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Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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elon musk is a fag but Keanu is alright, I am just going to post a snarky reply and not down or upvote ya

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Laugh here

Nice feet

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Nice bait; no you aren't

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Lol no its not you mental reject

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why do you ruin my chance to laugh?

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retards like you always were booty bothered by something, even in black and white pictures

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I mean youre literally posting women in miniskirts lol, how retarded are you?


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ok lol


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you're mental illness personified.


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no u

unironically relating to jaquin phoenix's joker... what a retard


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>Why do the people we hate and discriminate against want to kill themselves?


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They also aren't girls



Hate speech


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>why do people who hate themselves attempt suicide so much

people hate nazis, but they aren't killing themselves at an outlandish rate

Nazis almost always have a support system and they can be Nazis while keeping it a secret.

LBTQ is more difficult to hide and teenagers often become homeless due to, well, retards like you who discriminate against them

Fuck you

I would kill my first born to spooge on "her" receding hairline.

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>Nazis almost always have a support system

fags in the 80s didn't kill themselves and they were hated as much as trannies are now. face it, it's mental illness where as homosexuality isn't

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I liked reading this. Even if it was for the 50th time.

You just proved his point you tard. No matter who hates you, if you don't hate yourself you'll be just fine.

You cannot expect the world to be responsible for your emotional well being you giant fucking child.

The universe is not interested in nannying the weak.

Real talk though, what is it you want? What do you hope to achieve here, on Cred Forums?

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I'm claire

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sup clarence

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I love Coneheads.

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You're ugly claire, both inside and out. Is there something you want?


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Kiss my ass

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>support system

>10x larger support system compared to anything skinheads have

oh boo hoo my mean internet words have caused a lot of distress, but the nazis aren't hurt by them as much? Maybe gays should start taking notes from the nazis if that's the case.

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"Some studies have found positive associations, with high IQ being associated with increased suicide rates. In one geographical (ecological) study of the general population, a positive ecological correlation between regional intelligence and completed suicide rate was observed in seven geographical regions within Denmark.1 A study of military conscripts in Israel showed that suicide completers had above-average intelligence ratings at conscription.2 Similar results were observed in a prospective cohort study from the Terman Genetic Study of Genius,3 where the lifetime completed suicide rate for gifted individuals was 2.25%, which is roughly four times the suicide mortality rate of the general population."

It's almost as if rational people will chose to end it when put into a terrible situation they can't escape from. like being a teen runaway with nowhere to go because of your sexuality.

>fags in the 80s didn't kill themselves

Yes they did, retard. And people used to say homosexuality was an illness. Oh how easily the tunes of morons changes. You're just talking garbage because you're ignorant.

>You cannot expect the world to be responsible for your emotional well being you giant fucking child.

Yes you can

>You just proved his point you tard.

His point being?

>Real talk though, what is it you want? What do you hope to achieve here

Watching you do mental gymnastics and be a bumbling retard, unable to prove me wrong. So far ive been successful. Actually, I just wanted funny memes before going to bed but youre in this thread being a retard so I had to call you out

What does YLYL mean?

I left Cred Forums for 6+ months, came back, and we're STILL doing this?

it's a man, it's clarence

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I said "her" you dipshit fuck.


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I don't consent, and such actions make you a sex offender and prove my statement.

So I ask again, is there something you want?

>not understand what a support system is


it means You Laugh, You Lose, and so far I'm winning

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i hate how i cant just come on a fucking YLYL thread anymore to get some keks. These trans fags keep spreading their disgusting propaganda everywhere, leave us the fuck alone, there are 15 million other trap threads for you to all go suck eachother off on, i just wanna hop on here and laugh a bit after a long day, but its FLOODED with tranny shit. I dont wanna see our girlcock I just wanna look at memes you fucking niggers

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Attached: crowbar.png (359x474, 150K)


its actually anti-trap retards posting this, you anti-trap retard. your moronic friends are having a circle jerk

Have you really now? Well you just mark that up as a win for yourself because you are the only one who doesn't recognise you as a prime example of dunning-kruger in action

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Attached: spiderman thread.jpg (544x400, 44K)

Attached: they call him giraffe.jpg (344x503, 49K)

Far as I'm concerned it's a lot more socially acceptable to be a fag than a nazi.

