New kik thread

New kik thread

Post a/s/l, username, and what you want to do with your fellow user brethren

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27 m USA

kik: kramer1337

Like hearing anons describe the gay experiences they had growing up with their good friends, especially if they involved group experimenting. If you experimented with a group of your friends on sleepovers, campouts, school trips etc. and enjoy talking about it, feel free to message me.

m/30/bi USA

Kik: mgnn8888

Idgaf really I don't have friends

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Looking for LIVE pics of your daughters. Or traps.
Kik johnboi69690

Anyone willing to make my ex their phone background or text her pics to your friends ? Bonus if you’re from our area Kik me letstradesluts3498

23 m usa
Ill rate your girl

f18 selling pics vids and live calls
kik: danderson378

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looking for anons creeping on their gf/sis and wanna take requests/live creeps. (sleeping, panties, unaware stuff) in return we can talk about her, wwyd, cum tributes and get you giftcards to get yourself/gf something nice.

18 - 30, no bbw


I can cum trib your girl or set her as my background
Kik: Hanstoned

I'm into anything, teen, milf, rape, necro, violence, basically everything, hmu at wankday for a dark chat about your or my girls

Sharing my gf, kik is makrato, say what kind of shit you want to see in the msgs.

Looking for femanons to dominate me to show off my gf

Kik is Zeroxes

Send me girls to do a loyalty test on

Oops forgot my kik
Kik: Sayto9

kik morningpoop

Doing rates, wwyd, and captions of wives, gf, exes, sisters, moms, daughters. Nudes preferred.

Looking to trade Cruise81

jerking it to people you know pref your family or gf

Kik dumasw

Looking for teens, twins, mom/daughter, incest, voyeur and amateur. Tons to trade

Looking for people willing to spread Christina
Kik cgbcuck

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Searching for trade some pics and vids of anything you want. Surprise me with something really good. No rules
Kik basenrc

why the fuck not


bored as fuck and sick of lurking b

hmu to chat, share stories, share pics

bonus for any cheating/snap pics or voyeur stuff
bonus for 604

Looking for someone with an onlyfans to get an ex hs girl.


Looking for captions with my wife.

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Feed me porn and I'll do whatever.
Cucks if you want to share as well.

Kik: dalehoward11


trade no limits

Put Kiks down if you want more of this slut

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show me your wife gf ex daugh i m stroking kik juju.mte

Looking for bbc tributors


Lookin for someone to cum on her nudes
Kik illnessjay

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thick white chode ready to cum for your gf
scorpiovirus 911

any pics?


I Wanna See guys blast their loads to my gf cucklord23 had responses Before but nobody delivers :)


22 m with a big cock trying to cum either show me your girl/sister or porn

WWYD my ex gfs, make them do gross and degrading shit to you while I watch

Lookin fot chubby sluts and big tits

M 21
I like seeing if I can get girls to cheat and/or be promiscuous.


Not found

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Need jerk off encouragement

Straight bull, can brutaly degrade your close ones if that is desirable. Trading bm megas, dropbox, pics/vids no limits.
Femanons can hit me up for chatting and fun.
Gay/bi can see more for something in return.
Loyalty test and sending girls body amd cock pics/vids on snapchat etc.
No limits chat and story sharing.
Currently looking for snaps.
All saved for saved, live for live.
Kik : lovesick9797

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Like role playing someone raping my girl

Friends gf let us spit roast her but won’t do DP. Tips for next time? Kik mnlit1

Kik: Lifelonguest
Im Lesbian bi curious, blue eyes with brown hair

For every girl I like i'll send 2 unique nudes to a random user, maybe more depending on the pic.

I like: Small cute petite girls around my age
Or Big chested thicc gals
Tbh boobs can be any size just not too pointy or saggy
I'm not into dark girls

I'll block you if you send dick pics without sending any girls

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Loyalty test. Send to MichaelM38

20 m bi will show pretty much anything

kik is zimmertim
Send me any sort of fucked up taboo shit and lets talk. No limits.
Incest, rape, loli, feet...

