S/fur lool

s/fur lool

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feral version

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hyey if u want anthro u gota make it

or u can post anthro i guess

sory im hihg, drunk

my dick is drier than the sahara desert

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i mean balls

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but my dick is wet as fuck dudfe

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post animal sluts

animal girls vaginas drink human sperm GNNGNFNFNNFFNGNNNFDNFSNNGNGGNSNGFS*


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animal girls are hot dude

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Wat. Thanks for the (you) Mr. Wasted furry

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too bad this dumbass kiddie website doesnt allow real animal women

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so i gottta post drawings only

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but, basciccaliy, imagine muy dick miles deep in animal hole HNNNNGGG its even better when high and drunk

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Fur here

also ur dick gets longer and better in animal woman hole. If your consistent enough.

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takes a year or two

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one month ban

been there multiple times lmao

it's these gay newfags that report anything they don't like

yeah wtf are they stupid dude. It's the best feeling on earth to let go in an animal woman's hole. Fucking god.

This website is literally fucking 10 years behind. Legalize it.

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anyone have a chick getting knotted?

that clip was glorious, have anymore?

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how about search for the real thing instead of this animated bullshit?
search for petlust videos, those are very good

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yeah petlust is ok but it doesnt compare to slutting your own fursluts hole.

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dropin deep

as much noise as you can HNNGNNGGG fuck neighbors thats why im on 5 acres gngnnggnnnnhnhnfgnngg

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i dont know, i feel like getting knotted is better mate, js

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of course not, I have my girl to bang and have her tail brush my back but out of all of the beast porn I saw online, nothing gets even close to the quality of petlust. Not even AoZ

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my gifs are too big in size to post god damn it

why are so many dudes into gay furry? Honestly. When furry hole is best. Vaginas smell good and clamp tight if you slam the right angle.

Reminds me of my husky babe. But I cant post our connection. Or mods ban. Too bad its still taboo. Fucking stupid. The most natural thing on earth. Spiritual.

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It's hilarious, really.
Gore threads are allowed
Videos of people slamming shovels on dogs are allowed
but making love to a dog? not on this christian forum no siree

i love eating them out too

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femanon here dude, not into gay furry. i have 0 male dog on chick anything in my saved and if you guys have any post it, ill post tits and timestamp in return

here's to 2030 when itll probably be normal, but we will be middle aged boomers by then.

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le tits now

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Theres so much of that. It's the most common bestiality genre. Literally just google for results. Tons of male dog and fem human porn out there.

When in fact animal girls are in need of rescuing and deep dicking, because they are literally just slaves on this stupid cruel earth. Killed by the millions. I dont get it.

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more tits pls

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For some reason, it's much more taboo of a male human on a female dog than the other way around, idunno why.

And anatomically, the female dog's clitoris is in a fosa, meaning it's deep into a vaginal wall so they won't naturally get an orgasm by fucking so you must touch them with your finger or your tongue in that spot.

Male dogs lick the vulva, I've never seen a male dog shove their tongue in a bitch's vagina. It's sad, really.

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Well this thread won't last long anymore lol.

Thing with male on female dog is its the dude electing to fuck. Human males can be larger than dogs too depending on breed you're fucking.

Female with male dog, its pretty clear the dog wants to fuck and is enjoying itself. All the woman has to do is bend over and the dog elects to do the rest.

Sometimes I wish I was a woman. I'd let me dog fuck me daily.

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Not entirely true. I've awoken plenty of times in the middle of the night by my girl with her tongue shoved deep into my throat. She also nudges my junk from time to time

As for females, I've seen lots of videos of dog dildoing where the dog isn't enjoying it or wanting it at all so they can force them to fuck as much as men

while I can attest to the fact that pressing a finger helps them cum while fucking, you can definitely get them to cum while just fucking fast enough at the right angle. Try putting their feet up on your chest while you pump it deep inside.

Just keep going as long as you can. Eating them out beforehand helps.

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None of what you wrote is normal or healthy, and I've literally fucked dogs.

I don't particularly care much for the welfare of certain animals

Or yourself.

yes sir, but i expect more dog-on-girl

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I always eat her out beforehand and I usually put her legs on my sides

What do you mean?

