Do it

Do it

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What is this? I must know.

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Smooth food

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Fucking witnessed

It's a soap.

Nothing is truely smooth.

This... is a SmoothBurger

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Just to trigger the closet fags.

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Why are there two anuses?

corner on that cheese lookin a little sharp there, bud.

Entrance and an exit.

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false. everything is truly smooth. check your spelling and your brain.

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Ah yeah, i see. But what about now?

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I think that’s called a ‘sacral dimple’. Everyone has one but his is real deep because he’s fyat

Very smooth food

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You could hurt someone with those pointy little bits of onion

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Correcting myself, i think it’s actually a pilonidal dimple

Pilonidal sinus, common in overweight men who spend a lot of time sat down.

This fella has had a large cyst there which burst after taking strong antibiotics for it. It developed when an in-grown hair caused an infection.

This is the fate of all who stay on this site too long. Unless the sinus is removed surgically, there is always a chance it will re-occur.

>Double the food, double the shit

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Lol it’s not an exploded cyst. Even infants have pilonidal dimples.

Kek two assholes> 1

Very smooth in here

>This fella has had a large cyst there which burst after taking strong antibiotics for it. It developed when an in-grown hair caused an infection.
H-h-how do you know that user?

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Telltale scar at the top says otherwise.

Octuple penetration tiem.

bc user’s bmi is his area code


Magic. Let me show you more.

The man has also had a persistent high-calorie intake daily for a number of years and moves less than the average person.

Dirt under the fingernails suggests he works an outdoor job doing manual labour. The above observation suggests he actually doesn't and simply has terrible hygiene.

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Cred Forums
where slipping smooth food past the mods
turns into a discussion about a hairy fat man's double anus

Actually it's not magic.

I know all this because I'm pretty sure that's me in the picture. Have no idea who took it or why it was posted here.

>Have no idea who took it

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>Protip if it goes in smooth it comes out rough

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muh freedoms :D

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>MFW this thread

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>can eat it
Smooth food

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Used to be better

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I don't see you posting any smooth food,

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Do it here

fat hairy user has the most succulent hole I’ve ever seen, and I’d argue it constitutes as smooth food

hey that's how my mom died

Katsu? Based.

Just for you. I also agree that his donut looks delicious. Would proboscis his anus.

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Now you're just torturing me kek

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It's technically food I made it the other day

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are you okay user

Fuck burger king

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Those flame broiled patties of meat get you hot, too?

I'm torn whether that looks like ass fruit or ballsack fruit


It's really tasty tho. Had it a couple of times.

Do i have to shit post


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This is a severe example, but some variation of it will happen to you if you sit on your ass all day.

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I see it. Shat bricks too

looks pretty good

My bowels emptied completely one morning it felt great

What if you weigh under 40 pounds? Can happen still?

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Needs more vegetable, less meat.

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hahaha this nigga got beans falling out his ass


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disgusting, they're not even cooked

nice feet

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That's revolting.

I really really like this image

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Serveur! There is a feet on my pasta!

Big meat

You can be born with this. Many people are cursed with these. Unfortunately the surgery can leave u with a wound that might not ever close. Because of where its located, the tissue has a hard time reconnecting.

Can also make out a babies head in there

Heresy. That's a muffuletta, you ignorant fuck. Bask in its glorious magnificence.

It looks so damned delicious

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I'd try one but i haven't heard of half the ingredients and don't trust anyone to make my food since a chink gave me a toenail.

God yes

Mmmmmm fuck gimme some dat

food cubes?

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You just know an engineer did this.

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Yum yum

I would yiss eat her ass out

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Made me think of Cultosaurus Erectus by Blue Oyster Cult.

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Damn is that all sashimi??

Maybe like... 20 years ago. BK today is bland and flavorless. Even Micky D's is better than them now.

I worked in a hospital long enough to tell that this is some comatose old ass man they just let lay there for weeks. You have to turn the pre-dead elderly a couple times a day or they get horrifying bedsores like this.

Spaghetti and feet-balls?

Stab her in the feet

I’d like to imagine that the blue ones are made with god-tier crystal meth.

FINALLY someone gets what smooth food is!

My family has plates and bowls just like that.

this is almost more disgusting than the derailment images

looks like sapin-sapin but without crunchy coconut bits