shouldnt it jiggle like a water balloon?

pee is stored in the balls retard

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What do you like and what would you rate out of 10

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woah more?

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i'd paint her face like no other

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Would chain her down so I could freely cum on her face as she looks at me in disgust

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Too soon user you sick fuck

Left could get it

Bwc whore

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Wanna cum on Alexis’ face so bad

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Fucking a more of left

U r right!

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What the fuck, chief.

Please moar

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Moaar I’m cuming

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got kik? she's a cutie and i'd love to tell you how i'd fuck her holes

I need to cum on those lips

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What’s the sauce on her

another of her

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dump all, do you know her?

no sorry. and you can do it here if you like. I love hearing about how she'd be tied down and used. being the innocent little prude she is she'd probably struggle so hard to protect her innocence

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Just get a few drinks in her and she seems like she'd take care of the rest. Would probably love having two cocks cum all over her

So fucking cute


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i want to cum in karen's tight pussy

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What’s yours

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that's a fucking cartoon. cartoons don't have faces.


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mmm yes she would but there's no way she'd have any innocence left once i'm finished fucking her throat and asshole for as long as i please

More plss

wwyd to vivian?

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GF's sis

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Pull that long shirt up and have her take my dick right there on those steps

she really would make such a good tied up fuckdoll. I would give her slight breaks by sucking on her feet and playing with them between hard bondage sessions

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im sure you have more ideas for vivian's body

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She looks so little and tight. I'd want to pick her up and fuck her in the air

>not cum in
stupid coomers

This guy gets it.

shes a small tight church prude, take her like a slut

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She'd have such a cute face with a cock going in her. She probably only acts like a good girl

im sure you can break her in front of everyone then

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Why are Asians the biggest samefags?

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because they're socially awkward so they don't realize they're being obvious and cheat/try to game the system at everything so they don't realize that it's annoying

Let her know I'd breed her lol

Fucking Kathy

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Oh herro prease

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literal men


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Left and right

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wwyd to karen?

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both at the same time...

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karen should be impregnated

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I would love to. Shed probably get really turned on being touched in front of people. Would become a good little slut knowing everyone is watching her take a dick

This Goddess

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i would pay to see it user

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She'd love it. You can tell she only puts on this good girl front but really is begging to be fucked and used. She might ask you to join

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She is perfect

more !

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Bitch needs to learn what a toothbrush is, nasty ass dirty tongued bitch

more full body of right?

I vote for Lulu!


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Far right

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Post more I beg of you.

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This cutie

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Absolutely plaster worthy

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