Sure it's shitty for some gays but I mean, in this modern day and age, you really think they're going to be discriminated against more than a nazi? You're either bait or a clown, choose wisely user

Attached: knowledge.jpg (678x954, 121K)

pls spider-man, save us from the trans

I just wanted to look at some memes, not your deformed dried up girl dick worship, i hope that you die a painful death, and yor mother gets cucked to death by a blackman, may you rape eachother in hell, amen

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Another bumbling response, unable to provide any evidence to back your claims. How new and original, totally not exactly the same copy pasted response for the hundreds of morons I've called out in the past year.

what the fuck happened to this thread

>not understanding the social dynamics of nazis and LGBTQ teenagers

Swerve. I'm not talking about political and media optics

Attached: Screenshot_20200204-135321.jpg (720x1280, 276K)

for you

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Attached: Snapchat-111814377.jpg (720x517, 39K)

I'm claire

Attached: EO_Wn2WX4AEX1RP.jpg (1152x2048, 888K)

Some mentally deranged retard is posting trap shit because he hates traps. Morons can't even detect that the poster is not a trap worshipper because, well, people who hate traps have very low iq

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Attached: ButMyWangGone.png (857x514, 261K)

clarence kek

Attached: spiderman she said she was 18].jpg (460x337, 28K)

He is the man, the legend, that is True Story Cred Forumsro..

get this tranny bullshit out of my face you faggots.

I genuinely hate all of you gay fuckers

thank you and nice dubs, Spider-Man

You're gay

Attached: Nihilitroon.jpg (500x935, 203K)

Wow, it sure is the dunning-kruger effect that makes me think you're a bumbling moron and not your literally autistic screeching. What a well thought out and intelligent post, I have been outwitted, sir!

Attached: source.gif (463x265, 1.53M)

Hate speech

Attached: tenor (7).gif (220x221, 789K)

Attached: source (1).gif (500x276, 986K)

its not gay it's a fact

You're doing great there little guy, you're winning so hard at this whole internet argument business.

Attached: 1C267E91-A696-4808-A707-E5A9E24318F3.jpg (1936x2443, 1.43M)

Learn Hebrew retard wtf does neluda mean

Attached: giphy.gif (400x221, 1.59M)

It's actually being posted by people who hate gays but, being that you hate gays, you would be too stupid to realize that, just like your stupid buddies who think they're smarter than me but can't write a single intelligent post.

Really activates my almonds.


Attached: rosaparks.png (958x950, 1.24M)

better version
I don't hate speech, I'm a grammar nazi.

Attached: Nihilitroon.png (500x935, 603K)

You realise that they are different posters, right? One is baiting you, the other is making you look like an idiot.

More moronic posts. Funny how hard you're trying to be clever but you're unable to say anything of any intellectual value. You're a real Redditor, fishing for updoots and gold but avoiding any serious discussion at all times. Just like the hundreds of Redditors just like you, with your identical responses.

I would kill my first born to beat them all to death with a shovel then use said shovel to bury these abominations deep in the ground so their disease doesn't spread

Attached: c395150.png (500x324, 283K)

Ah, the famous "I'm not retarded, I was trolling this whole time!"

Nice concern trolling though. Sure, using their inter dimensional 20D chess, they have outsmarted me and made ME look like an idiot. lol.

Thread is now officially shit. Enjoy being super intelligent with each other... lol, who are you fooling?

Attached: piggy girljpg.jpg (823x1024, 168K)

I always especially liked this one.
You are awesome


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Attached: chadstonetoss.png (625x605, 220K)

Oh thank you honey bunny I try my best

Attached: EOxNOk2X4AAGk1w.jpg (1152x2048, 322K)

>of no he's on to me, it's not that I have no desire to engage with someone too dumb to realise they are stupid but entirely that i only have my facade of wit to hide behind
>gosh im trying so hard to beat this guy in an e-argument i have absolutely no stake in! I sure am so hurt by being called a redditor, however will i cope!

Any other wild inferences and assumptions you want to throw down for my entertainment?

Please can we get back to the memes

Attached: 53EBC188-2242-4A34-A639-C6989498D2C8.jpg (1115x1033, 130K)

Cred Forums what do I do with him?

Attached: Untitled154_20200205185825.png (140x144, 18K)

I just wanna laugh

Attached: Ptbw9yHg.jpg (480x475, 34K)

Dude, not even one of the people you're so raged at, not even sure why you're mad, might want to learn what the poster count is.

>B-bro. I'm totally not the same person samefagging but that other guy making retarded posts at you for 5 minutes? He's smarter than you for doing so! Just like the hundreds of other geniuses who write retarded garbage on the internet in their free time from their super productive lives: geniuses! Again, not same fagging, just a concerned, casual passerby who witnessed this whole interaction.

probably the funniest thing in this ylyl thread.

>with high IQ being associated with increased suicide rates
we're not talking suicide rate, retard, we are talking suicide ATTEMPTS

women also attempt suicide MUCH more often than men yet men have a higher suicide rate. like you said, higher IQ means when someone wants to end their life they go about doing it, not over some emotional bullshit for attention but as a means to an end. My dad committed suicide in an effort to get his life insurance policy when he was unemployed and my family was about to lose our house. we didn't get the "payout" from death because of some legal bullshit, but they did cut us a check for the $50,000 he had paid into his policy, which was enough to keep us above water.