For got to add my kik j102991

Cocking any pic you send that I like

equalsin 26m show me that sissy ass and I might reward

love talking about black men fucking hot girls i know

kik: mommylightning

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tiny dick cuck iso a hung bull to humiliate me and my pathetic penis. cock comparison, and cock/cum tributes to my gf Amanda. Pic related

kik imnotapantyfan

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Send me nudes of girls, and their full name, city and state TheHV12345

Looking for LIVE pics of your daughters. Or traps.
Kik johnboi69690

Kik here

Looking for someone to get an onlyfans account of a girl I know. If can help post kik please.

Try and snap a chick and get nudes. Jjstamos


Kik me ur gf wife ex daughter friend wtv and ill rate em or wwyd if you want. Bonus points for Asian or petite gals heh younger is better as long as they're legal ;)

damn she's pretty cute

Oc for oc, especially your wife/ex wife with pregnant nudes.
Kyo1326 hmu

If you have a young daughter or sister you want to share, kik me at bjim7942 No limits friends.


>28 m usa
like fatgirls and twinks

27 M VA bi switch
Compare/wager, chat, send me anything, show off

Heythere932 send me your girl or girls you know to jerk to. Will wwyd, rate, or can send some pics of girls I know and want to fuck back

Send cute girls with braces


23 F TX
kik - dirtyplot
Just here for chats

Send me your teen gf, ex, sisters, daughters

Smoking and bored
Interested in BBW/older women/latina/black chicks/ milfs/ femaons/ anything good

Trading ex and other wins
Kik is user_Underground

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User not found

Benprice4444 shares his wife with me almost everyday. Pictures, stories. His wife's the type you wouldn't expect it from, but sleeps around

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Experienced bull in Vegas send me your sluts , pic related

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femboy looking for other femboys/traps/femanons to make some friends ^^


up for trades, chats, wwyd. hmu with what you want


Feel like showing off my unaware chubby gf. If you are just going to be asking for nudes and looking for a quick fap, do not reply. If you are bi/gay, or have any bi fantasies at all, do not reply. If you are obsessed with assholes/anal, or feet, do not reply. No trades ( I don't care what you got, I'm here only to show mine). No "bulls". I don't want to see your pecker. kik: riksan13

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Kik: anonwithagirl

Looking for someone to expose my girl and make her a webslut. Alternatively, just send me something to jerk too.

>no nudes, no asshole, no bi/gay, no feet, no fapping.

What in the fuck are you here for and showing pictures for? This is god damn /b you fucking moron. Tits or gtfo cocktease

What are you even here for

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Calm down kid. Its just not for you.


Write me to Scythe801

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Bull here looking to do wwyd, rates, or just some good jerk material
Kik: user_27504

19 M PR BI
on the lookout for some buddies to trade and jerk off to hentai with. The more messed up/ fucked up /weird / kinky / taboo it is the better. but also down for some irl stuff trade. I will take anything tho just looking to have a good fun time with someone male or female of any age. Also dont be hesitant to send if you think its hot, go for it!



hmu on kik i'm a femboye @waltown

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Kik Nicholepure

25 m bi canada
pretty open, hit me up to chat. see where it goes. guys and girls welcome.


For Wife pics and stories Share

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Got some from her

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For brutal rates and wwyd



I'm looking to trade pics and vids of slampig wives and girlfriends. I have lots of content of a piggy of my own (pic related) to trade for! Skinny bitches and bulls need not apply. Kik is flyboymike86.

Forgot picture

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reverse image search.. seems legit..


Big white cock here.
Will bang your girl’s fuckin brains out.
Two rules:
>she must be non-white
>she can’t be black
>she must be over 18
Asians will get it first.
Kik- nickanon777

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Seriously wtf are you even looking for at that point ?

Yeah kid.
> *posts half naked pic of slut.
>dont ask for anything
Fuck off faggot

Send girls for loyalty test
Kik: Sayto9

danny321jones sharing my sis

I'm trying to be specific to reduce the amount of people i would have to turn down because they don't share the same interests I do. There are those very few who share the same interest as me, and they get to see everything about my gf.

share pics of my girlfriend with your friends and send me the reaction

Kik 187drai


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Kik: MattyMattMattyMatt.

Looking for anyone interested in talking about my unaware chubby wife. Not interested in "nudes?" comment and bouncing. Otherwise let's talk.