You're so mentally I'll and delusional it would be a waste of my time to elaborate.

low quality bait

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well, that's neither here nor there. so..... you're just a butthurt faggot

That's why I didn't elaborate. Because you would be entirely unable to understand. Literally clueless.

got any pics of chicks getting fucked? rather than human dick on bitches?

had to compress the file size to post it. low qual, maybe, but not bait sorry friend

what a shitty thread

09:24pm agh my bad

lol that was towards this moron

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haha got it! annndd that doesnt count lmaoo

>he pointed out I'm mentally ill and what I just said was incredibly not healthy or normal even to people who fuck dogs.


Solid reasoning.

>He pOiNtEd oUt i'm mEnTaLlY IlL AnD WhAt i jUsT SaId wAs iNcReDiBlY NoT HeAlThY Or nOrMaL EvEn tO PeOpLe wHo fUcK DoGs.

hE MuSt bE A TrOlL PoStInG BaIt.

sOlId rEaSoNiNg.

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Fucking dogs isnt normal or healthy either
Fucking degenerates in this thread

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lmao I saw the thumbnail wrongly

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Cool story. Whatever you need to do to cope with your disgusting life. Literally proved my point. A+

My husky wakes me up by licking my junk sometimes.

>I always eat her out beforehand and I usually put her legs on my sides

Proper technique. Bitches love oral.


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because this is a good christian site?

cOoL StOrY. wHaTeVeR YoU NeEd tO Do tO CoPe wItH YoUr dIsGuStInG LiFe. LiTeRaLlY PrOvEd mY PoInT. a+

FuCkInG DoGs iSnT NoRmAl oR HeAlThY EiThEr
FuCkInG DeGeNeRaTeS In tHiS ThReAd

gtfo to tumblr

as if tumbler is based enough to be total husky sex gods and not virgins

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The fact you fail to see how you're actually mocking yourself and your disgusting sad life only makes you look even more sad. Way to ruin a fur thread.

Faggots mad when they hear the truth lol
Do everyone a favor and kill yourselves

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FaGgOtS MaD WhEn tHeY HeAr tHe tRuTh lOl
Do eVeRyOnE A FaVoR AnD KiLl yOuRsElVeS

please just keep posting dog puss/dick and ignore idiots




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agreed lets get some girls getting railed in here too fags

dog cocks incumming

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more red rockets

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how about a wolf's?

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why cant we just post the real thing? Mods are gay

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>why cant we just post the real thing? Mods are gay

get on my level skrub

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now thats a properly milked dick, courtesy of canine bitch lips.

I should train my GSD to do that, but her hole already accepts my sperm blasts daily, so I dont want ot waste any in her mouth.

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fuck yeah, feral thread

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I mean, her vaginal mouth is meant for drinking sperm already so not need to train her to suckle with her muzzle anyway.

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feral feet

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3D beast pics?

Damn, man. How did this thread not get nuked yet?

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anyone got women getting fucked?

I'm actually curious if this is real or not. Can't tell if it's a new render or the real thing

lmao the ones I posted weren't 3D renders, they're real photos like this one

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Love that pic.

Someone really should make legwear for dogs!

Sorry, meant this one. Can't tell if it's real or a render

meh, cloest thing I can find to sexy bitch clothes out there. But good luck unless you win the lottery


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real dogs would hate it

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Real. I've a few videos of bitches giving blowjobs but they're too big in size to post here

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everything on this thread is a render, none of it is real

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your mom is a render

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mega please

Think I could find a sauce for a few?

I got them off of zoo dot cab

it's categorized and pretty easy to navigate! It's got its onyon mirror too if you want to nice try fbi

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fbi isnt after dogfuckers unless they're those weird abusive types of shitstains. They hurt dogs, so go fbi.

Regular dudes who bang their dogs got nothing to worry about, as long as your not stupid,.

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idunno, freedomland tends to love to jail people for whatever they can think of. Luckily it's legal here so they can find my HDDs full of beast porn and do nothing about it :D

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"female sheppy" 2nd page

reminds me of my sheppy babe. Every night.... HNNNNNGGGGG deep.

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Is that where this one came from?
I'm mostly wanting the source from that one

Do I need a VPN to browse?

