Hi! I'm from Bernie Sanders Leadership For America Fund 2020...

Hi! I'm from Bernie Sanders Leadership For America Fund 2020. We're here to warn you about Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang wants to give every American adult $1000/month to deal with the automation crisis that's putting Americans out of work. He wants to fund this SCHEME by taxing Amazon, just because Amazon paid zero in taxes last year.

If you support Bernie and Amazon, help us defeat Yang in 2020 by donating at:


God bless!

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Fuck you. They're both Marxists. This is bait.

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And this is bad, of course.

Being bait?

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Communist China has a higher GDP PPP, meaning the average Chinese person has more spending and purchasing power than the average American .

Must suck when communism can do capitalism better than capitalism.

But stay scared of the big bad reds under the bed...they might want to share their wealth with you...you should resist at all costs

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Question, how long would the US be able to survive on such a plan? That's way more than I make now.

Who cares, as a normal person you do not deserve $1000/month
That money belongs to business owners only.

Can someone explain this cartoon? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be seeing. Are those men in heels?

you realize your the biggest cucks in political history? your just gonna get screwed by the dnc again,like you did last time

>where would the money come from
Money doesn’t exist .

The dollars in your account are a promisary note to pay the bearer an amount of money....were we all to collectively act on that promise and demand the wealth be paid to us, we would immediately discover that the money never existed , and the “promise” was a lie.

You accept this status quo right now, and don’t question how it why it is effective.

Why do you question the other method?


>Hi! I'm from Bernie Sanders Leadership For America Fund 2020. We're here to warn you about Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang wants to give every American adult $1000/month to deal with the automation crisis that's putting Americans out of work. He wants to fund this SCHEME by taxing Amazon, just because Amazon paid zero in taxes last year.
wow, that guy sound exactly like the current Mexican president. GG America

I totally understand and agree with that on principle, but I don't really give a fuck. I've probably only got another 10 years left in me before I an hero anyway.

US can only afford cheap goods.
Chinese consumers can afford expensive goods .
Because China has a better GDP PPP

>iPhones are cheap
>not made in china
Cartoon is fucking gay.

Exactly, giving everyone $1000/month would be bad for Americans. We must get Bernie eleceted, donate please!

You donate 10k with proof. Lead by example friend

Those are supposed to be Chinese people? Fucking PC culture.

I don’t have 10k


China has a better GDP PPP than the US.
Chinese consumers have better spending power than Americans .

Cry as much as you like, doesn’t change reality, snookums

Ah. No wonder you're voting for Bern

Did you even try?

>China has a better GDP
This doesn't mean anything. California has lower GDP per cap than Ohio or Mexico. I don't want to live in either of those places.

Universal income improved every measurable metric , from employment, education, health, productivity, crime etc etc

But sure - it’s socialist- so don’t do it - wouldn’t want things to improve now , would we. That’d be unamerican

Why not? I don't want to work, and I was denied disability, but I need money for whores,

GDP PPP, retarded.
It’s the basic measure of “how much your money can buy”.
It’s all good having a high GDP, but if your rent, house prices, insurance, food costs etc are also high, then you are effectively poor.

Learn basic economics

Fuck off faggot fuck Bernie Sanders mf looks lime he wouldn't make it four years

>wouldnt want things to improve now

this is what happens when you live in a country that doesnt have a clue about the outside world,the economy with socialism in america would be even worse then after 8 years of obama and 4 years of trump

>I was denied disability
How retarded do you have to be to pull this off?

>just because Amazon paid zero in taxes last year
wait what?
no fucking way

Have you even seen how they fucking live? Been to a rekt thread lately?

does it really matter? the dnc are going with pete buttedge or joe biden

bernie sanders is just gonna get fucked again,like last time.but his supporters are just as stupid as trump's supporters

You sound surprised.

It's bait. Don't fall for it.


Too young (26) and too educated (BS). Crippling anxiety and depression keep me from working, but that didn't seem to matter.

nobody who votes for bernie sanders pays taxes,so who cares.you gotta have a job to pay taxes,and these millennial college morons(95 percent of voters who are actually going to vote for bernie) who live in their mommies basements arent paying anything

This myth .

The idea that of you give poor people money, they will be lazy .
Poor people, typically , inject all money they receive directly back into the economy, unlike a rich person, who typically avoids paying tax and funnels money into offshore accounts, where it is removed from the economy.
Coupled with the idea that if you give a rich person more money , this will motivate them to “create more jobs”,

its retarded logic if you think about it for more than a nanosecond, good thing you haven’t thought about it for that long

>too educated

you dont understand how disability works do you.regardless,a pile of dogshit is more educated then an american,just look at the idiots you vote as president

I’ve been to China several time’s to live and work.

