Treat women like property FANTASY thread

Treat women like property FANTASY thread.

First, roll for budget
00-20: $20k
21-40: 40k
41-60: 60k
61-80: 80k
81-99: 100k

Dubs = double $$
Trips = triple $$$

Starting with this hoe

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I’ll buy her for 5k.


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Who is she to you?


I’ll buy the tiny Asian who’re for 7k



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Ill buy for 30k

What will you do to her

2 dolla

Huh? Women are already properties of description and/or getting dicked. No challenge here boyz!


i have 100 grand. show me a woman worth 100k

Cool, I pay 20 rapists $1,000 each to completely destroy her spirit and self confidence in a week-long rape-fest. I'll pay for the hotel bill out of my own pocket.

The rapists would treat it like a getaway retreat.


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Why buy one, spread the wealth!

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Ill keep her in that dress and make her follow me around on a leash on her hands and knees like a pet. Spank and ass fuck her as punishment til she breaks and does whatever she's told


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pleasure doing business

ill take the bitchy looking one in the leopard print bikini for 15,000. i think youll be right i need a balance of quantity and quality in my harem of autism

asian sex slave karen

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Ooh, harem of autism. That works for me.

7 autistic sluts please that only like getting paid in cuddles, cum, and abstract communication.

anons i will pay a lot of money for a girl with no gag reflex

uhh i dont have girls to sell but ill sell this 69 Chevy Impala SS for 60k

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I train every women I fuck to lose their gag reflex. So long as you let her come home for regular alignments then by all means have at it. Keeps her limber.

wwyd to karen your 5k whore?

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i have a young whore named Abigail here.

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Keep her chained up in the basement and fuck her everyday. Let guys come by and fill her with cum. She'll have to live off the cum they shoot down her throat most of the time

shes worth every penny. new though, so she'll have to be broken in, wont let any man pump her cunt without a struggle as is

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So you want to maintain the public receptacle? What a socially-spirited soldier you are!

wwyd to karen user? just gonna loan her out, not gonna impregnate her first?

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I'd easily fork over 20K to take possession of her.
I don't mind having to break my girls in a bit.

Latina slut for sale

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In bh

i'd take her for 25k

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her first few nights would just be with me. would choke her as i go balls deep inside her and plaster her insides with my seed. once im sure she's pregnant, then id rent her out

ohwegot20thousandthats20thousanddollars theres25thousand thatstwentyfivethousanddollars

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what are you gonna do to karen for her first few nights as a whore?

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this prostitute was $300 IRL

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Fuck it, 28 thousand.
Goddamn, thirty for her.

thats28thousanddollars we got28thousanddollars twentyeightthousand doesanyonewish to challenge this gentlemanoverhere?

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force her to take fertility drugs everyday and cum inside her at least twice a day

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i dont know how i would ever leave karen's tight asian body

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rolling for budget

bank loan granted, 50k

sold for 28 thousand dollars to this gentleman over here

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i got these sisters for a while now. 2 real sluts looking for good money

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Not gonna tight once i start renting her out and she gets farther along with her pregnancy

wont stop thousands of men still trying to cum in karen i hope

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Selling this little cutie

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they'll love how her tits become more engorged and take time cumming on her ever growing belly


Fuck yeah! I needed a new fuck toy.
And a fat ass on her to boot.

Selling lillian

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too bad her tits are pretty small now

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pregnancy will change that

Super fucking hot

i wanna impregnate karen so badly

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ill take her for 10k

a beautiful ass

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You're not special, user. There's a word for guys who don't want to impregnate Karen, that word is gay.

what position are you impregnating karen in?

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your gonna have to wait til she's had my kid before you can.

I bid 25k!

Selling this teen slut tianee, my sister.

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We have a bid for 10k
Going once

how are you gonna impregnate karen?

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its been bested by this lad

We have a 25! 25 thousand 25 thousand do i hear 30

Holy fuck 60k all in thats a dream sex doll

No one?

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That is a gorgeous piece of fuck meat.

big payday

Head down, ass up. If God meant for women to be respected, he wouldn't have made them fuckable from behind.

That's a yes for me

poor karen, gonna take her impregnation like a dog

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Here, 30!

30 thousand going once!


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I'm willing to sell them individually and together.

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30 thousand going once going twice going three times sold! Enjoy your new tight teen. If you have kik you can claim an extra reward

I'll take her for 20k.
Don't tell me they're your sisters.

Got more pics of her? I wanna know if her hips and legs are as enticing as her lips; she also looks a bit like an old coworker.


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I'll take each of them for 20k.


First roll, but I'm taking the gamble and going all in. I'm staking it all, whatever my roll is

I’ll buy 30,000

Consider the deal made.
Sorry, user.

I always find it funny that it says FANTASY as if someone would be like no you have to sell this bitch.

Anyway rolling and selling the attached bitch. Tired of her.

I'll take this milk truck for 40. I love a nice fucking cow.

Sorry it took me 30 mins.

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I have 80k to spend and selling this one, any takers? What's still for sale?

selling separately

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selling her

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I got this.

Right one looks cute. 20k?

anyone else have an offer?

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How much for these Filipino whores?

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I'll do 5k for the both of them, and they better be good fucks

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Fucking hell. 35k

I will take the cheetah print and pink cheetah print for my roll value.
Do we have a deal?

Well, you gonna sell her to me or what?

Lets go halfsies on this bitch then.

All yours

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Good fucking God is that ever a fuckable body.

Have lots of her, she was def built for fun

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calm your edgy cringines

Not sure if I'd rather fuck that pretty face or that tight ass.

Also for sale ; her younger sister

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That's an impressive family to say the least.