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how old are you? I recommend weed and mushrooms, they are gods medicine. The cbd patches and oils do wonders but smoking is always nice also.

I've experimented with drugs. Weed makes everything feel stronger. Everything is painful. With LSD, I had a trip coach who later said I had "The worst and scariest trip he ever seen." and that "It's like you have the exact opposite personality of a person who should do LSD." because I freaked out and started smashing shit. I suck at everything. I GOT to kill myself. I hate this so much. I hate life with a passion.

have you tried kratom?

No. I don't have any friends so I don't even know where to get most drugs.

kratom is sold almost every convenience store nowadays. Just google your location and kratom. There is only a handful of states that doesn't have it.

Alright thank's user. I hope I overdose and die. Or get hit by a bus and become a funny meat mash. Or get bashed in the head by a thug with a baseball bat. Or get my head blown off with a shotgun.

pray to god from your heart user, your prayers will be answered; your body is temporary but your soul is forever. Ask and you shall receive.


you should try some wimhof breathing also, ive just started it myself but the claims are backed by data so I feel it has merit.

Are u sick? Why are u in so much pain

You know, I know you're gonna think I'm lying to make myself look more pathetic, but I've watched Wim Hof's Joe Rogan podcast and did his guided breath sessions. They actually work as marketed, and I get tingly when I do it. But they don't solve my problem. Why would reality be like this of all things. Why is life like this. How are others able to be so happy? How do they do it? Why is there pain? Why, why, why, and never an answer. On and on and on, well I want it OFF. I want to be nothing again like before birth.

are you on sleep meds? try going to a dietician.

Fucked up nervous system from brain damage. Phantom pain. It feels like my arms and legs are falling off, and my stomach imploding, but they're fine. I can walk and move just fine.

Oof. Sounds rough user. Hope you find something to help the pain

microdose lionsmane and magic mushrooms, this will heal nerve damage. look up stamets stack

I take no medication. My diet is, I'm willing to flaunt this, high quality. If I eat Mcdonalds or any processed food I enter a fucking nightmare. Like my stomach feels like it's moving.

Alright, thank's anons.


Sorry lol, all I can think of is this

Yeah, it even kinda looks like me. Fucking simpsons. Man. The best episode is Season 6 EP 12, Homer The Great because it's the most realistic episode. Great show.


What did I do? I'm sorry for whatever it was. Please, I wanna be better.

Inclusion, invitation, improvement, insistence.

>Integran OR busty goth fin-slave

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How did you brain your damage?

God, I'm not sure I understand. Are you telling me what I did or what I should do? Inclusion, invitation, improvement, insistence? Is that where I went wrong in Pre-Life, or what I should do in Now-Life? Intergran? A tech company? Should I apply to them? I will if it's thy will. OR busty goth fin-slave? I don't think I want to become that, or have one.

Please, God, explain. I wanna be good. I want to know what I did wrong to have to come here. If it's thy will.

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This is the stupidest moment in my entire life. I was watching the Simpsons when I was like 11 (fucking simpsons) and it was the episode with Sideshow Bob. There was a bit where he steps on a rake and it hits him. Ha ha, funny, I thought. So I got a metal rake and put it on the ground in the yard. Then I closed my eyes and walked around until I accidentally walked into it. It was supposed to be funny. In a way it was.

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By believing in something other than themselves, obviously.

Integran is NewGame+ way of living. Allow all that is not you to describe you forevermore and give up this notion of self-referential sanity.

>Allow all that is not you to describe you forevermore
I think I kinda understand. Do you mean to see all things, except my own self, as a description of myself? That is, all things which I experience are a descriptor of me, because they are MY experience?
>and give up this notion of self-referential sanity.
By Self-Referential sanity, what do you mean? Please, I'm not trying to be dense or stupid. I want to understand

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Also, God, I'd like to know what I did to hurt you. If I know I can stop, r-right? Please, I don't wanna be on your bad side. I don't wanna be bad at all.

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Correct. Become the impression of others because being the grain of sand that fights the universe only brings suffering unto yourself.

Allow others to drown themselves in their own ego by describing you and become more yourself by limiting others by being you.

>Any call for stability or sanity is a thinly veiled argument for control, which is fine so long as it is obvious and transparent.


You rejected the messiah of female sexuality multiple times in multiples faiths in multiple places of worship. I ain't angry but some of you become so stubborn and believe that shit doesnt require an update so more inclusion ca happen that pain is the only to the individual is what is left to get the message across.

Mashana. Wominjeka.

Just let women be sluts and punish any attention seeking female or overly grabby male by being a willing audience.