>Yes they did, retard
nope, homosexual suicide attempt rate in the 80s maxed out at 20%, not too far from where it is now. I'm not saying that harassing an individual doesn't lead them to attempting suicide when they are too scared to get the mental help they need, but you ARE denying that most suicide attempts are because of mental illness and/or denying that being a tranny is a mental disorder.

>people used to say homosexuality was an illness
not an illness, but in many cases it IS a choice.

>his point being
if you can't follow normal conversations, you probably don't need to bother replying; your IQ is too low

>you're in this thread being a retard


nice feet

Hey I'm new to Cred Forums whats a poster count and more importantly how do I mess with other new fags with it?

if god had mercy he would kill this thread and everyone in it.

Attached: Adriansuit.png (686x526, 245K)

Praise his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.

tell me what you guys got, I got "cool guy"

Attached: 1580897064855.jpg (600x600, 69K)


Imagine the smell

holy shit thats funny

Yeah, like how much HIV meds cost

>if god had mercy he would kill this
>and everyone in it.

VERY nice feet !


Those suicide rates are higher than groups experiencing genocide. The official numbers of Jewish suicides in the holocaust didn’t even hit those rates.
Not to mention rich whites have far far higher suicide rates than poor blacks. Bullying doesn’t cause suicide. That’s a myth. The data simply doesn’t back that up even slightly.


notice how only one of us is contributing to this thread

Attached: chadtoss.png (1500x500, 78K)

This is why I left Cred Forums

>they must be using proxies to mess with me

You really think you're worth that much effort?

Attached: 1580691768767.jpg (639x639, 36K)

Attached: 1580871964374m.jpg (1024x701, 119K)

I think I have more of this guy

Attached: 1575501587891.webm (334x720, 1.07M)


dat filename

Attached: 1365350211303.png (225x225, 69K)

Naw im still here, but I'm just shaking my head at the levels of autism.
For reference, i am
And not the sperglord that cant count and thinks one guy is trying to trounce his superior intellect

Attached: 1580790277955.jpg (539x960, 55K)

Fake , Nigger dad?

Nope but it's worth a shot

Not all black people are bad

My god those feet are beautiful

Attached: hammy mcham.jpg (339x461, 23K)

Trannies and general dissatisfaction

Attached: 368_300x300_Front_Color-White.jpg (500x450, 96K)


Attached: dam.png (527x523, 392K)

That's was funny as hell. The two tramps deserve it.

Attached: 1555986454258.jpg (640x549, 45K)

This pic is wrong, trans aren't people

u sure?

Worm rights > trans rights

Attached: Untitled147_20200115204937.png (999x909, 311K)

Attached: 1580602565301.jpg (515x812, 37K)

The first word i see is "the"

Attached: 1540413110206.jpg (640x469, 20K)

did we get raided?

too bad this was fake

What the hell even is this thread

Attached: don__t_be_shy__learn_about_him.jpg (1024x683, 144K)

Attached: drones_target.jpg (728x1098, 205K)

Attached: earth_for_all_and_all_for_earth.jpg (774x1032, 165K)

Attached: earth_for_all_and_all_for_earth_2.jpg (751x1063, 295K)

Yeah, what the fuck is this shit? Facebook-tier memes

Attached: fit to be called.jpg (730x1095, 130K)

Attached: for palestine.jpg (798x1002, 201K)

Attached: forced_marriages.jpg (730x1095, 200K)

This is basically Barbie and her sisters


The guy spamming transgenders is trying to make you hate them by shoving them down your throat. If he's serious, he's going against his own goals

why tho?
why would someone who hates gays have a fuck ton of pics saved to troll?
that dosnt make sense user

There are no "innocent civilins" in the ME. There are just High Value Targets.

mods for what faggot


but most are for sure.

Well Shariah law doesn't say so you Facebook tier meme

You fucking idiots keeps giving attention to this baiter. Stop wasting your time.

need more parents like that

Crap, the first word I say was "gay"

>yes you can
Why are you so fucking special 7 billion people need to make sure you feel comfortable with your delusion
If trannies had iq's as high as you claim then they'd be able to deduce thier gender correctly instead of trying to fix the mistake their dna didn't make


thats fucking horrible. this man shoved a 3+ foot floppy dildo up his asshole and into his intestines. for fun. that is just fucking disgusting

i still wanna link to this semen deamon's videos.

Beware la chancla.

Only a communist would accept that....
Would you?

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