Judging China ( a massive land mass containing a billion people) based off a Rekd thread, would be like judging America based off Google maps of Detroit

Yang supporters getting desperate god damn

>get 1k/mo
>rent goes up 1k/mo
>not better
>program fails
>not getting 1k/mo
>rent still high

This. Each person getting $1000/month hurts Americans and American families

globe trotters are the biggest problem with americans,you morons go to these foreign shit holes and then bring back all of their wierd diseases.like you did recently with china's wuhan bullshit

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>This myth .
MFW I was describing my life and someone called me mythical.

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Double-bait: neither of them are Marxists. Yang is literally a neoliberal and Bernie is just a brainlet succdem.

This right here.

No ones gonna vote for him you fag. Go to pol/ THIS ISNT POLITICS. FUCK YOU

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>globe trotters
Only in idiocracy of America could that be construed as an insult

>you dont understand how disability works
Age and education where literally stated on the denial letter. Fuck you.

what do you expect from americans,they love their buzzwords

in reality,a pile of dogshit would be a better option for america's next 4 years then donald trump,since we cant trust republicans to actually grow a brain and realize the damage he's did to their party

Well that's why I asked my first question: How long would it last? I don't need long.

>China's awesome
>keep leaving it

Doesnt matter. Their retarded followers are gay commie larpers. Kys
youre not even american dumbass. Why the fuck are you even crying about us. Mind your own business

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well,when these people bring back their wierd foreign country diseases to america.then people should have the right to criticize them,like recently.after the whole wuhan thing,of course the dumbass in chief donald had to drag the americans from china back to america so they can walk around and infect everyone with the wuhan virus or whatever,a country with common sense would of kept them in china so they wouldnt be able to infect people on the opposite side of the world with some shit holes disease

A month or two maybe? Maybe only days until all the stores hike up their prices.

>crying about us

lol,america is a fucking joke.also,i am american,maybe you should go back to looking at your 2 teeth in your trailer park like the majority of the people who live in america.since you've proven for over 8 years how ignorant you are

but if trump did it,you'd have no problem with it

welcome to the republican party folks

I also keep going back.
China IS awesome.
A much friendlier populace than America, that is for sure . Certainly in the last few years with regressive isolationists on the rise in the US.

Been to America twice. I didn’t care for it. In a word “overrated”.

Food is better. Money goes further. And I have a think for Asian girls - put em in a school uniform and I’m diamonds

Whut? I usually vote libertarian, but I'm not a member and just vote with whoever I agree with more (yes, I research the candidates beforehand).
I'm just sick of life due to other circumstances.

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Mmmmmmuh wuhan
Coronavirus’ a very common .
SARS, MARS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, H1N1 Etc Etc Etc Etc
And each outbreak, there were hysterical screeching autists claiming the world was going to end. It did not .

But hey, you’re young...in time , you’ll learn how much of an idiot you currently are

well cause that'd be a complete bullshit and should be criminal.
im assuming it's just a lie.

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Americans somehow think out sniggering laughter at their retardation is evidence of jealousy.


I mean trump is such an obvious con-man, such an unconvincing liar - you have to marvel at the stupidity to vote such a man “President”.
What’s more interesting is watching all of the fawning peons following behind him, marvelling are the colours of the emperors new clothes.

Literally everyday on here I hear “China isn’t real communism” when you point out how well the Chinese economy is doing.

The retardation is on both sides of the isle

your only focused on donald trump,you dont understand that trump isnt the problem.the problem are people who nominated him and a party that finds nothing wrong with his bullshit

people say the us economy is doing good to.you need to actually look at the facts,not whatever the communist goverment of china is telling you or some moron on twitter says


See, this is why socialism fails in America ,,,not because of failures with socialism, but because of failures with capitalism

That would be the “fawning peons” I mentioned

>People behaving rationally is a failure
What a great system you have there.

I hate all Scandinavians, but I hate Finns the most. They're like everything that makes Germans subhuman pieces of shit but then turn the autism up to 11.

Just arrogant, smug pieces of shit with no idea how the real world works yet love to force their stupid opinions on everyone.

I can't wait for them to get nuked

>look at the facts,not whatever the communist goverment of china is telling you or some moron on twitter says
I mean, GDP PPP is an IMF statistic ...not a CCPC government statement, or a tweet.

Maybe you should take your own advice

>People behaving rationally
>price gouging is rational
As I said ,the failure is with capitalism and the glorification of greed


My favourite flavour of cheesecake is Lime, while we’re introducing non-sequiturs

own advice on what? i could care less about china,i care about the country i live in.which continues to be a shithole because of the fact the majority of people are to stupid to vote correctly

>Raising prices to keep up with the costs is unfair.
Wow. Such greed.

>Raising prices to keep up with the costs is unfair.
Why would costs increase?

Maybe you should try socialism .

Increased taxes

maybe you should not being ignorant and poor

>still this mad after 2016
Embarrassing. Save your real anger for when he gets re-elected, idiot. It is 100% inevitable with the current democratic field.

Bernie has no chance of winning, as much as you braindead commies keep trying to shill him.

Yang is chinese ron paul