Can we get a sluts of kentucky thread?

Can we get a sluts of kentucky thread?

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Have Kik?


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Holy shit! Yes!!

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Any info?

I think her name is Kelsie and she works at Hooters somewhere in Kentucky

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Bump for 859


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270 also

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First name?

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Not sure

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Very fuckable

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Any nky or Louisville?

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Here's a KY slut for you since your state threads are always so very sad.

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Rare and pathetic

Russell ky

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No. You're all a bunch of inbred sister-fuckers.

Have Kik?

She looks like my cousin and it's hot

Bowling Green?

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Bump for more 270

Looking for some 270 milfs to meet up and have some drinks

Go to fetlife

Any Owensboro sluts?

im digging that russell chick alot

Anonib dot ru is back

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I dig her out a lot too. She’s great in the sack

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