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Crossdresser looking for mutual crossdressers fun

34/m/Kik - Domit85
Looking for a slutty female user to make me cum next to my sleeping gf. All shapes/sizes/colors welcome.

21 m slav hetero
Username: aboutEDMmusicknowall

Post nudes

Cutie that’s playing Fallout New Vegas right now.
She tends to ask how you got her ID, she blocks if you say Cred Forums or Robert. Julie and Michael seem to be good though.

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Show me pictures you should share with anyone


Cuck here tell me what you would do to my gf

Send pics of your girl to


I’ll rate, wwyd, trib

Looking for snapchats to hack; kik me at anony1101

Bi teen buĺl 8 inches kik me anything no limits: ww4d2t


Slut crossdresser

going for a win rn wish me luck

814. Kik jimjub if you know her

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What if we don’t know her but want more

Kik macktastikk

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sisters, daughters, wives, etc

Gl, hope that dubs helps user.

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aight any anons willing to help me out. dont really like doing shit like this. will post results

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Can't find you

Kik for a cuck: rick890890

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going for the win in this one as well any help would be appreciated from op


You are gonna get blackmailed

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does she know you posted her pic on here? dont want to mention Cred Forums and have her block me immediately

Non passable crossdresser. Looking for another crossdresser to play with


exactly why I dont do this shit for real was hoping someone could hook me up with a webm or something



Kik: shutupaaron

Girlfriend and I are bored entertain us

Videos of this stuck up milf bitch getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Dumb unaware bitch would be beyond ashamed and embarrassed if anyone saw her like this. I'm sunnymanner on kik and tell me where you are posting uppity Patricia. Here's a screenshot from one of the videos


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Hopscotch2020 slut with nice tits

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Kik assnigger.rar

Lets stroke to this wife and her hot asian daughters

Kik: mamagooby

Attached: C2570AC4-EB48-4A04-A6F4-137FE7B2F980.jpg (1538x2048, 440K)

Doing tributes, LTsugar

Is this even considered a win
How do I get her to send nudes OP halp
Also Julie is a coworker apparently

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Trading oc nudes, with first name and location, kik is cgr941


send me cute girls

Kik is LewdHentaiLover69
M/18 looking for traps, sissy’s, shemales, and F’s
Feel free to hmu


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Ryanlorn1996 sharing girls I know or trade

Kh881 looking to trade



Jerk off buds send eachother whatever

Pornvidz trade no scat and pizza
Kik yourown10

Preferly amateur

Send me anything to fap to.
Kik cotolettaalvapore


Send me your teen gf, ex, sisters, daughters. Anything idc

send round butts




your boy is straight up not happy right now. someone cheer me up please.

How should I tell her I got her Kik?

Kik: anonwithagirl

Was sharing my girl hoping for exposure, now I just want someone to send me something amateur to jerk to

Stormarefalling, 22/m/usa, want someone to tell me what they'd do to my gf if they saw her while I send them more pics, pic related

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Keep em coming guys

Looking for someone who can get into snapchats


37m bi uncut
super horny while wife is out of town and feeling slutty for big hot cock

25/ Male/ CA
Just bored and horny, wanna talk, trade ? Let me know user

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Kik intaker88 to describe how you’d brutally rape my young teen crush in front of me.
(No nudes).

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Looking for pawgs nice asses in general from girls or cuttie traps

Attached: Screenshot_20200110-024514_Gallery.jpg (1067x1416, 943K)

lmao1175 send whatever ur heart tells u user

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26 m bi
I like role playing as a girl and really get off on you telling your friends that you're talking to an easy slut and showing her off

share your friends, girls, exes, wifes


Want to share my gf. Will send and share almost anything I have and answer any questions for the first two people.


Also open to exchange gfs at stormarefalling

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Trading young teen vids. Send to receive

My kik: Ha2ha0ha0ha0

Hi, want to hear wwyd’s for Paola, she’s a Mexican virgin, and she’s a very innocent girl irl
Tribs are welcome!
Sadly doesn’t have any nude

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down to just chat if you're bored

down to do detailed rates/wwyds, or trade, if you're horny

Stroking this cock, send something hot to Jsptresbien

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Looking for someone to tribute/cum tribute girls I know... Possibly while talking filth about them. No nudes


Let’s trade and fap

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Still trading oc nudes, kik is cgr941


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forgot to add a bio

I'm 30/m and interested in everything and everyone, add me for casual chat or horny shit.

p.s. not gay

Bored af and want to rp. If you're into catfish or body swaps then hit up bodyhopper809

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Try beaaignacio then!