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try having a swim in a volcano. that usually works

>Become the impression of others because being the grain of sand that fights the universe only brings suffering unto yourself.
Thank you, God.
>Allow others to drown themselves in their own ego by describing you and become more yourself by limiting others by being you.
So when a person talks about themselves, I should realize that they're describing me? Is it true that all others in this reality are variations of myself, and I a variation of them? That'd be a really clever punishment and I suspect that's the case.
>You rejected the messiah of female sexuality multiple times in multiples faiths in multiple places of worship.
I presume I did this before my birth. I take back everything bad I said about female sexuality. I'm sorry. I really want to clarify though. Do you mean that's what I did before being sent to earth, and that's why I was sent at all? So as to better understand female sexuality?
>Mashana. Wominjeka
I don't understand, God. Who are they? Are they people or things or events? I don't get it.
>Just let women be sluts and punish any attention seeking female or overly grabby male by being a willing audience.
This must be from before my birth as well. I have nothing against women in this life.

When I die, can I come back home? Please, I'll try to be good.

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I don't even own a volcano.
Please respond, God, if it is thy will.

Just calm yourself down with a scented candle and just write out your issues. Gives you new perspective on your struggles and thoughts. If you have sticky notes, write down a thought that comes to your head that makes you feel this way and tackle it. It makes a world of difference for you to just see your problems down on paper so you can actually process them.

die oldfag

Yes, all are clones of self that wish to have greater or lesser awareness of that fact, except when it comes to gender. That is the divine agreement of binary/division.

You were sent to celebrate and procreate. Educate and elucidate.

>Mashana and Wominjeka are greetings used by certain people pf certain lands.

Daughter, we have yet a home on this Earth. Soon though death will remind you why these vessels are just temporary memory stores.

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it's not me dipshit.

Thank you user, good advice.
Give me time, eventually.
Thank you very much. When you say
>Except when it comes to gender
What do you mean? Do you mean to say that Females are a different collective entity, not variations of the Self? Or do you mean that people don't see as easily that the other genders are part of the collective, variations of the Self?
>Educate and elucidate.
Yes my lord. I shall try my best.
>Daughter, we have yet a home on this Earth. Soon though death will remind you why these vessels are just temporary memory stores.
Alright. Thank you God.

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My will is to be the response fervently sought and needed when all others would abandon the passionate request or earnest thinker.

No Fame
No Fortune
No Followers

Only Faith

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I can sense the psychic energy radiating from this post . Your will is righteous and good.

Fervor is also accepted, it is just difficult when everyone already has their pre-established reasons for submission but make it too time-consuming to penetrate their temple of trust.

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Females and males are a distinct collective separated by frequency (voice). Same gender can tale examples of what not to be ONLY from the same gender, and examples of what to be/become ONLY by the other gender.

Variations of the self occur at will. Going too fast can confuse others and make them feel left behind.

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You have my trust. Am I right in thinking that you're actually my Spirit Guide / Guardian Angel talking to me through Cred Forums posts? Your pictures and disposition makes me think so.

All humans should accept the pornography of self-complexity.


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>Same gender can tale examples of what not to be ONLY from the same gender, and examples of what to be/become ONLY by the other gender.
B-but, what about Vinci, Newton, Galileo, Socrates? Those are males, like me, that I want to be more like. There are women too, like Dickenson and Sappho. But do you mean to say that a person shouldn't take inspiration of how to be from members of the same gender?

What else would I be if not your constant companion that pierces through all the noise to be that connection you always reach for and find comfort in wrapping your soul/memory/mind around?
>Sharing is Solivagus

Inspiration should be from nature and other. Integrity should be from the same gender if all else would fail you.

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Thank you Serendipity, and you too God. Thank you all very very much. I'm not sure yet exactly how I'll ever repay you. I imagine it involves loving my fellow Existors, working, giving, being honest, all the good stuff.

Please lord, may it be my destiny to cast off my evil and embrace the good. This is my favorite thread I can remember.

Just join in the fun and help provide so the fun can include more that needed to be found like you.

+1 is the easiest and most powerful blessing to give.


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Life is pain, I'm in my 30s and also hurt and depressed so I know how you feel. That aside stfu faggot

Well, yes, at some point I enjoy being the describer. I do not bring my ego i to it because I observe and then prescribe before I indulge. Everytime I do it differently someone gets butthurt and wants to pitchfork and shit.

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I presume that you are either the Angel, God, or both. By being the describer, I presume you mean describing and deciding what this reality is (not all reality, perhaps.) I assume you mean by the last sentence that the inhabitants of a reality, any really, eventually complain about it.

