Some girl says she’s gonna file a police report because I “raped” her because she was “too drunk” but she...

Some girl says she’s gonna file a police report because I “raped” her because she was “too drunk” but she doesn’t know both my parents are police officers way up the chain of command

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damn that sucks bro you think your parents are gonna have to arrest you personally or order one of their flunkies to do it?
RIP in peace piglet

First I didn’t rape her. Second my dad has been watching my back for years. Nothing is gonna happen

Doesn't work like that faggot. Enjoy having your boi pussy filled

You're going to need more than parents with influence to stay out of jail and not have your life ruined.

>nerds that believe justice is real

I live in a very small town in Iowa. My parents are friends with the mayor and all 3 judges. Even if I actually raped her I would be fine. But I didn’t rape her so I have nothing to be afraid of

This. Harder.
Do you fags really think people become cops to do good? That's firemen you're thinking of.
>Police in sexual fantasies is usually bdsm
E.g "how can i convince you to drop the charges" or "i'm such a bad girl, punish me"
>Firemen in sexual fantasies is usually rescue fantasy
E.g "how can i ever thank you?" "i feel so safe with you mr strong man"

At most their will be a investigation unless you did actually rape her and beat the fuck out of her or admit it not much will happen..... regretting fucking someone is not rape.

brilliant bait is brilliant

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are you not able to sexxor a female that is not drunk? at least the first time you scrump, you should protect yourself from this.

you're kind of dumb and lame. it will amount to he said she said and you will probably not be indicted, but it will follow you the rest of your life that someone accused you on record.

I didn’t rape her. As soon as she threatened that shit I went straight to my dad and even he told me I didn’t rape her and he would take care of it

Then fucking go rape her for real

Fuck off virgin. You sound mad that you’ve never been invited to a party before

I’m not a rapist

Then why are you posting about it? To trigger the sensitive retards on here or?

are you the one who encouraged her to drink and get drunk?

Well you’re a faggot larper. Would you rather be that or a real man and rape her?

Post pics faggot

So we could make fun of that stupid cunt

How did you expect anons? Curious

>Post pics faggot

It was a party we were all getting fucked up

*anons to react

Fucking keyboard

thats not good. did she verbally consent?

Get the hell out of here with that. There is a thing called personal responsibility. You put yourself into a situation, that's on you. Should OP have gone all sex crazed and retard strong? No. But she shouldnt have put herself in the situation either. Offering a beer or something doesnt make faggot guilty unless he spiked it.

if she said anything to tease you into it, you should be fine.

im not blaming OP, but I know that is a common accusation:
>he pressured me to drink, I didnt want to

She wanted to fuck. Have you ever had sex before? You can tell when someone is down and when they aren’t

so you got invited to some party for the first time and you saw a drunk girl and decided to go for it.

sounds about right.
keep telling yourself this. it can be your mantra when billy joe hands you the syrup to flavor his anus in your cell.

Jesus, you were based until this post.
I was 100% on your side.
Now you just revealed your fear.
How can we make fun of someone we can't even see?
At this point it's just become another "my ex is such a cunt lets hate wimen togetha" spiel.

That person is right. Unless you're some moron living under a rock in today's political climate, the first time you fuck a female, you do it when there are little to no substances around. That's just a matter of not trying to be suicidal.

If they won't fuck unless drunk or high, you might consider changing your name to quasimoto.

ah so your dad was there, did he get sloppy seconds?

I can see that you're worried about him being arrested for criminal conspiracy and I would be too, they don't treat rapist pigs very well in prison! at least you're just a rapist piglet

No rape happened. We were both drunk and had sex it was consensual

>a lawyer wouldn't ask about verbal consent
ok, dude.

Stop engaging tard. If you don't find it funny when they accuse you, you have something to worry about.

We met at the party. She wasn’t shitfaced when I met her and she was all over me. What was I supposed to say “hey stop drinking because I’m going to fuck you later” that’s not how parties work

Implied consent. Like if you find someone passed out on the street you can assume they want you to help them or if a kid was injured you can imply the parents would want you to help. At some point in the night she probably said yeah but she definitely wanted to do it

I do find it funny because I’m not guilty of anything

Yes it is. That's the basic definition of rape.

Did you admit to having sex? If not, tell her she was too drunk and hallucinated it all

imagine being so bad at sex they're filing reports

You must be quite the disapointment

Naw man. My parents love me

wow look, this guy's privileged.

Hell yeah im privileged. I never saw it as something to be ashamed of. My family was smart enough to think in the future to make sure I had the best life possible

Was she an alcohol?

Post tiddies with timestamp or GTFO

>Naw man. My parents love me
Quads of truth.
Does your dad love you through the butthole?
Does your mom suck your nipples while tickling your prostate?
These are rhetorical questions, that is true love.
>Jealous user is jealous of loving parents.

Nigga quit debating 13 year olds on Cred Forums.

the police are the least of your worries

Your family knows no one faggot quit larping nigger