... You don't know your username?

34 M Wisconsin
looking to get weird with females!
kik: Ender920

Attached: EVFqDrj.jpg (615x820, 132K)

Georgia bull here leave your kiks if interested

21 m us

Send me some girls you know
Kik: b_money_boi


Petite and teen girls


29/ m/ Philly

Bull looking for cucks and couples. I want to fuck your girl. I have experience with this.

Serious inquiries only.

Kik: audaciousbeat

Attached: 7155413b-b0a3-4ca4-a4fa-af90a92bcd7a.png (1200x1600, 1.43M)

Still want to trade porn.
Scat/pizza limit
Kik yourown10

Bored at work
Send titts.
If your f send me dare
Kik odinxxx


I wanna see pics of your sisters/gfs/wives/cousuns feet.
Im mostly a sucker for candid pics, especially pics of feet while they're sleeping. Live pics are great too :)
If you wanna talk about them thats fine too.

Trade gf/wife pics. Any legal age don’t be shy.

UgkyStik85 kik

Had no idea what was going on bad user!

Cock her and Kik teddywiggins1 for more

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humilliate my smol pp

Send me nudes of girls and their name city and state TheHV12345


like to recieve and make captions and comments on chicks we send each other

username not found

starting a group chat for sharing Arkansas girls



Lets chat about our sexual experiences including our first time/favourites

Kik sweetgirl2507 to wwyd my female german friends

Send for rate, wwyd or really brutal wwyd to your friends, exs, gf, wifes, sisters, moms, cousins.. any female you know.. say what you are looking for.. g0sunnyg0

Send me girls to do a loyalty test on


Anything goes

Trading oc creepshots

Anyone near Boston or the New England area? Just seeing whats out there. Or lets chat bout hot girls.


I'm gonna shower, I'll be back in 20ish, leave me some surprises

Tell me what you like, and if I've got it, we can trade. Only limits are no scat or gore


Ambervanger bm

Attached: 20200201_083715.jpg (581x475, 165K)

Kik xenuawinche

Attached: 20200202_001458.jpg (1149x2105, 1.64M)


Lets chat about our sexual experiences including our first time/favourites

Brutal rates and wwyd
If i dont reply right away i probably fell asleep and ill do it tomorrow

Live fag ready for exposure, i show everything. Kik me: WI1991

Attached: F3033889-4709-4C5B-8E56-5D5B04F7297A.png (1334x750, 1.86M)

Send me your wife/GF/EX/Latina/Asian/Redhead


want people to jack off to my friends and trib them

18 f uk.

Like super creepy people and over the top pervs

Kik boopboop789


I need help rebuilding my collection, send me your favourite picture, the worse the better

Totally curious about seeing two guys comparing or stroking each other.

Kik hybrid_ghozt young teens from texas and milfs sisters or gfs young

m/24. send anything no limits.


28/m/ east coast USA

I want to see your chubbies. Gf? Wife? Your best friends girl? So long as ots not just a random porn star.

Need to see some thicc bitches

anything and everything. no rules.

Any Scottish want to chat or share pics


Kik pizzaman12321 looking for someone to do brutal wwyd for my sister in exchange for her nudes

Attached: received_1221842167837164.jpg (1536x2048, 189K)

Bull in Los Angeles

Attached: A2C8D951-7474-432C-A00D-E0AE803E5755.jpg (540x960, 42K)

Kik tallandhung10

M 19 looking to send videos of me using my moms toys or pics of my sister to chat first about.