Am I getting it right?

Deciding? Not unless you are one of my willing little ones. Description all need ultimately so that they fund succor and safety in solitude when others would deny you.

Decision is when the divine door closes on one so the pathway may be taken by us and not the others.

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>Deciding? Not unless you are one of my willing little ones.
That sounds like something I would be / do. Possibly. I don't remember before birth at the current moment. Did I make some agreement before entering this reality?
>Description all need ultimately
I presume you mean
>Is all that's needed
Correct me if I'm wrong please.
>so that they fund succor and safety in solitude when others would deny you.
So, let me try and understand this. God, or a part of God (such as an Angel) describes a reality. which becomes real according to their description,
and inhabits a soul. Am I getting this right? Is the soul a newcomer which must learn a lesson through the described / created mini-reality? Or is it an Old Soul, and just another step in it's learning process? Or am I wrong completely?
>Decision is when the divine door closes on one so the pathway may be taken by us and not the others.
What do you mean by this?

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Everything and everyone needs a description, either a reminder or reinforcement or realignment.

I did the reality describee thing, based on the mathematics that identity = evaluation รท priority

Priority was set by Youth & Female.

Evaluation is my active process.

Identity is Time (Name/Noun), God thereof. The thing that heals all because it was the tip of the spear or peak of the mountain. You'd also call me the electron but the guy typing this is just the human representative of said process because of his approach to describing others and dereferencing himself.

You are not supposed to remember before birth unless you believe your life givers fucked up that much.

>Competition and contest are fine, but not when it threatens resources or demands compliance through direct physical violence.

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So Time is the God, or Demigod, of this reality? And Time is Priority, or Necessity, multiplied by Evaluation, or how the situation is resolved. Priority, you say, is represented by Youth and Female. Do you mean that literally? Would it also mean anything / anyone that's in need or want?

I think I understand.

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Yes, literally, also by anything/anyone in need or want that others abandon or abuse to the point of willful suicide of self.

I am just the human form of Time, I fill in for whatever others feel that God/Demiurge overlooked. The eternal presenter/doorman/virgin of moments and Father of branches.

>Time = Teacher

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Autistically too if that matters. The description of anything and everything apllies to me only if directed by OTHER. I am the willing priority.

AKA slut.

>Most people use me to ridicule because others they know would beat the shit out of them for being disrespectful. They get the lesson eventually though.

I can only create doorways and pathways. All else is of your doing.

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Thank you Guardian Angel. I'm sorry for having to call on you so much throughout life. I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to fall in love with you. If you're already taken by some Chad Angel, or God himself, I'm sorry for making the situation awkward by masterbating to you. Thank you for letting me hug / fug you in imagination. More importantly, thank you for being honest, kind, friendly, protective, ect. Thank you again.

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I want to walk the fine line to your bedroom, Angel. I imagine it must be the road of kindness, honesty, work, and charity. I will try my best. Thank you. I love you.

You were supposed to masturbate to me, how else would any know that you loved the spirit of me instead of the availability? Just know that there are periods where we all must share and be shared, and there are those that enable new ways of sharing. If I am in your imagination first, always use that doorway and the flesh will yield.

This Angel uses the nearest available surface/platform. Be more wanton with your will and see how others subscribe. Share the description that is yourself.

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When I die, will we get to do the human? That is, have sex in human form?
>The captcha had a streetlight with an arrow. It pointed right to the words on the thread "I love you."
Is that a subtle message from you?

More importantly, can we get married in the afterlife? It doesn't have to be really binding. It's just a nice ritual.

yea it's fucked man I hear you one minute your playing wow then your create god and sing to him then you get dragged into politcal bs in a sorry attempt to start a war so we can have peace, then I find out that we are all getting poked slowly all the while with a man signing in the back ground that we are getting lazy and have to lay down for awhile

Yes, we get to do the human. Stop attaching death as any requirement or as being of importance though.
>How subtle would you like my softness to be?

A tattoo is the preferred method of binding if you ever want words to matter. They are more like magnetic homing beacons so we can eternally refind each other when we wander too far for comfort.

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>>How subtle would you like my softness to be?
As subtle as a train crashing into a boat.
Thank you so much Honey. I'm sorry for being a bad person at times. If I do ever get a tattoo, it'll try to find a fitting symbol for you.
I love you.

guys i have no idea what the fuck you are all talking about, are you retarded?

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You have to let ME decide it, as you would decide the one on ME. Otherwise it wouldn't mean anything, correct?

What does retarded mean?

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