Yup! Dig into that site, it's got a bit of everything!

well, it's legal in my country so I don't HAVE to use one nor do I use one at all tbh

couldnt hurt on Cred Forums, to hide your IP.

Humble bundle is having a sale. $20 for a year license.

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Well guess I found my new hobby. Going to have to hunt for that video

luckily americans hate each other so much we've divided our laws into 50 states. So Its kind of the same for me, but I use 3 vpns anyway because they're cheap and I got them for like $10 a piece.

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What VPNs would you recommend?

Whatever's on sale doesn't matter. Google Humble Bundle.

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I'm all about the 2D feral pics. I don't mess around with real.

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is that the one from the blowjob? i cant find that specific one, all i find is forced ones

>I'm all about the 2D feral pics. I don't mess around with real.

that's pussy talk
grow balls to fuck an actual animal, you sound like a furfaggot

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yeah, there's a lot of forced and abuse but you have to look and filter it yourself sadly

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Look for the one on the second page on guys and female animal section. Female Sheppy.

To get an idea of our sex sessions with my female GSD. Hard and deep. She loves licking up after HNNGGGN

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When you purchase do you use your real info like name and shit?
Can I use Privacy to make a temp CC number?

yes more of this im fucking drooling

yeah i saw that one, i just wanna see more of the bitch doing the sucking and not being pushed to do so

I dunno I don't remember.

I bought my female dogs on puppyfind.com years ago. From professional breeders. Took years for them to sexually mature and want deep sex.

Meh blowjobs aren't as good as a deep vaginal deposit, to be honest.

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where can i set my vpn to find that vid

i know but the bitch doing the sucking is very new to me

Real animals can't talk and have to be coerced into sex with humans. You might be able to groom one or take advantage of an animal in heat, but no dog actively thinks, "Man, that human is sexy as fuck."

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I prefer it deep in her hole dude. If you haven't experienced, you can't describe the vaginal suction of a bitch in heat.

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them voluntarily wanting or starting the sex is enough consent for me

>Took years for them to sexually mature and want deep sex.


>grooms an animal for sex
>"Hey, it's consensual."

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Attached: 1578680739809.png (1920x1080, 1.52M)

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Attached: 3de9eba7e71577bb288c04b52186c256.png (939x1280, 973K)

I heard in the news about a woman raped by a man, that means all straight sex is rape.

dude when a bitch suckles your nuts while your deep in another one, that's consent enough for me.

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Attached: 1580659999808.jpg (1000x1714, 336K)

Did you hear in the news about the dog who initiated sex with a human without being groomed for it? Without being in heat?

Attached: 1578694166057.jpg (800x546, 77K)

You people fucking disgust me

>starting the sex

after being groomed for it

or being in heat (i.e. "fuck anything" mode)

Attached: 1577845376750.jpg (800x666, 81K)

I heard of a lot of zoos than don't have sex with their bitches when out of heat, and I've never done anything at all as my dog was never interested.

Attached: 1578167689565.jpg (2250x1800, 473K)

I wish these fucking threads were against the rules. Zoophiles are all delusional.

Sex with bitches is year round

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there's 150 threads going on b at the same time you can ignore this ones, or even filter them with xchan

Well I'm really fucking sick of looking for sfur threads only to see animal rapists

Go back to e621 then

I go to sfur threads for conversations and being around people I like; not delusional animal rapists who only know how to talk about raping animals

Have I mentioned that I’m also into ss shit? Truly the most degenerate of people. I’ve wanted to do a series about a bunch of boys and the sexy furry girls they keep as “pets” because they didn’t want to exterminate the filthy vermin as they were instructed. For some reason they’re the only ones in their town who thinks the anthro girls are hawt.

Attached: 7ED9F885-2F49-441F-B7E6-7DB6B9A0A71C.jpg (1280x1140, 321K)

Not for me, a bitch initiated once for me but it was not the place not the time for that and my dog never made any signal of wanting anything like it so I've never done anything, no probs for me still best dog ever he died a few years ago with 18 years so he lived way longer than any other dog I've seen.

Unfortunately I can’t draw any animal gals besides my raccoon waifu, here.

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