Cock her and Kik me for more teddywiggins1

Attached: 260_1000.jpg (1000x750, 97K)

It's a guy

25m looking for fembois
Kik G_Eyeburner

Looking for someone to give brutal wwyd in exchange for pics as the story continues

Kik anon343455


doing caged tributes

Can’t find you

Stare at her like a creep prolly


Kik bigdadscuck

Sharing a exposed selfie slut

Send me anything 18+ to jerk off to


kik: small_62

Attached: 20191105_101254.jpg (1928x3428, 1.42M)

27 m bi from Germany

Looking for Dickpics, kink talk, wwyd / cucking / lockscreen / Rating of any people you know and care about (If you have nudes of them, I dont care how)

Kik is BenRileySun

Looking for a quick wank to exposed white woman. Love feet, petite, bbw, trans, taboo. Watch and help bust
Please and thank you

Looking for someone who would like to share live pics of wife or gf. I love all shapes and sizes Kik dodgerfan4200 long term is a plus. Willing to send vids of me cumming

Cant find u

Is it a dude? Or the actual girl?

Jerks guys off in public

Attached: 20200206_103841.jpg (348x434, 79K)

PornVIDZ trade amateur prefered
No Scat/pizza
Kik yourown10


Attached: 1523822351646.jpg (960x1280, 687K)

Attached: 1511635442645.jpg (3072x1728, 1.07M)


Kik: geilentte

Lovely white trash slut with nice brown nips. Show her her pics and tell her what she is to you. She's into humiliation and having her pics meddled with (write / draw / tribute em). Just put her in her place. She gets really wet when you show her reactions to her pics from other guys.
Hubbys kik is foobar4711. He knows her pics are out but it's always fun to see how mad he gets.
I have more of her and some of the little cucks dick pics, just tell me what you want to see

Attached: 3acce5f7-e0ed-4e3c-aa92-edfa75525cb0.png (1076x1600, 1.48M)

High af and horny

Definitely bra and panties and screenshots of the messages

What messages?

Attached: 2087.jpg (600x800, 44K)

Let's do this again
My sister: ilikemyname0987655

Attached: received_2101308273445105_20200123_211106971.jpg (720x1280, 265K)

Looking for UK girls preferably northern. Just want to jerk off and save the pics if I know them,
You can send me your wife/GF too if you want. Honestly just want to cum. My kik is -Carlislenudes

Attached: Snapchat-1318230413-1_20200123_210937351.jpg (1280x720, 205K)

Post nudes

She's so shy about her pussy. You think she likes being told that you can just make it out in this pic?

Attached: 205971419592792030-6202734.jpg (602x1128, 142K)

fappin to your girls’ pics, kik jackwalk19

Attached: 2E87494C-013F-4ABF-9AD4-9CAB3E57FBDB.jpg (876x960, 102K)

Brutal wwyd to my gf. Rape. Beat. Humiliate. My kik: jessiecali951

Attached: 1BD4AD64-8F82-4B7D-9A2D-27DF372FD954.jpg (958x959, 109K)

Add me tonyspace626

looking for tributes, stephenwilliams314 on kik and reddit, want to see you cum in her


Stuck up milf bitch getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Dumb bitch thinks this was all deleted and would be so fucking ashamed and embarrassed that you are seeing her like this. I'm sunnymanner on kik for more. Tell me where you are posting uppity Patricia. Here's a screenshot from one of the videos

Attached: 20200202_000511.jpg (1600x1508, 463K)

kik missfox013 and tell her how nice her tits are

I am looking for someone who enjoys sharing their wife or gf. Long term is a plus and I love all shapes and sizes. Kik me at dodgerfan4200 if interested

Post pics

So badly want someone to blackmail a girl in to sending more nudes of herself. Jjstamos

Got any more?


imig. es

Big white cock here.
Will bang your non-white gf.
Must be 18+
Asians get served first
Kik- nickanon777

Attached: EBACE6DF-8D47-4316-833A-73FCCAD16D59.jpg (828x615, 163K)

Attached: 91200226_24876441726701790_3001677514037138532_n.jpg (1440x1680, 1M)

At work and bored. Share your tattooed slut with me

Drop Kik if interested


had a bad day. looking for something to cheer me up. thanks.

Kik: merz783
Looking for good jerk material.

Kik me at : Taboo4usall
Let's trade porn, Tell me what you like & I might have it. I have a great taste in porn. At least I think.

Kik is Taboo4usall

Attached: 1574127802129.jpg (1080x1350, 165K)

Horny teen should respond quick if you say please


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