Ask a black introvert anything

Ask a black introvert anything

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Do you live in a country where the majority of people are white? And if so, do you find it difficult to be black in that situation? Also, prove it


Not OP but I'm black and come from a poor family but rode scholarships and study to make a great life for myself, all of the black culture negatives centre around how it starts and what holds you back, if you succeed you get an even better reward.

Do you steal your own bike?

fuck you nigger

I live in America, so its not really that difficult since it's one big bowl of diversity. And I could post a timestamp to prove I'm black.
Yes. That doesn't mean I'll answer everything though, especially if it's racist.

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What does being black relate to being an introvert? Are you athletic? What kind of black are you? How many girls have you fucked?

When you see some black nonsense in the mainstream media, how do you feel? Do you identify with the militant/'we're victims and our situation is everyone elses fault but ours'?

Yes. It's time to separate niggerism from color.

how many white gurls have you fucked?

1) it doesn't, I just figured it sounds better than "ask an introvert anything"
2) I am not, I'm slightly chubby.
3) the king that plays games most of the time, and knows how to take apart and build computers.
4) 0 times.
It doesn't make me feel ashamed for my race, but I do get disappointed when I see headlines about one of us doing dumb shit. And I'm on the fence about the second question. there are some of us who make no real effort to better ourselves, but there's a ton of us who literally can't better ourselves because of systemic racism.
The same amount of times Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

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Why do all of the thick white girls have middle America beat ass faces like this it’s honestly depressing


Why are you an introvert?

Fuck off Curtis
Go hit Gini again

I'm an introvert due to me not socializing with anyone outside my immediate family growing up

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ok, how many black chicks have you fucked?

how goes it?

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Based on your love of white girls you acknowledge that your kind is disgusting. And you know it deep down

You are a fake nigger, you appeal to no demograph, I'm a better black than you

Same as cracker, and most derogatory claims, it's about being poor almost exclusively.

Sauce on OP??

It's been quite good.
Wrong. I love women of all races.

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Why are you on Cred Forums?

People often go down the easiest route, not the favored. White girls are easier to fuck.

that's good to hear

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Blondegummybear, she even has her own subreddit.
Mostly for the porn.

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>nah bro i love all women despite always posting white trannys and white women

Nah dude youre full of shit Just admit it. Thats why you never start a thread with a black girl. I bet the next thread you make will be a niggy just to try to “prove me wrong”

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wait a minute... you telling me YOU'RE GAY???

He still mostly posts pics of white girls and trannys. He hates himself deep down

>fucked 0 black girls
>i love black women too

sauce of video?

I have tons of porn of black women, Asian, women, Latina women, etc. But they're all on my PC. and I did start them with a black girl a couple of times, but people got confused and thought I was a girl.
No. But I'm not 100% straight either.
I haven't fucked anyone yet.

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Introverts here

Ayee it’s my black Cred Forumsro
Wassup? You posted a thread like this some days back and I said we gone visit u at Oklahoma!

Do you like white sissies?

sorry, no :(

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Sup?. And that's not gonna happen.

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How long is your dick?

hold on a minute! you telling me YOU'RE VIRGIN??? how old are you?

8 inches
I am 21 years old.

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Nope, that's projecting. Fucking white girls is easy.

21 y/o with a 8" dick and still virgin? HOW???

I've Never made an effort to lose it.

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I want to see more of it for sure.

so vocel or incel?

me too user, me too

wish i had sauce...

Ooo fun. We should chat. I’m a pretty cute sissy

get the fuck out of my B

I'm far from an incel, so i guess that would make me a vocel.
I prefer to remain anonymous, sorry.
Nah, I think I'll stay

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Why are you black?

Have you ever fucked one?

If a ship (To escape dying earth) that could only take the top 1% of humans were made, why would you be worthy?

Nope, I'm still a virgin.
I honestly don't have much to offer society in terms of prosperity, but I could bring alot of entertainment to peoplem

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So you're not top 1%


Thanks for Hitomi

No probs, I love hitomi also.

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You might be but don’t call other blacks niggers like that.

Sincerely a brother

Still here.

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Does anyone know who this girl is?

is you name Aziz?

Why are you black?


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Are you ready?

Omg gimme sauce!

What do black people think of those smelly Indians?

You're a black, but not a nigger, there are soft rankings to this, being able to boast the content of your character is what's most important, you're within 1 STDV of everything and bring us down.

Dude, I just sourced it. It's blondegummybear

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Not op. I’m black though.
They don’t give s fuck about us over there so fuck those weird ass retards. I’d take their women without a second thought, though. The thing about Indians is they slurp white dick the hardest. They hate us because whites hate us despite never having met one of us before.


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Dude, then you should have referenced the sauce, instead of bitching and moaning like a nigger. Nigger.

Nigs gonna nig, of course.


not op but read the thread you lazy fucks